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I had a dream I was sharing a bed with Jeff and Tracy. There was no sex, but lots of talk about sex and how, apparently, he had troubles keeping it up.



Feb. 28th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I spent most of Thursday night and yesterday morning working on my English paper. It is the second paper where I've actually hit and gone over (albeit slightly) the word limit. But it also meant that I couldn't go to the third Art Thing, which was sort of sad. It would have meant that I've hung out with Kait four times in the past two weeks. Never happens, that. Apparently a lot of people showed up to it, and it would have been fun. Oh well. I got my paper done on time, which is Important.

Other than that, most of yesterday was generally useless. I was stupid, and thought Artawearness started hours and hours before it did, and so I stayed at school the whole day. There didn't seem much point in going home if I'd just have to turn around and go back to school again. Anyway, I managed to read the assigned story for next week's English class, pay my ridiculous library fine ($35), and get out my books for my Modernisms Paper of Doom (due 19 March). Also hung out with Red and then with Tracy. I miss hanging out in the weaving studios. And still kind of want to steal that cone of bright fucking orange yarn. *sigh*

Artawearness was freaking amazing. I secured a seat just after seven, because I wanted a good view. Watched people for a while, sketched hot butch girls in my sketchbook. Caitlin McCann showed up and sat next to me. We haven't hung out in ages; we usually just wave at each other when walking through the school. Apparently we both share a love of early 20th century fashion. And hats. People started showing up in hordes just before the show was scheduled to start. Of course, it didn't start on time. That's almost expected.

It was the first time I'd been to Artawearness, and it was amazing. Although you couldn't understand anything that the MC was saying, at all. The pieces were hilarious, disturbing, beautiful, or some combination thereof. Just - amazing. (Some drunken ladies behind me like to loudly complain that they didn't understand certain works, which was rather annoying. Especially because the work that they couldn't understand - the silver one - was breathtakingly beautiful. I don't think you should dismiss something just because it isn't easily understood. Especially if it's art). 

Next year, I'm so going to be in the show. I'm going to start now. Or really soon. It's going to be awesome.

I have so many projects I want to start immediately. It kind of makes my head spin, a little bit.

Today I am hanging out with Jen. Huzzah! Haven't seen that girl in far too long. Tomorrow I lock myself in my house and work on all of the things I need to work on.

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This is the meme where you post the first couple of sentences from your first entry every month for the entire year. I'm surprised more of these aren't about Fake Mustache. It's been a pretty good year, all things considered. And compared to last Christmas, this year is bliss.


In short... )We spent all night talking, pretty much. As usual. I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning. From the sounds of it, neither did James and Sara. haha. oh dear.

Yesterday was supposed to be roller skating with Tracy and co. It ended up being canceled due to the fact that the roller rink is closed on Tuesdays. Which was kind of sad, but we ended up having a pretty awesome time hanging out at North Hill Mall anyway. Scared a lot of the other people by talking loudly of orgies in closets and such. Yup. Good times. I love my friends.

Tracy and Red left at around eight to go pick up a tv or something. Emily and I then looked at each other and concluded that neither of us really wanted to go home, so we wandered around Coles for a while and then headed to the Hop 'n' Brew (or whatever it's called) for the ACAD post-semester party. There were some drunken assholes on the train that we laughed really hard at. Gods, they were idiots.

Drunken art students are...interesting. Em and I have decided that the Hop and Brew is a pretty neat pub and that we should go back and tip the blonde bartender more because she's just awesome. Got somewhat drunk and watched Em draw progessively more and more eyeliner all over her face. She ended up with drawn-on eyebrows and a Roy beard. At that point I think I confessed that I loved her a little bit and she blushed. It was really cute. xD And we've decided that we are just awesome, in general and toasted to ourselves.

I left at around eleven to get home and drink lots of water and fall asleep. I get to go Christmas shopping today, so I should figure out exactly what I'm getting everyone. I've got half of my presents for my friends already, and wrapped too. But everyone else I...dunno. I have no idea when I'm going to be seeing people, which complicates things.

And I kind of want to go play guitar hero.

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So. Busy weekend. I posted a note on facebook earlier last week, saying something along the lines of 'hey, I'm going to be unemployed soon, who wants to hang out?' Next thing I knew my weekend was booked. I like having friends. <3
Friday was Kait's 'fresh start' party, on the day that would have been her wedding back before she broke up with her fiancee. There's a lot of drama involved in that, but I'm mostly not part of any of it, so it's ok. Anyway, lots of people there. Mostly people I don't know. The Hatches, they are a cheerful bunch. Hung out with the kings once they all got there, and met new people by showing them my sketchbook. It's an interesting way to meet people, especially because there's the picture of the nekkid lady in there as well. xD It was rad. And there was so much food, omg.
I'm still trying to figure out if Keiko remembers me or is just being super nice. And I think I spelt her name wrong.
Saturday was my last day of work. So now I'm officially unemployed. Work wasn't all that exciting, except that quite a few of my coworkes seemed genuininely sad to see me go. Especially my supervisor. It was rather warm and fuzzy making. Still not going back anytime soon though.
Saturday night was rollerskating and dancing with Tracy and Lacy! Gods, I haven't seen those two in far too long. Rollerskating was fun, although there were these really annoying kids that kept getting in the way and then falling over and stuff. They didn't play any of my requests, but we didn't stay there that long anyway. We went off to the Back Alley at like nine. It was ok at first. Not too crowded or anything. I think I had more alcohol that night than I have in the past six months. xD But I didn't get a hangover, and I still remember everything, so  you know. Not that everything that happened that night was worth remembering - so many drunken assholes. Augh. Wanted to hit someone. Still, I had my first boobie shot from the wonderful Megan, who is completely adorable. Got a ride home, too, from Jack. Always nice to not have to pay more for cab fare than I do for drinks.
Yesterday I did nothing. It was nice. xD I was supposed to go hang out with Em and Megs last night at Twisted, but they cancelled due to fatigue from their trip to Drumheller or something. I was a little disappointed, haven't seen either of them in a while, but I was also super tired from Saturday so it was nice to not have to do anything but laze around all day. Play guitar hero, you know. xD
Trevor's coming over today! hurrah! He's out of the hospital again, so we're going to play guitar hero (slighty obsessed, perhaps) in my basement because it's too fucking hot to go outside today. Eat lots of ice cream. Should be good times. Whenever he shows up...since he didn't say.
So yeah, that's it. Life is good. xD


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