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Right, so I should do an actual update and not just posting quiz results. Life's been hectic. School and work and Fake Mustache goodness. The show was last Thursday, and it was amazing! There wasn't a show in January, because it's always a bad idea. Everyone's either away or too busy recovering from New Year's to want to do anything. We had a pretty good crowd out, and some pretty fantastic numbers.

And I pulled a cucumber out of my pants and harassed people with it. Video to come! I'll probably also post a link to Tommy Velveeta's late show number, because it made me laugh so hard I cried. I love that man. There are over 300 videos on our youtube page now. Most of which are on my computer. It's just insane. But awesome, because I can put them on Bowie III to watch whilst stuck in transit. There's nothing like watching Roy take a flogger out of his pants on your mp3 player surrounded by commuters to start your day off on the right foot. Just sayin'.

Last night was Trevor's party to celebrate the fact that his surgery is done. I missed most of the dinner part of the evening due to work, but I got there in time to grab some yam fries and say hello to the people who weren't coming dancing with us afterwards. Then we went off to the gay bar, watched some drag queens, and danced and drank until about one in the morning. We hung out  at Bree's place until about four, talking and being stupid and generally acting like a bunch of half-drunk over-tired fools. It was grand.

I got a ride home from Sherina, and slept until 12:30. I've done quite a bit today despite that. I've cleaned the kitchen, so now I can cook in it without feeling disgusting. Also uploaded most of the videos from Thursday, pictures into my Flickr account, and I'm currently cooking a red lentil soup with coconut milk and spices that smells wondrous.

I'm going to go eat some now, I think. I'm so hungry I feel shaky and weak.


Oct. 8th, 2009 12:02 pm
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So the show last Thursday was awesome. There were lots of people there, and the numbers were wicked. So much fun! I decided not to go to Denny's afterward and go home instead.

Not much exciting is happening, really. I've been spending almost all of my free time doing schoolwork. Soul Patch isn't doing anything in the November show (because we need to do Thriller at Rocky Horror, which I'm probably not going to). Which means there aren't any drag practices to worry about. It's sort of good and yet the socializing was kind of nice too. Not being on the board is so liberating, though. No regrets there.

I went to go see Glenn yesterday for the first time in months. And it was really cool. I filled out a survey when I got there about what I wanted help with (ie housing, work, mental health stuff). And there's nothing, really. Even with being completely stressed out, I'm still managing to handle everything. A year ago I still wasn't doing that well, honestly, but now I'm fine.

Pretty cool, actually.

And I think transitioning has a lot to do with it. It's just this weight off of my mind:  I don't have to worry about whether I'll regret it or not, even though I think I always knew that it was something I wanted to do. I'm just so much happier now.

I lost my bus-pass today, which is annoying. Stupid bus-driver bitched at me for taking too long, too. Not a great start to the day. Meh. Hoping I can get a new student ID from school before the day's out. I really need to go run errands now.

omg school

Sep. 5th, 2009 09:19 am
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So my parents are gone now. They left last Tuesday, which was a day filled with the normal amounts of chaos and panic that usually surround them whenever they leave the country again. I did manage to get used to them being here, but it took me less than a day to adjust to being on my own again. They're in Paris now, for their thirtieth wedding anniversary. I'm a little jealous, but not too much.
Tuesday night I went to go print out king cards and the new MYN pamphlets with James and Jen. It was nice to get away from all of the craziness at home. The king cards, which I made, look pretty freaking awesome. A little blurry, but not bad considering it's my first time doing something like this. MYN will also have stickers to sell at Pride that I made, so this summer's been really good for my CV. Hopefully James has received the stickers, otherwise I'll be kind of sad.
I didn't get home until almost midnight that night. Then I spent most of Wednesday cleaning and going grocery shopping. My parents left quite a mess when they left, but whatever. Freedom! I have to use bus tickets to get around, because my sponsor still hasn't gotten in touch with ACAD. I've sent them two emails now telling them that it'd be really nice to be able to get my locker and bus pass, no late fees, etc. No response. The last email I sent yesterday, so hopefully I get a response pretty soon. If I don't, I may just pay my tuition myself and make them pay me back. It would suck, but I'd rather do that then get a $70 late fee because my sponsor is being retarded.
Thursday was Fake Mustache. Kate Reid, a Canadian lesbian singer-songwriter, was our special guest. Trevor managed to get her to come and perform for us and all we had to do was pay her gas money. She is amazing. omg. So cute and funny, and totally had a wicked time at the show. We kept trying to drag her onstage, but she only relented for Trevor near the end of the night. We did a couple of Soul Patch numbers, so there was cheesy boy band numbers complete with fan and flying rose petals. In all, a wicked show. And apparently Kate Reid thinks I'm cute. xD
Yesterday was my first class of the term. Cloth Dyeing and Painting with Bill Morton. Lacy is in my class! glee. It looks like it's going to be pretty awesome, all around. I'm really excited. It's nice to be back at school finally. The summer was way too long and boring. The fall looks like it's going to be pretty busy (I've had to colour-code all of my calendars just to make things a little easier) but otherwise awesome.
Pride this weekend! Hurrah!


