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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. :) I had a pretty good birthday, though it was bloody cold. Apparently it's already six degrees right now, and it's only 8:30. Oh Calgary weather, how I don't understand you.

Tuesday was lots of classes. I got up at 5:30 because of the snow, in the hopes that if I left two hours early for class, I might actually make it on time. I ended up being fifteen minutes early. We had our 'midterms' in FBRE, where we pretty much just talked to Laura and she let us know how we were doing. I'm doing pretty good in the class, which is nice to hear, since I really like it. Spent the rest of the day working on my miniature baskets. The one I've just finished is about the size of a sugar cube. Because I'm insane. :D English class was canceled because Chris was sick, so I spent lunch hanging out with Felix, Lacy and Red instead. I'm not used to having lunch hour free. There was much geekery and checking out of hot girls. It was grand.

My brother, Ben, and his wife Amanda took me out to dinner after school on Tuesday. I decided on Chinese, so we went to the little Chinese buffet out by my place. It was really good. I probably ate more than I should, but whatever. :p I almost never go out for dinner. I realized how much Ben is not a part of my life anymore. Which shouldn't be surprising, I guess. I'm not really a part of his life that much either.

According to my fortune, I'm going to have success in my endeavors. Good to know.

Wednesday was grocery shopping and researching for my Paper of Doooom. Seriously, I'm going to end up dreaming of Frida Kahlo soon. It will be - interesting. I think I'm at the point where I might be able to start writing my rough draft today. Bozenna says that if we hand in our papers Monday, than she'll have them marked by Thursday. Which is either craziness, or her understanding that we probably aren't going to have our papers done by Monday. But! I might try. Just to get it done. Maybe I'll actually get to hang out with friends that way. You never know.

Did a birthday reading using the Faerie's Oracle yesterday. (Here's a link to the online version. It's shiny). Lots of references to jouneys, either new or old journeys branching off in new directions, and friendship. Lots and lots of friendship.

Life is good. :)

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This makes so much sense it's kind of crazy. See, I tend to sleep from two in the morning till ten in the morning. No matter how tired I am or anything. It's just what happens. hrm. Interesting.

Busy weekend. Friday was the art night thing over at the Tranny Shack. Sometimes I wonder why I bother leaving that place at all; I'd been there the day before for New Year's. (Feeding the cat has to be one of the reasons, and because it's impossible to get any sort of privacy there unless you're in the bathroom). I'm sort of planning on buying a toothbrush and just leaving it there. I sort of feel like a u-haul when I say that, only I don't know who I'm u-hauling. xD
Anyway, I hung out and drew and knitted and saw Sasha for the first time in months. It was good. I left at about nine-thirty to go home and say good-bye to the 'rents, since I was supposed to sleep through the night and not be awake when the cab came to pick them up at four in the morning. I went to sleep at seven, and woke at eleven. Fun times. I had to have a bath at five because my cramps had gone all the way down my legs and I couldn't exactly wrap the heating pad around my entire lower body.
Saturday I hung around the house all day (I must have slept or something. I don't remember what I did). And then I headed of to Lacy's for the Chthulu-mas Party of Doom. Where there was excessive amounts of food and people. I met Meg for the first time, and she's pretty cool. We share an obsession for socks. xD And there was this adorable kitty there who was mostly unfazed by the hordes of people and let me cuddle her, which was nice but covered me in cat hair.
Lacy got me this monster key-chain which has a belly-button! omg. xD
Sunday was the board meeting for MYN. It was pretty dull and functional and wonderful. The last board meeting I went to (in September) traumatized me for a month due to the sheer amount of unneccesary, ridiculous drama. Hurrah for functional boards! Then Trevor and I went hung out at Kait's mom's place, where we did secret things and ate excessive amounts of gluten-free muffins. I love Kait's mom. She's so awesome.
And then we went sledding. Oh sledding. I haven't gone sledding in years. It was wicked. And I was the only person who didn't get injured in some way or another. Although I don't believe I've ever gotten really hurt sledding. Winded, quite often, but never really hurt. *knocks on wood*
Then I came home and cleaned the kitchen. The things under the burners are now clean, and the garbage (which was leaking and smelly) is now gone. The kitchen is about half-done now, and I should hopefully finish the rest of it tonight. I find it interesting how my parents leave and suddenly I realize that there is so much cleaning that I have to do. And take down all the Christmas decorations. Which I should also do tonight. *sigh*
Trying not to eat anything until it's a more reasonable time to eat supper. I'm not sure if I'm actually hungry or just bored. School starts on Thursday. I don't know if I'm excited or not. Doing nothing is kind of fun.

