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Christmas was great. We didn't have company over on Christmas Eve like we normally do, which meant less stress for everyone. Instead, we went over to Ben and Amanda's place for food and hanging out. Which was pretty neat. They've lived there for over a year now, and this is the first time we've seen it. There was so much food there, it was sort of ridiculous.

Mom made three batches of non-vegan cookies. I still don't understand that; between the three of us, she's the only one that can eat them. Apparently we're hoping the company Mom and Dad have over on New Year's Eve will eat all of them. And it's kind of funny: she liked the cookies I made the best. And they were the vegan ones. XD

I got lots of stuff on Christmas. The biggest thing was the Wii. I was totally not expecting it at ALL, so it was rad. Ben and Amanda got me Mario Kart as well, which is a lot of fun. And then I got some clothes, three movies (Up, Star Trek, and the Fifth Element), Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce, and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. Kait gave me some stuff that she wasn't going to use or bring to London, and a letter that probably would have made me cry had I not been in the living room with my parents watching.

We spent most of Christmas making food and watching movies. I made stuffed squash, and it was fabulous. Mom seems to really like all of my vegan food, which is good. And maybe they'll even stop asking me how I'm eating, 'cause it always seems to imply that I'm starving to death, or going to catch scurvy, or become totally protein deficient or something. I swear, if someone else asks me how I get enough protein on a vegan diet, I'm going to break their nose.

I worked Boxing Day. It wasn't as bad as I expected retail on Boxing Day to be. Perhaps because everyone was at Futureshop and Best Buy, so they really didn't care enough about Home Depot and our really lame Boxing Week sales. I was going to see Avatar with the parents that night, but I was too exhausted from the nine-hour workday, so I had a nap instead. We're going sometime this week. I have most of it off (yay!), so there's lots of free time. 

Although I'll need to escape badly at some point this week so my parents don't drive me completely insane.

Yesterday I went over to Kait's and hung out with her and Clare, Alison and British Jon. It was pretty rad. Then we went to go see the Zoo Lights. I've never actually been before, so it was pretty interesting. And cold. And crowded. But, you know, it was pretty fun. And then part of the group went back to Kait's and we hung out and ate lots of food and made stupid fart jokes. Because we're classy. XD

Today's my last day of work until the second. I'm pretty stoked to have time off. I want to go shopping and buy some books, now that I can. Ben's also giving me his old mattress, 'cause he want's to make room for the baby, and I need to get a frame for it at some point. And those aren't cheap. Thank goodness for savings and overtime. Although I've no idea when he's going to get it here, or when I'll have time to coerce someone into driving me to Ikea, so I can buy more furniture than my budget can really allow. You know, what normally happens at Ikea. XD

I should do something productive today. Maybe I'll go play more video games.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:13 pm
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So I managed to survive the school year intact. It looks like I kept my New Year's resolution to not burn out. Thank the Goddess. I'm hoping I can work less next term; if I can have fewer sixteen-hour days I will be very, very happy.

I did pretty well in all of my classes, too. B, B-, B+. Jewellery was the most difficult, and the most fun once I got over the stupid fucking learning  curve of DOOM. I made cuttlefish cast trees for my final project, and they are lovely. Still might put them in something else, but we'll see. Drawing was...interesting. I don't think I'll take another class with Miruna, as cool as she is to hang out with outside of class. It pushed me as an artist, and it was nice to have a concept-based class among all of my process-based ones. But still. I'm not a drawing major, and everytime I brought something in for a crit I was terrified that they were all going to tear me to pieces like a bunch of rabid wolves.  Because it happened. Not to me, but to others. And ouch.

I loved, loved, Bill's class. omg!glee! So many shiny things. I got into a directed studio for next term, which is exciting. And kind of scary. But yay! I want to start making my Alice in Wonderland piece that I've wanted to do for years.

Work is meh. It's pretty dead in there in the evenings. I'm working Boxing Day, which I hope will be busy so that it goes by quickly. Apparently it gets quieter in January, which is sort of frightening. I am going to be so bored.

I got snake bites done last week. I am quite pleased with them. Especially because I no longer wake up with a mouthful of blood. O.o They seem to be healing pretty well, and they look so cool. *glee* I can't wait till they're completely healed. Neither can Sherina. XD I am so going to jump somebody as soon as I'm able to kiss again. lol.