Jul. 3rd, 2009 05:06 pm
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Mom came back a week ago. It was pretty exciting. I mean, I haven't seen her since Christmas, and I knew she'd storm through the house and fill it full of food and such. It's also unexciting. I'm used to large amounts of time to myself, being able to be completely (or almost) self-sufficient. I can arrange the house in the way that best suits me, I can leave and not tell anyone where I'm going, I can feed the cat however much food that I think she needs. In short, I can be an independent adult, living in my own space. When Mom comes back, suddenly it's not my own space. I'd hesitate even to say that this is my home. It's just a house where I'm staying because I can't afford to stay anywhere else. And it's really annoying, sometimes. I know I can probably get used to living with someone else. I just need to be patient.
There are good things, though. She hasn't said anything about me being on T, hasn't told me she'd rather I stop or anything. She doesn't mind that my hair is blue. She's let me talk for half an hour about Misc Youth and what we're doing and why it's Important to have a youth organization specifically for queer youth. She's a lot better than she has been. Neither of us have really lost our tempers. There are just times when I'd love nothing more than to tell her to fuck off, I have important things to do.
I went over to Kait's last week to hang out and set things on fire. And I got to meet her coworker Dave, who is someone she never stops talking about. As it turns out, I know him from swing dancing, which was rather awkward. He walked in the door and the first thing he said was my old name. It was a little weird for the whole night, although he was pretty good about the whole name thing. He totally had no idea I was trans, although I daresay he knows now.
Drag show last night. We were competing with Stampede, and lost horribly. There were, at most, about eight people in the audience if you didn't include the kings. Still, we put on a good show for those who actually showed up, and I gave them free candy. I can't stand the Stampede. ugh. Can't wait till it's over.
Mom's gone to go rent a car. Excuse me, I must frolic in the wonderfulness that is my empty house.


Apr. 20th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Last weekend was pretty good. Saturday was Angels and Demons Carnival, which as far as I know was the last fundraiser for Laramie. Dunno. I was there just after two to help out with decorations and setting up, which was cool but made for a really long day. Up and down ladders for a couple hours, and I really don't like ladders. It ended up looking really freaking cool, though.
It was a little cool and windy for the carnival games. I didn't do any - I have very limited spending cash for the rest of the month (and the beginning of May) and then I had to eat and get into costume. Still, it looked like the wind and the not-warmth didn't stop anyone from participating, and the fire-spinner looked really awesome. The show was amazing, of course. I performed the mime number to great applause. Everyone seems to love that one. *shrugs* It was fun. I'd still have to say my favourite number was Cian performing 'Gasolina' in drag, and belly-dancing along with the belly-dancers (who weren't in drag). Videos here.
Spend Sunday doing nothing. It was nice. I've finished both my final exams, which both went fantastically. Although I didn't need to spend all that time memorizing the dates, but whatever. All I've left is the final crit for Fibre tomorrow and then I am done! It's marvelously relieving. I'm going to spend the rest of the week sleeping. And by sleeping I mean going to see Dr. J again, and then baking and generally preparing for the this weekend. I have two birthday parties, the Comic Expo, and a concert. It's going to be insane. Awesome, but insane.
Gah, I'm tired. Going to bed now.

I have new library books. This makes me happy.

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This week has been pretty much a write-off. Stupid cold, making me so miserably ill. The only thing of note, really, was going over to watch Chocolat at Kait's, since neither of us really felt up to doing anything more ambitious. That movie is really cute. And would make me want to eat chocolate if I had any sort of appetite. Mmm...chocolate...

