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I still find it rather amusing that less than a week before Dad came home, two of our appliances decided to stop working. Dad's managed to get the freezer to work again (although the bottom is now filled with bloody ice, which is rather disgusting). We got a new washer and dryer yesterday. I'm still not sure what I think about having a dryer that actually functions. I'm so used to it taking two to three hours for my clothes to dry.
I've had two interviews for Home Depot so far. They're going to call my references and call me back for a third interview if those go well. Huh. I'm kind of hopeful though. Even if it's a crazy process.
Oh, and I got into all of my classes! Hurrah! Didn't even have to go whining to the Registrar, which is nice. So I'm in drawing (media and techniques), the dyeing class, and jewelry. Shiny.
I've been keeping busy designing posters and stickers for MYN. We're having a Halloween dance on Oct 30, which is awesome. And apparently I inadvertently made Misc Youth a mascot for all of our youth events. His name is Gibble, and he's ridiculously cute. Speaking of MYN, a group of kings are doing group numbers for the show next Thursday. To the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. We've been practicing for a month and you should totally come check us out. Because it's going to be wicked. We performed at the Good Life Bike one year anniversary celebration on Friday and there was much screaming.
Anyway, it's not so bad having Dad here. More wrong pronouns, because Mom and Dad talk about me as well as to me, and that's a little weird. I'm not really used to people using female pronouns for me anymore. But it's kind of nice to have someone else around who can do all of the things that Mom needs to get done (but can somehow never do herself), and who doesn't take three hours to go grocery shopping. It's kind of strange, too, because Dad's also taking testosterone, only the gel. So we've been comparing notes on what it's like.
I've come to love Sunday mornings, though. Because they're so wonderfully quiet.
Also my brother has gotten into the habit of saying 'that's so gay' and I kind of want to smack him every time he does. Or say something along the lines of 'No, Ben. I am gay. That is a barbeque.'
Sasha's coming back to Calgary to perform at the show! xD I'm so excited.
Yeah, that's it I guess. Life is good.

oh wait...

Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:48 am
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I registered for classes in the Winter semester, but not the fall one. Of course, now they're all full.

I feel rather stupid right now.

Home Depot actually called me back about my job application, so there's a chance that I will (amazingly enough) get an interview this summer. *crosses fingers*
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The Vancouver trip was awesome. I needed to get out of the city so badly it was almost ridiculous. And, you know, road trips are always fun. I got to see all the cool people who up and moved to Vancouver in the past year, as well as spending huge amounts of time with Kait and Clare. Which sort of resulted in really bad jokes continuously, because we're like that.
And I got to see the best rainbow ever. A perfect double-arch. The sort of thing I knew was possible but figured never actually happened. Kait was so excited I thought she was going to drive into a tree. Fortunately, she didn't.
The Homo Hop was last Friday, and it was the first event that I'd ever organized. Not sure if I truly want to organize another event, even though it went amazingly well. Everything went smoothly, we got quite a few youth out and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The sound equipment worked (although apparently the set-up guy was an idiot), we had enough volunteers, and it was totally wonderful. All because we had the almost the best group of organizers ever, and because the drama-inciters no longer come to events.
It was so exhausting.
It seems like all the exciting events are over for the summer, though that's really not true. It's just kind of mind-numbingly boring to be unemployed all the time. I'm continuously applying at places. It doesn't seem to matter; no-one is calling me back. Having no money is lame. There are a bunch of projects I could be working on, like my online comic that I only sporadically update. I just have no motivation to do anything. Well, I taught myself 'Mad World' on the piano in a day, but other than that...I've been pretty useless.
I sent an email to my parents when I was in Vancouver to finally tell them that I'd started T. Their response was pretty much: 'Why didn't you tell us earlier?' I got to talk to them briefly on Sunday, and they didn't mention it, but they weren't upset either. It was the best response I could have possibly hoped for, really.
And my hair is blue.
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Life's been quiet recently. Hard for it not to be, really, what with me still being unemployed. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about that. I know the job market is pretty dead, and that it takes forever sometimes for people to call you back for interviews and the like. Still, the lack of money and activity is making me a little anxious at at times. My original plan was to take August off just to relax, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do that anymore. I've had plenty of relaxing. It would be nice to save up a little bit of money.
So I've been lazing around, being slothful. Reading lots of books, cuddling the cat, starting a handful of projects that I work on sporadically. It's weird, but I never feel as motivated in my art when I'm not in school. As soon as I have a ton of school projects that I absolutely need to get done, all I want to do is work on projects that have nothing to do with school. My brain, it is strange sometimes.
My parents keep making hints that I ought to apply again at Superstore. Which I'm sure I will, once I get back from Vancouver. I'm really excited about this trip. I haven't left the city in I don't know how long, and road trips are awesome. I'm pretty sure that they're even awesomer when they're with cool people who aren't my parents and who aren't going to play Christian music.
Leaving the city will probably help prevent me from panicking too much about the Homo Hop. Realize that this is the first event that I have ever organized, and even thought I'm organizing with the help of two wonderful people, sometimes I feel completely unprepared. I've started having dreams about it. Kind of lame, even if they aren't bad dreams.
Busy day today. I woke up at seven for the first time in weeks, which was sort of miraculous. Helped Red move a little bit until they started moving furniture and then ran off to Laura's for a Homo Hop planning meeting. And to make faces at Koda, who is ridiculously cute, ohgod, and likes to stare blankly at fauxhawks and chew on fingers. Fortunately not my fingers. Jen and I ended up both wearing plaid shorts, which was amusing. Then I ran home to relax for a bit before Kait picked me up and we went off to the parent's place for steaks.
I finally got to officially meet Clare in real life and not online today. She's super nice and the accent is cute. Kind of grateful that I like her, because otherwise the ride to Vancouver would be really interesting, and not in a good way. She and Kait ran off to go see Peaches, and I ended up spending most of the evening hanging out with Kait's parents, Shannon and Julian. Which involved watching the kitten get stuck in the tree twice, and lots of talking. I'm not sure if I've ever enjoyed hanging out with a friend's parents before. Even with Caro's mom, there was always a little bit of...distance. I always felt a little awkward.
I've been on T for about a month and a half now. I am ever so slightly hairier, and my appetite is insane. Makes me feel vaguely hobbit-ish. Apparently Grannie has figured out I'm trans (due, no doubt, to my facebook profile where I make no attempt to hide anything), and seems to be quite ok with it. Which is amazing, and relieving. My parents still don't know I'm on T. I really ought to tell them and soon.

