Nov. 12th, 2007 09:43 pm
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My research essay is due in twelve hours. I have almost exactly half the word count, very little to add and I'm so exhausted I can barely think.

This is not a good thing. I'm actually thinking about just going to bed, getting up early to finish it and then hand it in whenever it's done, fuck going to AHIS.

I hate research papers.

oh, and I'm a complete asshole too, but that's not entirely my fault.
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So it's been two weeks since I got sick and I'm still coughing, damnit. Already been to the doctor. Already finished the bottle of uber-strong cough syrup that he perscribed me. It worked, but unfortunately ran out before my cough did. Plus it made me really sleepy (especially when I took about three times as much as I should have. ahahaha. I'm so smrt!)
Went to the zoo the Sunday before last with Caro. Sooo much fun. I love the zoo. And I got to see a kinkajou! :D I was totally geeking out too, and Caro was like, that's nice Jasper, you nerd. I made her the most disgustingly sappy cd for our year-and-a-half. And took a lot of pictures of flamingos. Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? That makes me so happy. xD
Still not employed. My room-mate's mom thought of hiring me as some medical transcriber, but I tried it a bit and it's crazy. I dunno if I can do it, though I should try anyway because I really, really just need a job at this point. Can't concentrate today, though. ugh.
Swing dancing Saturday! Hurrah!
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I should have been at work at six. Instead I went to Caro's dad's house and drank rum. If they aren't going to let me quit and not going to pay me, they should get used to me not working. I mean, seriously, send me my damn money. I bloody earned it.
Went to Heritage Park yesterday with Caro and Sade. Had to get up early in order to do so, but it was pretty worth it, anyway. We did the entire park, which means we went into all of the houses, went on all the rides, poked through all the stores. We were done, and very tired, by about three. It was such a beautiful day, though it got really hot after a while. Still, even in my binder I wasn't dying. I was never once introduced as Bert too, ha! xD
Then we went to Tessa's place for brownies and lime-aid. Did the time-warp, watched my last Fake Mustache performance and then played the question-answer game. Oh, the question-answer game. I'm wondering if I'll be able to look at Roy without giggling madly. More so than usual. >.>
Today Caro and I did basically nothing. We eventually got off our asses and went down to Marda Loop in order to discover that almost everything is closed on Sunday. I did manage to find a jasper worry-stone, which makes me happy. I was sort of looking for one. Then went to Caro's dad's place, drank rum, played the game of life and ate stuff. Caro says next time she'll paint one of the little people markers purple for me so I'm not stuck with the pink or blue conundrum when I play Life again. :)
Also, this Thursday is Fake Mustache, and part of it is the drag king contest for those who've been performing for less than six months. Basically me, and a bunch of people I don't know. Everyone in Calgary (more specifically Red, Tracy and Lacey) come to the Soda Thursday at seven-thirty or I'll hate you forever. You will not regret it.  buaha.
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*sporks Caroline*
New iconage. Ph34r it. Or something.
P.S. Our potatoes are sprouting. XD
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Swing was amazing! There was this workshop thing that was going on during the day (which we didn't go to, even though it would've been cool) and they taught people how to steal partners. So that's what people did, all night. XD There was even this whole 'stealing circle' thing, like a birthday circle but with no special person who had to stay in the whole time. It was also to a super-fast song. Everyone left sort of early, but most of them had been dancing all day. It was still uber fun.
Blanketforts are very nice. :P
Hrm, yes, and that's all that's really happened. Spent most of today being completely unproductive, which was also very nice. Now I'm going to go eat supper and listen to this CD that Caro gave me. Perhaps I may have to sharpen my spork. We shall have to see.