Oh, and I have the tickets for the Killers concert in April that my parents got me for my birthday. I am so excited, you guys! I think the last concert I went to was when I was sixteen, and it was a Christian youth conference that I didn't want to go to. So I was very angry and bitter. It's going to be the weekend of the Comic Book Expo, which is super exciting as well. I really need to start assembling my costume for that. At some point, when I feel like leaving the house.

Angels and Greasers is tomorrow! Money Pennies, 7 pm. There will be drag kings and nearly naked ladies! You know you want to go!

Aand...I'm going to have another nap now.

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The Mount Royal Gender Bender was last night. It was, frankly, kind of a gong show. All the kings were there, prepared and on time (we've had punctuality beaten into us over the years). But we had no idea what we were really doing in terms of when we were performing or how long of a time-slot we had; the guy in charge of organizing the entire event wouldn't get back to Trevor, who was in charge of organizing the kings. The other people performing didn't even show up until eleven. It started at nine, or was supposed to. I think we actually started performing at ten, and there were about ten people in the audience. Half of them were drunk out of their minds.

The kings performed well, and so did the Rocky Horror people. I admit that after a while I stopped caring and just didn't want to be there. I've been kind of morose lately. A mixture of starting to get sick and some news from a friend that wasn't actually surprising, but I'm still somewhat bitter about it anyway. And I don't know why.

Also ended up inadvertently volunteering for the U of C Gender Bender. Now I have to pick a song and try and figure out when I have to be there. I'm a little excited for that one, I admit. It was an amazing show last year. There will certainly be people there, and apparently I need an audience to feed off of or I just kind of feel like an idiot.

Finally got to see my adoptive nephew yesterday, though. Two-week old Koda, who was quite grumpy and reminded me within five minutes of walking in the door that I am nervous around children. They're like aliens. Kind of cool, but totally from a different planet. Trevor is so good with him, though. It's totally adorable.

I've been home for two and a half hours now and I'm finally starting to feel warm. I can probably get rid of this before it gets worse and makes me miss school (or worse! A drag show!), so I'm not too worried. Just sort of sore and gross feeling. I'm just glad that I waited to get sick until after the Paper of Dooooom was handed in.

Also, about the snow? What the fuck. Thanks a lot, weather gods. I hate you too.

It's perfect for making snowmen, though. If only I felt up to it.

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I think I'm finally starting to get stressed out about everything. March is the month of craziness (especially in terms of weather. Excuse me whilst I look out the windows and sigh.) I've got a bunch of major projects due, including the AHIS Paper of Dooom, and then a handful of extra drag shows that I'm not all entirely certain I want to perform in. I know I've promised Trev I'd perform at the Mount Royal Gender Bender, and I'd like to help out with all the fundraisers for Laramie. But I might end up helping out by showing up and giving my money instead of going crazy trying to figure out which numbers to do and then somehow find time to practice them.

I've still barely started the research for the Paper of Dooom.

My birthday party is this Saturday as well. Trying to get everything ready for that is interesting. The house is mostly clean, and I'm pretty sure I'm staying home to clean and research Friday night instead of doing other things. Cleaning might de-stress me. One can always hope.

I don't know. There's lots of stuff going on, just nothing I really feel like writing about.

I really need to get better at talking to people.


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:29 am
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I'm now to stop eating all milk products entirely, doctor's orders. *sigh* I need to get bloodwork done sometime this week, which is rather unexciting.

The show on Thursday went spectacularly well. I left really early, because if I don't I have this tendency to miss all of my buses and get stuck in a traffic jam. So I ended up being there at quarter to six, or something disgusting like that. Seriously. I was there before Kait, which has to say something. Seeing Eric dressed up like a girl did weird things to my brain, and not necessarily in a good way, though it was very amusing. There were so many kings there. I remember in November, when I would go in the back to avoid having to watch Certain People doing their ever so touching love songs (puke), there would only be, like, one person backstage. It was always super crowded this time. Red showed up and watched for the first time in ever, but Tracy didn't make it. *sadface*

I'm already practicing for next show. *is obsessed*

Friday I had class, which was...normal in that it was abnormal. I'm getting my essay back Tuesday, hope I did ok. *crosses fingers* Then I ran off to Laura's house to learn how to be a secretary and had lots of tea. That evening I went swing dancing for the first time in months, this time with Sasha instead of Jen. Oh swing dancing, how I've missed you. Robert said I was still a good dancer, which was super nice of him. xD I still have this huge crush on him.