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In brief:
  • Still unemployed.
  • Jen's party (parties) were brilliant, but tiring. I was sober the whole time.
  • Sam won't talk to me, or even stay in the same room as me. Going to keep trying. I'm just a few months away from a real...audible connection. *blinks*
  • I got to talk to Clare. She's kind of cute, and has an accent, but I still feel like I don't know her at all.
And a meme! Stolen from teh FaceCrack.


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Catching Up

May. 4th, 2009 09:09 pm
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Life's been pretty quiet recently. Which is kind of nice. The end of school was uneventful, although I stressed myself out learning dates for my AHIS final when I apparently didn't need to. English was an open-book exam. Easy A+. This semester has done wonders for my GPA. I got an A+ in Art History, an A in English and a B+ in Fibre and Mixed Media. Clearly the best semester ever. Except that part where I ended up being late for my final Fibre crit, which was sort of embarassing.
Kait's birthday party was Friday. Omg Wolverine! GLEE! And then tea at Oolong, and Twisted dancing. I was about to fall over by the end of the night, but it was awesome.
I don't get living expenses now that school is done, which makes a lot of sense, but makes me really need a job right away. My plan is to work my ass off for a couple of months and then take August off. Travel and such. Kait and I might fly down to Vancouver for Vancouver Pride to visit Trevor (and Sasha and Connor), which would be awesome. And then there's Camp Fyrefly, which I need to remember to apply to, and my cousin James' wedding at the end of the month. And I just want time off to relax and do nothing, without starving to death. That would be nice.
MYN is going crazy (in a mostly good way). The Laramie Project performances are the fourteenth to sixteenth, and there's a lot of panic going on about that. People in Calgary at that time really need to go see this play. I saw the first act after the board meeting yesterday and nearly cried. It was so amazing. And that was without the lights or proper stage or anything. And we're also hosting a youth dance in June, which I volunteered to help run. My first time organizing something, really. It's pretty exciting. I'm running it with Jen and Laura, so I'm expecting everything to go as smoothly as they can. Because we are awesome and are going to attack the whole thing with lists and spreadsheets. (Exel! Yay!)
Anyway, I'm off to make posters and write lists. Oh lists.


May. 13th, 2008 08:01 pm
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If the coughing continues for much longer I'm going to a freaking doctor. I've two drag shows coming up and a dance number planned for both and I can't practice for them if I can't freaking breathe!


Might be working for Superstore again. Need to keep trying to get a hold of the hiring lady who called me today at the obscene hour of 9:30 am. It's them or Canadian Tire and I'm not interested in anything Canadian Tire sells. Except for sunflowers. And maybe paint. We'll see. I really need a job and soon.

Today my brother bit his tongue so badly that it bled. It was impressive.

I got my rainbow quilt out from the corner it's been hiding in. Kind of want to work on it, though it's hard because Mom took almost all of the quilting stuff (rotary cutter, measuring board, etc) with her to Saudi and I don't have enough extra cash to just go out and buy some myself. I really want to start making something though. Something pretty.

I'd also love to have socks with no holes in them.
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So it's been two weeks since I got sick and I'm still coughing, damnit. Already been to the doctor. Already finished the bottle of uber-strong cough syrup that he perscribed me. It worked, but unfortunately ran out before my cough did. Plus it made me really sleepy (especially when I took about three times as much as I should have. ahahaha. I'm so smrt!)
Went to the zoo the Sunday before last with Caro. Sooo much fun. I love the zoo. And I got to see a kinkajou! :D I was totally geeking out too, and Caro was like, that's nice Jasper, you nerd. I made her the most disgustingly sappy cd for our year-and-a-half. And took a lot of pictures of flamingos. Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? That makes me so happy. xD
Still not employed. My room-mate's mom thought of hiring me as some medical transcriber, but I tried it a bit and it's crazy. I dunno if I can do it, though I should try anyway because I really, really just need a job at this point. Can't concentrate today, though. ugh.
Swing dancing Saturday! Hurrah!


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