Feb. 11th, 2006 07:31 pm
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You know, I just slept from 4-7, and I'm still tired. -_-;;;; Yay for having sleepovers and getting very little sleep! XD
I have nothing else to say. Or, if I do, I'm just too tired and have forgotten it.
Tim Burton is teh love. And so are brownies.
EDIT: typoes. ^_^
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So, they cleaned the floors at work a couple of days ago. Apparently the grout between the tiles is actually light grey and not black. O.o Who would've thought? It also looks dirtier than it ever did before, just because there's now grey and black splotches between the tiles instead of it being almost all black.
A random high-ranking (I'm sure) guy showed up and was toured around the bakery today, right when I was dumping the bread. Which was too small, because I took it out of the proofer too early. Crap on a stick. I didn't get into trouble, though. My supervisor just kind of mentioned it and they moved on. Probably had more important things to worry about.

It was really windy today when I walked out to catch the bus. A north wind, though, not a west one. Well, it was sort of north-west, but more north than west ^-^;;. Hopefully the perpetual chinook we've been having since the end of December is finally moving off and we can get some real snow! I still haven't had a snow-ball fight, or gone sledding or anything! It's kind of disappointing.

Snow, damnit! I want to go sledding!

I don't really have anything else to say. I just had a random urge to update my blog, even though nothing of importance has really happened. Except the fanfic Caro and I are writing, which is still completely devoid of a plot. Ah well. I think she wants to write some more of it tonight, but I have things that I really ought to be doing. Like my harmony homework and practicing my piano. Also might want to clean the house, b/c there's people coming over tomorrow.

omg! Movie night tomorrow! I can't believe it's almost Friday!

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This post shall otherwise be known as: Caroline, fix/answer your Goddamn fucking phone before I shove it down your esophagus!

So, I was all excited about going to swing dancing tonight. Like, really, really, really, really excited. I got off work slightly early (for no apparent reason), caught all the right buses, and managed to get down to the university by 7:30. Went to the loft, in the hopes that Caro might still be there. She wasn't. Called her, and got this message: The customer that you're attempting to contact is unavailable at this time. Please call again later. And then the same message in French.
So I called again later. For the next half an hour. Same message, every time. I also tried to find out where it was by myself. I couldn't.
Wandered around the campus for half an hour, calling, calling, calling. Finally, I gave up and went home.

I was very pissed off. I also kind of expected Caro to call me and ask where I was, but she didn't.

This has been the excitement of my day.
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Yes, I did actually go see Underworld Evolution on the opening night. And my friend actually bit me (the prat, better hope Ben doesn't notice). Ugg, well...I had fun, somehow. The movie itself was mostly gratuitous blood and gore, with random sex scenes thrown in. Wow, that actually sounds like most of the movies that Hollywood makes. XD If you want a deep, moving, well-thought-out movie, go see Brokeback Mountain or something, because the only good thing about this was Kate Beckinsdale running around in tight leather and being all sexy and blue-eyed and stuff.
Ok, enough with the movie review or whatever.
Swing tomorrow! Yay! *quivers with anticipation*
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Why does life have to be so messed up? And love, what a stupid idea, does it even work? (Does that last sentence even work...?) I mean, sure, why not, fall in love with some one...what are the chances it'll be requited? Or that they even know you exist? I think it'd be a hell of a lot easier if we just went into heat every now and then like animals. You know, get your jollies in, propagate the species and all that jazz. Then go on your merry way. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)
Except, would being that close to animals make us not have souls? Because I like my dæmon. I honestly don't see how anyone can live without one (except that annoying habit they have of stating uncomfortable truths). Well, not many people actually do live without one, unless they're in Haiti, but...they just ignore them. Thalie's the only one I know of who's always there when I need her, always comforts me when I'm hiding in my room crying, always makes me feel more like crying when shei says 'I love you.'
I don't know why I'm writing this. Futile, stupid stream of consciousness that no one will probably understand. I wish I didn't make myself pay attention to grammar, or at least knew what a transitive verb was. I told Mom that I liked looking in this 'how-to-write' book whenever I had a grammar question about transitive verbs or something. She didn't understand.
I wish I could be less like Remus. That would be spiffy.
Am I really that much like Remus?
Mmm...stream of consciousness, which isn't really like stream of consciousness because I keep breaking off to read things. *breaks off to read things*
I'm going to stop now, because this is a load of rubbish. Unintelligible, meaningless rubbish.
Remus is a coward. Remus is probably going to regret this.
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Did you ever think that what you planned to do all your life wasn't what you really wanted to do at all? That you wanted to do something even more impossible than before, something you weren't even sure you could do, no matter what people said. But it haunted you like a bad dream, and late at night you'd write in your journal: "I don't want to do this anymore. I want to do this."