I spent most of yesterday finishing Red's present, a Slytherin scarf, because he is evil and obsessed with Harry Potter. ha. It was amusing. I managed to not get drunk (mostly by not drinking), since today's my first day as step-in secretary and I figure I shouldn't have a hangover for it. Lots of people there, most of whom I didn't know. And boobies and bad jokes about eating meat thanks to me asking for a cheeseless pizza. Parties with my friends are always so...interesting. xD

I really, really need to go grocery shopping at some point. I'm completely out of bread and milk (lactose-free!), and almost out of eggs. And I want to visit Trevor today, or soon. Also, I need to go get supplies for my next fibre project before class, and find some time to clean my house, because it's getting kind of gross.

I need another day off.

I had a dream last night about living in a post-apocalyptic city that was destroyed by these giant, super-intelligent worms that either had guns or were, somehow, part robot or something. I'd been staying in some sort of safe area, but we had to leave it for some reason, so we got on this train that had artificial intelligence to go to another safe area outside of the city. We were just leaving the safe area when there was this huge explosion, and we realized that the worms had blown up part of the train, which fixed itself, but we had to leave the blown-up car behind, with all the dead people still in it. Then we saw this sign that said something along the lines of  ' We will stop you from going to Tui - Rainbow.' Tui, being the country-side, I suppose, and Rainbow being the name of the worms. There was a lot of 'ohgod we're all going to die!' in the train, but we managed to get out of the city, and were going to look for these giant birds that were going to eat the worms and thus save the world. Then I woke up. It was bizarre.

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Crit for my paper project went well. I like working with paper, I should maybe do that more. If I have time, which is doubtful. Next project is the survival garment. Going to make a hoodie that zips up the front of the hood, so I can pretend to hide in public. It's amusing, because I'm quite sure that if I suddenly zipped my hood over my face in public, it would attract more attention, not less, but I'm going to work that into the piece. Oh irony. Might make it out of camo fabric, too. We'll see. I want to do something vaguely steampunk for the wunderkammen project. Steampunk makes me wish I knew how to work with metal, or at least knew sculpture techniques more. I'm still almost disappointed that my so-called sculpture 101 class never even tried to teach us the basics of sculpture, but whatever.

Show's on Thursday. You're all invited. By which I mean, come to the show, damnit. It's going to be good. Friday I have class, and then I'm going over to Laura's to learn how to be stand-in secretary for MYN. Red's birthday party on Saturday (must finish his present), and then the board meeting on Sunday.

Not even stressed, but I might make brownies today.  mmm...brownies.

I've started a list of goals I want to accomplish over the next five years, with things such as 'start hormones,' 'move out,' and 'get my own loom.' I'm actually really excited about this. I've never really thought ahead for more than a week or so, but I want to start getting things in order so I can accomplish things that go towards my practice, or save up for things that I want and actually get them. I think my life will be less haphazard if I have goals to continuously work towards, and, I mean, who doesn't like goals?

Cut for TMI. No seriously. )

Still happy, though. Maybe I've been hit in the face with an invisible calming pie in my sleep for the past while. Now I want to read Girl Genius again...