Yeah, so life is good. I'm enjoying sleeping in now that I can. Managing to not be too annoyed at my parents most of the time. Escaping as much as I can also helps.
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Been busy. Home Depot hired me last week, and I've been working almost every day since. It's been pretty good, the job isn't so hard. The coworkers seem pretty cool (in a crazy sort of way). I'm not used to being on my feet for eight hours anymore. The first couple eight-hour shifts I had, I was hobbling at the end of the day. Not cool. Still, it should get easier. And if they keep putting me on lot I might not have to work out so much. Which would be neat.
Other than that, not much has happened. My life is pretty much work and MYN stuff at this point. Soul Patch is working on more dance numbers for the Rocky Horror show on Sept. 6th. It's going to be pretty epic. I get to be felt up by four of the kings in leather. Which will probably become somewhat less embarrassing the more we practice.
I'm really excited for school to start again. Even though it means I'm going to be crazy busy, what with Pride and work and various other volunteer stuff that I have to do as well. Still, I've missed school, and art, and all of the crazy people that I pretty much can only see at school. Plus the tribe is sending my living/book money, and then I'll actually be able to buy things that I need. Like socks with no holes in them, and new underwear. It'll be exciting. xD
I've decided to try and go vegan as of September 1st. We'll see how it goes. I've been collecting recipes for months, because it's something I've wanted to do for a while, and I think I have the ability to do it in a not-stupid way now. Plus, a couple of Sundays ago I watched the movie Earthlings at Sarah's with Jen, Jess, and Taz. It was one of the most heartbreaking movies I've ever seen. I don't think I can continue to eat meat knowing what happens to the animals that it comes from, and honestly I've never really liked meat that much anyway. The only thing that prevented me from becoming vegan back when I was vegetarian before was because I liked cheese too much. I can't eat cheese anymore.
So yeah. We'll see how it goes. I haven't told my parents yet. I want to put off the lectures on nutrition and 'but how are  you going to get enough protein?' for as long as possible, thanks. And if I start in September, they won't be here, and then if I move out by next summer (when they are tentitavely coming back for good), then I won't have to live with them ever again. Which would be freaking amazing. I love them to bits, but I'd be so much happier if I didn't have to put up with them every day.
Guess that's it. Off to go eat lunch now. mmm...lunch.