Then you'd wake up in the morning and think you were crazy. It could never happen.

Never, ever.

What if the future scares me?

I'm sorry, Sirius. I didn't get your letter until a few days ago. (I suppose it could be considered a 'letter,' no matter how unorthodox and illegible it actually was. Ignoring the fact that it was written in my old journal, which I dropped before Christmas holidays.) I think the owl got mis-directed or blown off-course or something. I'm sorry that you had to go through all that shit because of me. It was an impulse, and a stupid one. I should have ignored it, but I didn't.

I'm sorry. It was my fault.

Let's never speak of this again.

~ Remus

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I'm going to go eat chocolate now. And go to bed, because it's bed-time.
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Why, oh Gods, why is it so bloody cold out?

On that topic, the first Xmas Carol performance was yesterday, although I feel a whole lot better if I think of it like a dress rehersal. Especially because Joanne was yelling out some people's forgotten or flubbed lines. That really pissed me off. I mean, I thought this was a performance. You're not supposed to go back and fix things in a performance! Prompting is just fine and dandy, but Joanne was like 'Oh no! you missed this line that wasn't really necessary anyway. I'm going to yell it out so now every one knows that you've messed up.'
Why is she directing this? She's a musician. She knows very, very little of drama.
Next performance: Sunday. Start praying.