Dec. 5th, 2008 12:56 am
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In 2008, happy_fish_87 resolves to...
Pay for my birls on time.
Keep my x-men clean.
Volunteer to spend time with trees.
Give some colours to charity.
Give up painting.
Eat more comics.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Also, we handed in our ACAD200 project yesterday, and I had the final crit for PRNT today. Two out of three final projects are done. Completely. And I never have to think of them again. Well, I have to take pictures of my prints, which I may just do at home unless i can get someone who knows how to actually use a camera to take pictures of them (Lacy I will make you cookies if you feel up to it. Seriously, I totally will.) Fake Mustache was tonight, which I managed to survive thanks to excessive amounts of caffeine. I dragged (pun intended) Em to the show, her first since the spring, and it was totally awesome. I keep forgetting how well Em and I seem to click.
I get to sleep in tomorrow. It makes me rather happy. Then Chrysalis, where I get to cover myself in rainbow paint.
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So Thursday was crazy busy. I had silkscreening in the morning, with a critique I was late too. Stupid traffic. But class let out pretty much after that, and it was short, which gave me lots of time to head down to the AV suite and start taking pictures of my work for ACAD200. Red was there. It didn't take too long, and the guy was super nice and super helpful.
Then I went home and prepared for the show. Spent two hours putting contacts in and then practicing my makeup so that I'd know how to do it well and quickly. I've come to the conclusion that contact lenses are evil. Then I ran around like crazy trying to make sure I brought everything and had eaten something and just generally was prepared. And then I ran flailing for the bus...
It was the Hallowe'en show, hence the make-up. We kind of figured people would be in more of a Hallowe'en mood at the beginning of October than a week into November. It went amazingly well. I managed to organize getting all of the performances video-taped, so they'll be uploaded to Youtube sometime over the next month. (They're on several different cameras, and thus on several different computers). I was part of Thriller in both shows, and it was so much fun. xD
It was amusing to see when people clued in to the fact that I was doing a Roy impersonation during the second show. Taz didn't realize until just before I went on. Em didn't realize until AFTER I'd started performing. xD I'm still slightly jealous of Kait for having facial hair that's so easy to put on. Jeronimo's can be such a pain sometimes.
Friday I rested. Slept in. Did some cleaning and a load of laundry. Then Trevor called and invited me to stay with him at his new place over the weekend. Since I hadn't hung out with him really in over a week I said yes. We were going to go dancing Saturday night and to Calaway Park on Sunday anyway. So I went over and saw his new place, which is still in the midst of being renovated. There was no stove when I was there, and no running water in the basement. If you had to pee, you had to go upstairs and use the slightly sketchy bathroom there. But there were also two two-month old kittens there who are absolutely adorable. Unless you're trying to sleep.
We spent Friday night watching TV, and then headed out Saturday morning (after he tried to do some reading for his homework and I did a couple of sketches for mine). We went to Phil's restaurant for some breakfast, since we couldn't cook without a stove, and then off to A Little More Interesting because Trevor wanted to buy a strap-on.
(An aside: A Little More Interesting is one of the best sex-toy stores I've been in. It's nice, and open and they have natural light and friendly people. It isn't creepy, and Trevor can go there without dying because almost none of their stuff has latex in it. Win. If I ever have money and an excuse to buy a sex toy, that's where I'm going.)
Jen met us there. We wandered around for a bit, watched Trevor buy stuff, and then went back to his place.  We didn't really do anything. At all. I don't know how that day passed so quickly, because I never did so much of nothing for a very long time.
That night was Jen's going-away dance. It was at Twisted, and pretty fun. Until I got tired and it got really crowded. I went back to crash at the place Jen's staying because Trevor was sick and didn't go to Twisted at all.
I woke up this morning, ate cold pizza for breakfast, and then headed out to Calaway Park. It was a rather cool morning, really, but Trevor (whose idea this was) wanted to go on the log ride. A LOT. So we did. And got soaked and froze and generally had a pretty good time. I haven't gone on any sort of ride for a really long time. I'd forgotten how much fun they were. Next summer I'll have to go back some more.
I'm currently trying to finish some of the homework I've put off all weekend, with mixed sort of results. I feel rather distracted, and I'm also trying to upload the last of the Fake Mustache videos that were on my camera as well as do another load of laundry.
Really, though, I just kind of want to play Guitar Hero some more.
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First day of classes today. ACAD200. Seems interesting, although I can' t say much more from just the first class. We'll see. It also seems like a lot of work, but I'm going to be learning stuff I know I need to know in order to be a working artist. I want to go to gallery openings now.

I saw so many people tonight that I haven't seen in months. Eric. Heather. Red. Well, Caitlin, Melis and Lauren I saw (albeit briefly) yesterday when I went to go pay my tuition. But still. It doesn't even feel like I've been out of school for as long as I have. It just feels like we've had a long weekend. I love school. It feels like home. I need to do some serious hanging with people, though. Like, crazy hanging out.