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So. Busy weekend. I posted a note on facebook earlier last week, saying something along the lines of 'hey, I'm going to be unemployed soon, who wants to hang out?' Next thing I knew my weekend was booked. I like having friends. <3
Friday was Kait's 'fresh start' party, on the day that would have been her wedding back before she broke up with her fiancee. There's a lot of drama involved in that, but I'm mostly not part of any of it, so it's ok. Anyway, lots of people there. Mostly people I don't know. The Hatches, they are a cheerful bunch. Hung out with the kings once they all got there, and met new people by showing them my sketchbook. It's an interesting way to meet people, especially because there's the picture of the nekkid lady in there as well. xD It was rad. And there was so much food, omg.
I'm still trying to figure out if Keiko remembers me or is just being super nice. And I think I spelt her name wrong.
Saturday was my last day of work. So now I'm officially unemployed. Work wasn't all that exciting, except that quite a few of my coworkes seemed genuininely sad to see me go. Especially my supervisor. It was rather warm and fuzzy making. Still not going back anytime soon though.
Saturday night was rollerskating and dancing with Tracy and Lacy! Gods, I haven't seen those two in far too long. Rollerskating was fun, although there were these really annoying kids that kept getting in the way and then falling over and stuff. They didn't play any of my requests, but we didn't stay there that long anyway. We went off to the Back Alley at like nine. It was ok at first. Not too crowded or anything. I think I had more alcohol that night than I have in the past six months. xD But I didn't get a hangover, and I still remember everything, so  you know. Not that everything that happened that night was worth remembering - so many drunken assholes. Augh. Wanted to hit someone. Still, I had my first boobie shot from the wonderful Megan, who is completely adorable. Got a ride home, too, from Jack. Always nice to not have to pay more for cab fare than I do for drinks.
Yesterday I did nothing. It was nice. xD I was supposed to go hang out with Em and Megs last night at Twisted, but they cancelled due to fatigue from their trip to Drumheller or something. I was a little disappointed, haven't seen either of them in a while, but I was also super tired from Saturday so it was nice to not have to do anything but laze around all day. Play guitar hero, you know. xD
Trevor's coming over today! hurrah! He's out of the hospital again, so we're going to play guitar hero (slighty obsessed, perhaps) in my basement because it's too fucking hot to go outside today. Eat lots of ice cream. Should be good times. Whenever he shows up...since he didn't say.
So yeah, that's it. Life is good. xD
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Heh. been rather busy I suppose. Mom and Dad started cleaning all the carpets before the relatives got here for the wedding, and last week they decided to finish all the rooms they'd missed. Which meant a lot of moving around of furniture and such, seeing as you can't clean the carpet if there's something on it. Part of the way through this process, when I was vacuuming out my brother's old room, I decided that I wanted it. It's larger than mine, and the walls are a nice blue colour. I'm kind of tired of people saying I have the gayest room ever, just because the walls are purple and I have these sparkly high heels that I used for an art project way back when. The blue walls help a little. Very little. heh. oh well.
Work's keeping me busy as well. I'm working 35-37 hours a week, despite the fact that when I got the job they told me I'd only be working 25. I'm almost over probation, which doesn't really matter much anymore. I'm planning on handing in my two-weeks notice soon. I want a couple weeks off before school, to relax a bit and hang out with friends.
Last week they offered me a supervisor position in a different department. It was - weird. Flattering, I guess, in a way. I'm glad that my work is appreciated and all. I enjoy my job, I really do. I like the atmosphere now that some of the annoying people are gone and we have a good supervisor now. I like being good at something, even if that something wasn't that hard to begin with. And I definitely like having money in the bank. Especially now that it's not all going to disappear as soon as September rolls around. I think I might get a tattoo. Finally.
Not much else to say, really. Been visiting Trevor as much as I can. Man, I miss him. I miss our weekends of sitting around doing nothing and watching silly movies. Hopefully he'll be out soon, and can find a place to live that isn't filled with drama and Natalie (same thing, really). At the moment I'd still be more worried about him if he was back at his place then if he stays in the hospital for a little longer. That's just a little sad, you know?
Fake Mustache is coming up soon! Crap, there's only a month left of summer. Actually, that's pretty exciting. I can't wait for school.
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I slept for over twelve hours last night. Like seriously, I went to bed at seven cause I was tired and didn't get up until eight thirty this morning. It was weird. Of course, the last couple of days have been rather stressful.
Both days this weekend at least two people didn't show up for work. The morning baker being one, and the dude who does what  used to be my job, only on weekends. I hope at least one of them gets fired, because they screwed things up for everyone else and we had to deal with the weekend rush behind and understaffed. Thanks a lot, guys. If Jue (the guy who does what used to be my job, only on weekends) got more hours I'd totally go to Evan and be like 'if you decide to finally fire Jue's ass because he's a lazy dickhead who doesn't show up to work, give me his job cause then you wouldn't have to train anyone! :D' Only I'd be more polite and wouldn't swear.

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I don't even want to think about what the next week is going to involve, plzkthnx. Tomorrow's my last day off until Sunday and I know I'm going to be dragged downtown at eight in the morning to set up the booth in the rain on Sunday. Just know it. Trev wants me to try to get my hair dyed Wednesday night, but I'd far rather be curled up in the fetal position on my bed with the cat purring somewhere close by at that time. And I have to get up at five-thirty every morning from Thursday till Saturday...

Oh coffee, how I love you...
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Today  Steve and I spent an hour talking about the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. I'd forgotten how much I liked Steve.

He also made the most amusing face when I told him I've dated girls. Not that he really cared, and I didn't expect him to. Such is Steve.


May. 23rd, 2008 04:21 pm
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So I'm working again. At superstore. Again. In the bakery (again).

I just got my schedule for next week and discovered I'm in the middle of a six-day workweek and on one of those days I start at seven. Which means I have to get up around five? Five-thirty? If I weren't so completely desperate for money I'd be less than pleased. As it is, I'm just going to make my caffeine addiction something even more serious.

I'm on my third cup today and I only got up at seven.