Yay! I'm going swing dancing tomorrow! I love swing dancing. It has practically taken over my life. I can turn almost any conversation back to swing dancing. And Alex is coming (hopefully). Note to self: call Alex and get him the information. Also: call Caro and see if Stephen is giving us a ride. A ride would be nice. It's really too cold to go outside. It's supposed to go up to 8 on Tuesday, and I really hope it does. That would be very nice.
Oh, and just because I think you'd be interested: Alex asked me out last Sunday. And I said no. He could have been my first boyfriend, but I really don't like him that way.
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This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Wow, that's a long HTML thingie. Apparently, my life is pretty good right now. I'd have to agree, even though the automated advice thinks I need more friends and that my spiritual life sucks. But the latter is probably just because I said I couldn't quote from a holy text, which actually isn't true now that I think about it. I can quote from the Bible. I just don't think it's really holy, ergo I said I couldn't. And then the stupid automated tallying whachamated thing thought my spiritual life sucks. Other than my chronic laziness, I think it's pretty good.
That's how I think about my life in general, as well.
Stupid laziness.
Oh, and my love life isn't that great. Get this: I don't really care. I'm single and I am not looking for a relationship other than friendship (I need more friends ;_;) with anyone, male or female. I mean, it'd be nice, but...I don't know. I'm just not interested right now. The slight nervousness has nothing to do with anything.
Nothing at all.
I really have to ask Alex what his intentions are. He wants to do something on Sunday. Not that I mind, even though our conversations are stilted and totally akward, it's just that I don't want him to think that we're going out or anything. *sigh*
So yeah. Preformances for my musical start next week. I totally don't know if we're going to be ready or not. Joanne, the director, is very stressed. I don't blame her. I was up till about 2:30 last night worrying about it, and other general angsting. I felt a whole lot better this morning, though.
Pwah, I don't really have much more to say. I'm going roller skating tomorrow with Caro and (hopefully) others. It should be fun.
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So. I had a two-hour dance rehearsal yesterday evening for our musical. Which happens to be coming up pretty fast. The dancing rehearsal meant I was spinning in circles for two hours. Mmmmm...dizziness. And I totally did a Willy Wonka on this little girl (whose name is Sara) when I was there. With the whole finger thing and patronizing high-pitched voice...I'm so ashamed. At least I didn't call her 'little girl.' That would have been worse. It must have been really, really annoying.
Bad Janine! Bad!
Yay! It's Friday! And Caro and I might go see GoF anyway, even if she can't get a hold of her friend.
Ach, I don't know what else to say. It's all like rainy and windy and stuff. I don't want to go to work. I want to sit at home and drink hot chocolate and watch Benny and Joon.
Shoebox project is awesome. I've never read anything that made me want to squeal so much. *sighs dreamily*
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Yay! I went swing dancing yesterday. It was really fun. Well, I mean it always looked like it would be uber fun anyway, and now I know that it is. It felt really weird being sort of held by a guy. I haven't really had much human contact in a while, other than the odd hug from Caro. I did get used to it, though. Except for the sweaty guy. He was a good dancer and all, but man! he was dripping! Ew!
And I finally met one of Caro's crushes. Rob, aka the-guy-who-looks-good-in-argile. He kind of looks like Ioan Grufford (or whatever). And he looks...nice. I don't know. There's something about his face that's like open and friendly or something. I wonder what his dæmon would be...
I suspect he might be a trifle gay, but then again so does Caro. There were a few other guys there that I'm sure are completely gay. I don't remember their names.
I just realized (about a week or so ago) that I have changed. A lot. I'm more confident and self-assured and I care less about what other people think of me. I have no idea what started this change, probably a mix of saudi, living on my own, and finding my dæmon. Because I would never even consider thinking about dressing up like a pirate and doing the Jack sparrow walk in public before. Ah, but it was so much fun! And now I want to do it when it's not Halloween so people can stare at me more. Yes, I'm a little crazy, but it's in a good way. Maybe I just got tired of trying to be invisible in Saudi. Meh. Whatever. [/self-analysis]
Oh, and it snowed again last night. Good thing I didn't go out at all today.
Alex and I are getting together again next weekend. I hope he doesn't consider this a date. He says he just wants to talk (and watch movies)...but...*shrug*
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Wow. Not much has happened, really. Just working and stuff. Went to odango's place the day before yesterday and tried to talk to her about dæmons. Got the feeling that she doesn't really care. *sigh* We also got all excited because today's international talk like a pirate day, and we don't have any pirate costumes. >.< Not that it matters, for me. I'm going to work and have to wear a stupid, ugly, too-big uniform. Ah, I've got a crush on this chick there. Except she's turned out to be two chicks who look very much alike, and now I don't know which one I have the crush on. Augh. Ahem. ARR. That's better.
I had this weird dream last night. I don't know if I can even explain it, but I'll try. There was a ski hill, and we were going up the chair lift/t-bar thing. I'm not really sure which. I'm also not sure who exactly I was with, but she was a friend. Then, I was a slave or something, and something happened. An emergency, like. This lady gave me this...thing...out of metal and told me to go to building four. So I ran around in the snow trying to find it. I did, and they made me lay down with others like me, and chained me to the floor. The person I was with before came in later. I had something to pass to her, but she was on the other side of the room, and I obviously couldn't get to her. So I gave it to the person beside me, and they passed it on. There were free people watching us, making sure we didn't do anything. There was this feeling in the dream, though, that sort of stayed with me. It has something to do with what I'm doing today, but I'm not sure I can analyze it.
I wanna see the corpse bride!!! Soooo badly, you have no idea. >


Jun. 30th, 2005 02:28 pm
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My parents piss the crap out of me. Only sometimes, like right now when Mom's 'confessing,' which means she's saying biblical things like she's got lots of money and that she will always be victorious over 'satan'. And when they speak in tongues. Annoying annoying annoying. You'd think i'd be used to it by now. It's so crazy.

