happyfish: (Vincent)
the trees are frothed with flowers -
sweet-smelling soap bubbles
snowing down over half-greened lawns.
begin again the new life,
tender young leaves spiralling
and everything is new
but still the same spring story
told in a rush
of birdsong-sun-green joy.
if life were a story I would sing it to you
in wordless rhythms of cycles and wonder,
dancing barefoot with
the awakening trees.
Instead I walk on hardened
paths of regimented concrete logic,
under signs that say:
'no shoes, no service,'
beside the whoosh of cars driving by in a river of metal.

Hold my hand,
I'll take you away to where the dragons live.
happyfish: (Leaf on the Wind)
I used to think life was shattered pottery -
Cuts all over my hands and milk all over the floor
Clinging to the pieces and crying
Not knowing what I'm apologizing for.
Not anymore.
But I've cried and I've fought and I've screamed and I've survived
Because at the end of the day -
I'm the only thing I've got left.
A little broken, it's true -
A hole in my heart like the hole in your favourite jeans.
Looks like shit, but damn it's just so comfortable.
I'm sure I'll patch it up eventually
And learn how to fly with a weighted heart,
Turn over a new leaf and make a new start.
So who's going to remember the spilt milk anyway?
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happyfish: (Pensive)
I am a puppet-master - sir!
Care you not for shows?
I'll sculpt myself to fit your needs,
Right hair - right face, right nose.
Shall I dangle from your strings?
Existance - for your pleasure.
And if you like not what you see,
I'll change it, at your leisure.

But with midnight comes my truth.
You shall not tire of me.
For when your back is turned away
I'll carve myself to freedom.

My own best toy I am.
A girl, yet not a man.


Jan. 16th, 2007 11:01 am
happyfish: (P&P - Elizabeth)
I felt a rhythm in my head -
butterflies in glass
Pinned on paper, to be read -
Rememberances past.

And yet, when you say
life is round and
Million pieces are - a day -

I'll catch a thought
when evening falls,
and you will have to stay.

This simple witchcraft - poetry.


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