It's strange to go back to a place where you've worked before. There are still people there whom I recognize, and who recognize me. I got a couple hugs, my first day, and a few big smiles when people realized I came back. It's like coming home, only not quite so - happy. I like the familiarity, though. I like knowing most of what I'm doing and not just standing around feeling like an imbecile. I like the smells. It'd be almost perfect if I could get two days off in a row and if I could get the courage to dye my hair rainbow despite the dress code. We'll see how it goes.
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55 minutes until I'm off to my counseling appointment. I've been trying to do some research, but I was a dumbass and left everything to the last minute and now there are no books. I've got one book and an article (maybe) about something I'm not really that interested in. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find another and bs my way through 4 pages before next Tuesday. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? Apparently I'm good at b.s.ing; I got a 92% on my AHIS midterm without actually studying that hard. So at least if I bomb the paper, I shouldn't fail the course.
I'm such an optimist.
Yesterday I quit my job, because there was no way in hell I'd be able to finish all of my projects I have going on right now, and work, and sleep and feed myself and try to stay sane. It feels sort of weird being unemployed again. Glad I did it, though.
Getting somewhat nervous now.
Why is everyone going through so much shit? Like seriously, I don't get it. I wish I could take everyone's pain away and make it better, but I don't know how. And that's a crappy feeling. I hate feeling helpless.
Don't want to think about that. Kind of want to go home and sleep. Met the school counselor yesterday, and she seems very sweet. we'll see. I'm off anyway, to find something to do and maybe try to get my third source. Please, gods.
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So I have to get up in five and a half hours, but I'm still awake and probably won't be asleep for another hour. At least. Being on the computer doesn't help. Plus I'm trying to cut down on caffeine, because I think the energy drinks make me feel like crap (either that or I'm getting sick).
No matter how you cut this situation the result is simply doom.
On the plus side, I've gone from being emo (lonely, weepy, sad) back to normal. If by normal you mean really stressed and overtired. Feels like normal to me.

I have pickles. :D


Sep. 22nd, 2007 07:15 am
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I don't want to go to work today. I'm ridiculously close to crying everywhere because I just can't fucking care anymore, and if I'm at that point I know I'm stressed. Who's fucking bright idea was it to give me six days in a row? I'm tired all the time and there's no chance in the near future (next couple weeks) of me getting any decent sort of sleep whatsoever.
Clearly, I am on my way to being very, very sick sometime soon.
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I'm not going to work tonight. It's kind of sad, because I've only had one of my classes so far and already I'm dangerously close to burnout. 'Course these past few days have been insane in terms of me not sleeping enough or having a consistent schedule, but still.
First day of class was alright. We didn't end up doing any drawing or anything, but we talked and saw the exhibit by Daniel or David Altmyd or something like that. I don't remember the name, but go see it. It's so freaking beautiful. And creepy. And just - I don't even know.
And for people who are interested: Death kitty and the fat man.
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And indeed there will be time
To wonder, "Do I dare?' and 'Do I dare?'
Time to turn back and descend the stair
With a bald spot in the middle of my hair -
(They will say: 'How his hair is growing thin!)
My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin,
My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin -
(They will say: 'But how his arms and legs are thin!')
Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse


And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth while,
After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets,
After novels, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor -
And this, and so much more? -
It is impossible to say just what I mean!
But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen!
Would it have been worth while
If one, setting a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
And turning toward the window should say:
'That is not it at all,
That is not what I meant at all.'


No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
Am an attendant lord, one that will do
To swell a progress, start a scene or two,
Advise the prince; no doubt an easy tool,
Deferential, glad to be of use,
Politic, cautious and meticulous;
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous -
Almost, at times, the Fool.