I feel kind of left out of my family sometimes, though. They're all like together and all understanding and shit, but me? I'm the black sheep of the family. The pagan in a perfectly christian home. There are things that they don't tell me, like all the conversations they had with Ben last year that I couldn't listen to cuz it was all preaching sometimes. But ben never emailed me, so I never got news from home. And times when they close the door on me, or told me to sit in my room until they finish praying. In Riyadh, it felt like I was trapped in that corner of the flat, like it was my own special prison because I couldn't belong. I try not to think about it, but it hurts. I understand their point of view, but they will never understand mine, because it's a totally different way of thinking. If they read some of my religious works, they'd just get all 'holier-than-thou' and think it was evil. I'm not even supposed to bring pagan books in the house. They think it will bring a curse upon the house or something.


Caro's supposed to be gone all summer too. Well, she was, but she's back now cuz she got kicked in the face by a horse. Ouch. >.< But at least I get to see her tomorrow! Canada Day! We're going to a party, while my 'rents go and praise yahweh for six hours. mmm...maybe we'll talk about sex...

I'm busy looking for a job right now. It is unbelievably boring. Especially the 'online research' part. I'd rather walk around and hand my resume out. Except, of course, that that's not a very good way of getting a job, and then I wouldn't be able to get a job as a data entry person or anything, which would pay more than burger-flipping.

Mmmm...silence. It's so nice to be back in 'civilized country', where there isnt' the constant sound of traffic where we are. So nice, so relaxing. Meh, I can't type well today.

Oh! And they passed the same-sex marriage legislation! I'm so happy!!! xD My parents aren't, of course, but they can just suck. it. up. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Finally, the government did something good! Well, they could have done something good before, I just haven't been paying attention. Politics is usually boring. I can only read about people fighting over stupid stuff for so long.

must go, before dad comes over and reads this.

Stupid closet! It's so dark in here!


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Wow, another sporadic journal entry. GO me!! (note sarcasm) Ok, so I've been busy. I don't even know when I updated this last, and I'm too lazy to check, so this will just be what's happening with me now, and not what's happened since I last came here.
Well, I did come out to my best friend. And she was like "wow, don't tell your parents." which was kinda disappointing because it wasn't really a reaction. You know, this is really important to me right now, and all I get is, "when you go soul-searching, be sure to send me back a pretty postcard"? WTF!!! and besides, I've already BEEN soul-searching. did she think i'd tell her without THINKING about it first???
It rained here. Now it smells like dust. Oh, and i think i'm bi, but i'm still not sure.
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Well, I guess not much has happened. I've had a couple of long weekends. (Yay!). Still, I tend to plan more about what I'm going to do over the long weekend than actually do what I plan to do. I've got a really long essay that I have to write, but it's due in January, so I think I have a little time to slack of and relax. I shouldn't, I know, but I will anyway so what's the point in getting angry? Today I did barely anything, I printed out an outline for that essay and I sat around and read, wrote, and generally enjoyed myself. Mom's fasting today, as is Dad, so I'm the only one in the family (on this side of the world, anyway) who can actually eat something besides fruits and vegetables. Speaking in tongues is so weird. Mom does it all the time, and it's really annoying. I can't concentrate when she does it either and sometimes it just makes me mad. I try to be tolerant, though. It's not her fault I think she's crazy.
My best friend sent me an e-kiss as a joke. It was pretty funny anyway, and was more of an e-bite, cuz it was a vampire thing. I think I'm still in love with her, but'm not really sure. AARGH, why can't I still be in Canada?
Continuing with the agnst (however the hell you spell it), Bush got elected. I mean, wtf? I guess it's no real surprise, but that fundamentalist outlook and the way he looks at the camera during his speeches (like he actually cares about us, and not just money) just pisses the hell out of me. I actually know a guy who knows bush, he works at the saudi embassy. It's really weird, too, cuz he (the guy I know) does not appear to be a person who is in high political circles.
I saw an owl yesterday, in the middle of the city! It reminded me of Harry Potter. Mmm...Harry Potter...


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