Silkscreening tomorrow. I'm excited! And then there's Fake Mustache, of course. Which should be interesting, considering I have to bring all my drag stuff to school. It'll just be my luck to carry all of my crap to school only to have my instructor dismiss us early. But we'll see. And I'd rather be safe than sorry.

And if there's any sort of drama tomorrow night I'm going to be rather unimpressed. I don't see why people think they can treat my best friend like shit and I'll still be friends with them and act like they didn't do anything wrong. I don't know. There's been a lot of immaturity going on. I don't want to bring any of it up; who needs more drama? But I'm kind of getting sick of it. Grow up people. We're not in fucking high school anymore.

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Pride rocked. Despite the rain, despite the drama, despite everyone's complete and utter lack of sleep. (I think we were all thankful for the Red Bull girls).

Also, I think I saw Mr. Marks there. He was my grade 8/9 math teacher. I always had my suspicions. Once I'd actually started thinking about those sorts of things, anyway.


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:59 pm
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So last night was Fake Mustache. It was insane, but in a good way. (Well, I think there actually was some drama, but since I was totally not within hearing range, I didn't have to kill anybody).
I got there at six since I was at Trevor's house and Kait picked us up with the stereo. I actually got to help with setting up, because usually there isn't much to do and I just sit there and watch Kait twitch and sometimes offer masking tape. The early show was the amature competition. Some of the new kings (most of which had never preformed before that night) were pretty good. Some were just painful to watch. And I wasn't just watching; I was taking videos for the Fake Mustache youtube account. I never really thought that sitting and not being able to move for two hours would be painful, but I just thought it'd be cool to have videos, not the details of what getting them would entail. I was using my crappy digital camera, 'cause Nat took her camera to Montreal and Meg's brother wasn't there. The batteries died three times during the first show, and then the memory card was full three songs before the end. It was exciting.
LJ was giving out pride gifts in the intermission. And she got me keyboard suspenders! They're sweet.
The late show was fucking amazing. Like, wow. I did the Big Pants Dance, again. But now there's video evidence, or there will be when I upload the videos. (It'll take me about a month with my current schedule, so don't hold your breath). It's so much more fun to do the Big Pants Dance onstage then in my kitchen. I freaking hate practicing it. If it weren't for the fact that everybody loves that song, I'd never do it again. Ever.
The rest of the kings did amazing, though I didn't watch all of them. Costume changes and all. Trev and I did 'If You Were Gay.' Which is another song I never want to hear again. But it was fun. And there was a new king who wore the gayest pants ever. Seriously. He out-gayed Max and I didn't even think that was possible.
The last song was the most amazing. Taz dragged her girlfriend on-stage, played a song on her guitar that she wrote herself, and then fucking proposed! If I hadn't been squeeing like a little girl I would have been crying. It was the sweetest thing ever. Just - gah. It was awesome.
This morning I got up at five-thirty after two-ish hours of sleep and went to work. Came home, collapsed for a bit, and then went to Meg's birthday party. It was pretty fun. Just hanging out and making dirty comments at each other. Em was there, so we couldn't help it.

That's it for now. but omfg pride is on Sunday! I'm excited and crazy stressed and I hope I can eat and/or sleep sometime before then. It would kind of suck if I passed out in the middle of the parade.

Going to bed now...ciao
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I don't even want to think about what the next week is going to involve, plzkthnx. Tomorrow's my last day off until Sunday and I know I'm going to be dragged downtown at eight in the morning to set up the booth in the rain on Sunday. Just know it. Trev wants me to try to get my hair dyed Wednesday night, but I'd far rather be curled up in the fetal position on my bed with the cat purring somewhere close by at that time. And I have to get up at five-thirty every morning from Thursday till Saturday...