In other news, life's been busy. Working pretty much constantly, which I suppose is nice because I spent two months not working this summer. It'd be nice, though to get a day off sometime before October. I like work, though. It keeps me busy and I find that while I'm there I can't worry about other things; I'm too busy focusing on work and being a good little peon cashier person.
I still sort of feel like shaving my head.
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Long weekend. Looooong weekend. Sleepy.
RHPS Friday, with crappy FM-less preshow, but there were actually people there, which was surprising. Had fun. Looked like a mime when I put my street clothes over my costume. Then I got red under as well as over my eyes so apparently I looked like a mime on crack. At least I wasn't smurf Columbia this time. Random guy on the bus was walking out the door when he suddenly turned around, said 'sorry, I just have to do this' and touched Caro's boa. xD We were amused.
Went camping with Caro and her dad and brother Saturday night/Sunday morning. Drove up to Edmonton and it rained. I thought I forgot my jacket at home, but found it after I'd already gotten pretty wet setting up the tent. We went to West Ed to get sweaters and to have something to do other than sit in tents in the rain. They shouldn't be able to make malls that big. It's just insane. Especially since we walked through most of it. And it was freaking crowded, being the long weekend and raining and all. Still, there were cool things to take away from the mall-hate, like the fire-breathing dragon in the movie theatre. And the pirate ship.
Got back to the campsite in time to eat meat-smeared veggie burger and stare at the campfire for a while before heading to bed. Woke up at two because the air mattress leaked. In all it was an...interesting experience. I'm sure I'll laugh about it in a week or so.
I'm sure I had something else to add, but I can't think of anything right now. Oh, I have a job now. And dad thinks Mika sounds like a castrato.
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I should have been at work at six. Instead I went to Caro's dad's house and drank rum. If they aren't going to let me quit and not going to pay me, they should get used to me not working. I mean, seriously, send me my damn money. I bloody earned it.
Went to Heritage Park yesterday with Caro and Sade. Had to get up early in order to do so, but it was pretty worth it, anyway. We did the entire park, which means we went into all of the houses, went on all the rides, poked through all the stores. We were done, and very tired, by about three. It was such a beautiful day, though it got really hot after a while. Still, even in my binder I wasn't dying. I was never once introduced as Bert too, ha! xD
Then we went to Tessa's place for brownies and lime-aid. Did the time-warp, watched my last Fake Mustache performance and then played the question-answer game. Oh, the question-answer game. I'm wondering if I'll be able to look at Roy without giggling madly. More so than usual. >.>
Today Caro and I did basically nothing. We eventually got off our asses and went down to Marda Loop in order to discover that almost everything is closed on Sunday. I did manage to find a jasper worry-stone, which makes me happy. I was sort of looking for one. Then went to Caro's dad's place, drank rum, played the game of life and ate stuff. Caro says next time she'll paint one of the little people markers purple for me so I'm not stuck with the pink or blue conundrum when I play Life again. :)
Also, this Thursday is Fake Mustache, and part of it is the drag king contest for those who've been performing for less than six months. Basically me, and a bunch of people I don't know. Everyone in Calgary (more specifically Red, Tracy and Lacey) come to the Soda Thursday at seven-thirty or I'll hate you forever. You will not regret it.  buaha.


May. 29th, 2007 09:46 pm
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I'm quitting my job. It just isn't worth it. Espcially with the buses going on strike.
And this means I can see the Gymnast this Thursday, hurrah!
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oh god oh god I don't want to go to work tonight. I feel like such a spectacular failure. I wish I could hide under my blankets all night and pretend that I'm sick. I should eat something, but I'm not hungry.
It's reached the point where if there's no change in a week I'm going to find a job that will give me regular hours and not make me spend hours on a bus to find out that no one's home. I won't like it as much as I could like this job, if it worked, but at least I'd be making regular income.
Fucking business attire. I don't want to change.


May. 6th, 2007 10:56 am
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So I started my job yesterday. Had two appointments, the latter of which went so much better even though she didn't buy anything. It was so much fun, too. :D
One more tonight!
Also went to the Queernight part of the Herland film festival. Fun fun. I think I liked the farting one or the sucubus one best. xD
Cutest game ever.
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Everything's happening so fast, I don't know what to think. I applied online to this place at, like, 2:00. By 2:30 they'd called me back and arranged an interview at five. Insert running around and general panicking here. Funnily enough, my brother worked for this company! I don't know whether I should've told them or not, because I think I'll do a better job at this than he did. Anyway, I ended up being there from almost 5 to 6:30. And my head felt like mush at the end, 'cause I didn't bring any water or food or anything, though I made sure I ate something and drank before I went.
Yeah, I might end up selling really sharp knives for the summer. We'll see how it goes after training tomorrow.


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