ETA: on second thought, five seems like a fine time for supper. mmm...food.


Nov. 27th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Lacy, you need to see this.
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So. Busy weekend. I posted a note on facebook earlier last week, saying something along the lines of 'hey, I'm going to be unemployed soon, who wants to hang out?' Next thing I knew my weekend was booked. I like having friends. <3
Friday was Kait's 'fresh start' party, on the day that would have been her wedding back before she broke up with her fiancee. There's a lot of drama involved in that, but I'm mostly not part of any of it, so it's ok. Anyway, lots of people there. Mostly people I don't know. The Hatches, they are a cheerful bunch. Hung out with the kings once they all got there, and met new people by showing them my sketchbook. It's an interesting way to meet people, especially because there's the picture of the nekkid lady in there as well. xD It was rad. And there was so much food, omg.
I'm still trying to figure out if Keiko remembers me or is just being super nice. And I think I spelt her name wrong.
Saturday was my last day of work. So now I'm officially unemployed. Work wasn't all that exciting, except that quite a few of my coworkes seemed genuininely sad to see me go. Especially my supervisor. It was rather warm and fuzzy making. Still not going back anytime soon though.
Saturday night was rollerskating and dancing with Tracy and Lacy! Gods, I haven't seen those two in far too long. Rollerskating was fun, although there were these really annoying kids that kept getting in the way and then falling over and stuff. They didn't play any of my requests, but we didn't stay there that long anyway. We went off to the Back Alley at like nine. It was ok at first. Not too crowded or anything. I think I had more alcohol that night than I have in the past six months. xD But I didn't get a hangover, and I still remember everything, so  you know. Not that everything that happened that night was worth remembering - so many drunken assholes. Augh. Wanted to hit someone. Still, I had my first boobie shot from the wonderful Megan, who is completely adorable. Got a ride home, too, from Jack. Always nice to not have to pay more for cab fare than I do for drinks.
Yesterday I did nothing. It was nice. xD I was supposed to go hang out with Em and Megs last night at Twisted, but they cancelled due to fatigue from their trip to Drumheller or something. I was a little disappointed, haven't seen either of them in a while, but I was also super tired from Saturday so it was nice to not have to do anything but laze around all day. Play guitar hero, you know. xD
Trevor's coming over today! hurrah! He's out of the hospital again, so we're going to play guitar hero (slighty obsessed, perhaps) in my basement because it's too fucking hot to go outside today. Eat lots of ice cream. Should be good times. Whenever he shows up...since he didn't say.
So yeah, that's it. Life is good. xD
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Last night was the best party ever. Ever. And I got there when it was over half done and there were people making out all over the place and it was kind of scarring.  Had a drink or three and suddenly everything was better. Didn't make out with as many people as Lacy but I don't know if I really wanted to. (Am so going to get a cold, or mono, or something by the end of the week.)
Oh gods was I drunk. Dom and I sat in a corner for a while talking gender shit until Jeff came over and was completely an ignorant asshole. Seriously, I might have to kick the man sometime.
Everything else is sort of fuzzy. But damn.
I didn't start getting sober again until like one or two in the morning. Dom and I talked and were ridiculously coy with each other until about six in the morning. And then I finally fell asleep. I am so awkward sometimes, it's kind of sad.
Today was very nonproductive. i didn't leave lacy's house until...9:30 or something at night, which I feel kind of bad for. Kind of like I was overstaying my welcome a bit. Cleaned some to soothe my conscience.
I'm really freaking exhausted now, so I'm going to bed.

Very happy, though.


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