Oh coffee, how I love you...
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Thursday was Fake Mustache. I didn't do anything during the day, except go over my songs once or twice. They were the kind of songs where I didn't have to go over them obsessively, so I didn't practice all day. Em, who is my ride-giver now that she's living way up in the north, gave me a ride to the Soda, though we were nearly late due to trains and bad traffic. Kait's car scares the crap out of me. I got in and mentioned that it didn't sound quite healthy and all Em's response was 'Just you wait until we get on the Deerfoot.' The wonderful chugga chugga chugga sound is apparently due to a cracked axle, which meant the wheels could fall off and send us all to a spectacular firey death.
It was all very reassuring.
The show went well, despite Trevor's nerves (which nearly made him pass out at certain points, nearly all the kings watched him throughout the night to make sure he was encouraged and breathing properly). I did two Jonathan Coulton songs, which were fun. I wish there was less awkwardness backstage, though. I guess it's to be expected, what with all that's been happening, but I just - remember what it was like when the troupe wasn't split off in to separate groups of people on one side or another or just plain confused and trying to be neutral. There were several angry break-up songs in the show.
After it was over I went and crashed at Trevor's house, where the cat tried to sleep on my stomach all night. It's very cute, but purrs like a freaking harley and that's not quite so cute when it's keeping me awake.
Friday was Kait's birthday party. Trev and I went and bought her presents (almost all of them rainbow) during the day, and then hopped on the bus to Swan's Pub in Inglewood. The party was sweet, though I nearly died because Trev made a wisecrack whilst I was taking a drink. Jerk. People kept coming and leaving, rearranging the tables constantly and driving the poor waitress nearly crazy because no one would stay in the same seat for more than five minutes. It's ok, though, she was a good sport about it and I'm sure everyone tipped her well. There were plans to kidnap her and drag her to the next show, which she seemed to think more fun than working.
Got sick yesterday. Still not quite sure what I have, just feel really crappy. I've been having a lot of hot baths because I can't warm up. Drinking lots of tea. Mmm...tea. I still managed to enjoy the beautiful weather today, though. I freaking love spring. And warmth.
I need a job. Bah. After I get better. I hate being sick.
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The power keeps going out. It's really annoying. Saturday it was out for eight hours. Today, three, or something. I have a major paper due tomorrow. I'm really unimpressed. (I'm also pretty much done, but that still doesn't stop me from being unimpressed.)

Hung out with the kings on Sunday and made banners for Pride. It was fun, though there were only about two of us who weren't sick. I'm not about to get sick again, though. Must remember to take vitamins. Spent the whole day there, and discovered why I never watch the Junos. Sometimes I still find it strange that I'm friends with these people, like, close friends. I don't really know how it happened, but suddenly I'm like one of the guys. It's cool.

I need to hang out with my other friends more, though.

Got my Comic Expo tickets in the mail today. Whoo! Soooo freaking excited!!!

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So the next week is going to be completely insane. I don't know about what happens after that. I haven't thought that far ahead.

In other news, I've found out that I'm getting a C in Sculpture. I don't remember the last time I got anything under a B; it must have been in Jr. High sometime. It's not a good feeling, but I'm not really surprised. I just - don't like the fact that I'm getting bad marks now, because I'm trying so hard...and I hate feeling like I could have done better.
I don't know what else to write. I just don't want to go back to writing my FDTN paper. ugh.
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So my brother's friend managed to put together this new-ish computer for us to use, he's a total computer nerd in the best possible way. The kind of guy I always want to bribe with cookies whenever my computer starts doing stupid things if I could work up the courage to call him. So I got the new computer last night, with most of the files transferred. A chunk of them are gone, and I swear half of my music just randomly disappeared. And the rest of it seems to be having issues, which is retarded, because I just want to listen to music damnit! Plus I need to burn a CD for fake mustache and it'd really be easier if I had a working gorram file on my computer.
I haven't started practicing yet. *dies*
Still, I've managed to get most of my favourites and stuff. Just - a pain, mostly. A time-consuming pain in the arse. I hate computers.
There are three different things I want to do this Friday night, not including the fact that I need to have a sculpture done by Monday and it seems like it's going to be one of those time-consuming ones. Funny how I went from not having a social life at all to having too much to do in less than a week.
AHIS and FDTN today. ugh. Can't believe I got out of bed for those classes and not sculpture. Well, I had the paper due today and all. Which I typed up during lunch. Heh. I really need to get better at the whole not procrastinating thing. Also discovered that our next assignment is due on the Thursday evening class in March. The one I was planning on skipping to go to Fake Mustache. *sigh* I have such wonderful plans for that Fake Mustache, too! Well, it's not like I can give the teacher a good enough excuse to give me an extension or anything. Maybe I could hand it in early. *coughyeahrightcough*

Today on the train Emily and I talked about the logistics of tentacle sex while surrounded by the rush hour crowd. It was fabulous. And my hoodie had ears.

Guess that's it.



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