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This is the second  Valentine's Day where I've been single. Which I don't actually find that interesting. You know what's interesting? I've had this journal for four years. I've been talking to Thal for almost four years, which I find to be almost mind-boggling, even though I knew when I started that it wasn't exactly going to be something I was just going to stop doing. Went to TDF yesterday to poke about. Can't remember my password, or even the email address I set the account up under. Don't know if I want to do anything about that yet. Still want to get a kinkajou tattoo. I don't even know if that's our settled form at all, if it's really what represents us best. It's just what she is. Which works for us, so whatever.

Went swing dancing last night. Glee! I went with Sasha and Trevor, who is out of the hospital again. Hurrah! It was fun, although I almost got a blister from dancing way too much, and my legs were so sore this morning I could barely walk. I need to go check out the registration for beginner lindy lessons that start next week. Must learn how to lead, darnit.

The guy-with-the-suspenders-whose-real-name-is-Eric (hereafter to be referred to as 'Suspenders-Eric) is kind of cute. And has an accent that might be Australian. Which is also cute.

I freaking love blues dancing. xD

I went to go get bloodwork done this morning. It went well, and I was done before my transfer expired. (The security guy who does the new student IDs was sick yesterday, so I can't get one until Tuesday. Oh well). Felt kind of tired, so I slept all morning. The lady who did it was super nice and friendly. I love being able to eat again. And drink coffee. Oh, coffee.

Going to bum around the house for the rest of today. Do some cleaning. Eat some chocolate. My plans for the evening are to cuddle up with the cat and watch 'Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.'


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:29 am
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I'm now to stop eating all milk products entirely, doctor's orders. *sigh* I need to get bloodwork done sometime this week, which is rather unexciting.

The show on Thursday went spectacularly well. I left really early, because if I don't I have this tendency to miss all of my buses and get stuck in a traffic jam. So I ended up being there at quarter to six, or something disgusting like that. Seriously. I was there before Kait, which has to say something. Seeing Eric dressed up like a girl did weird things to my brain, and not necessarily in a good way, though it was very amusing. There were so many kings there. I remember in November, when I would go in the back to avoid having to watch Certain People doing their ever so touching love songs (puke), there would only be, like, one person backstage. It was always super crowded this time. Red showed up and watched for the first time in ever, but Tracy didn't make it. *sadface*

I'm already practicing for next show. *is obsessed*

Friday I had class, which was...normal in that it was abnormal. I'm getting my essay back Tuesday, hope I did ok. *crosses fingers* Then I ran off to Laura's house to learn how to be a secretary and had lots of tea. That evening I went swing dancing for the first time in months, this time with Sasha instead of Jen. Oh swing dancing, how I've missed you. Robert said I was still a good dancer, which was super nice of him. xD I still have this huge crush on him.

I spent most of yesterday finishing Red's present, a Slytherin scarf, because he is evil and obsessed with Harry Potter. ha. It was amusing. I managed to not get drunk (mostly by not drinking), since today's my first day as step-in secretary and I figure I shouldn't have a hangover for it. Lots of people there, most of whom I didn't know. And boobies and bad jokes about eating meat thanks to me asking for a cheeseless pizza. Parties with my friends are always so...interesting. xD

I really, really need to go grocery shopping at some point. I'm completely out of bread and milk (lactose-free!), and almost out of eggs. And I want to visit Trevor today, or soon. Also, I need to go get supplies for my next fibre project before class, and find some time to clean my house, because it's getting kind of gross.

I need another day off.

I had a dream last night about living in a post-apocalyptic city that was destroyed by these giant, super-intelligent worms that either had guns or were, somehow, part robot or something. I'd been staying in some sort of safe area, but we had to leave it for some reason, so we got on this train that had artificial intelligence to go to another safe area outside of the city. We were just leaving the safe area when there was this huge explosion, and we realized that the worms had blown up part of the train, which fixed itself, but we had to leave the blown-up car behind, with all the dead people still in it. Then we saw this sign that said something along the lines of  ' We will stop you from going to Tui - Rainbow.' Tui, being the country-side, I suppose, and Rainbow being the name of the worms. There was a lot of 'ohgod we're all going to die!' in the train, but we managed to get out of the city, and were going to look for these giant birds that were going to eat the worms and thus save the world. Then I woke up. It was bizarre.

Oh my

Sep. 20th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Holy crap I've missed swing.

Holy crap I'm really, really out of shape. O.x

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I'm completely in love with this weather. Srsly. Most of our windows are open during the warmest part of the day, and the cat spends many an hour gleefully running from window to window in order to smell the fresh air and drool over the birds singing in the trees.
Yesterday I decided it was too beautiful a day to spend completely indoors and went to the old field behind my house to see if anyone had dumped anything interesting there recently. I had absolutely no idea how much of a dumping zone it's become. You can't see it from the street; there's a hill in the way, but in this one spot there was just a crapload of junk and stuff that might not be junk to a creative mind. There were things like broken dishwashers, a bike with one wheel, two baby car chairs, a broken computer monitor and what looked like it once was a stereo system. I also found one of those cylindrical cat things covered in carpet that only needed to be cleaned a bit, and a broken, old-fashioned tv with a smashed screen. I'm totally going to gut the tv and then turn it into some sort of Great Work of Art. It makes me very happy.
Once I had finished my trek to the field, I had supper, changed into clothes that weren't splattered with mud, and then went to swing. It was pretty good. I managed to not completely suck, despite the fact that I haven't really gone since the fall. I know I've forgotten a lot, though, and that makes me sad. Robert showed up late from a wine-tasting or something and I managed to snag a dance with him before I ran for the bus. It was a good dance, too. :) I still have this huge crush on him. *sigh*
Reading week is almost over. I should probably study/do more homework. I find that my mind's been going in a million directions at once, mostly thinking about art projects I could do, so it's hard to do more practical things. Still, I really ought to start my research papers. Ugh. I'd rather go out into the shed and take apart my tv.
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So I've gone to all three of my classes. Thoughts:
Drawing 120: Saturdays. Blah. The prof seems nice enough. I like how he keeps mentioning words like 'experimenting' instead of 'technique.' We haven't actually drawn anything yet in class, so I'm interested to see what it's going to be like.
Fibre 101: LOVE! Also the only guy there. Who's surprised? I'm really excited about this class. :D And not just because I'm going to be surrounded by girls the whole time.
Art History 110: Oh god. Just - oh my fucking god. I wanted to die, it was so horrible. The prof (Oko or something) speaks so freaking slowly and repeats things and is so generally unexciting it was like instant coma. And the class is in the morning. I was really not caffeinated enough today. He spent the first half of the class reading the class outline (which I'd already read) and then reading aloud definitions of things like value, form and context. x.x  And Keith is in the class, and sat next to me, and I don't know whether to be mad at him or not because I have no idea what happened.
I though swing was on Friday but it's actually in a week from Friday. And that makes me sad.
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So it's been two weeks since I got sick and I'm still coughing, damnit. Already been to the doctor. Already finished the bottle of uber-strong cough syrup that he perscribed me. It worked, but unfortunately ran out before my cough did. Plus it made me really sleepy (especially when I took about three times as much as I should have. ahahaha. I'm so smrt!)
Went to the zoo the Sunday before last with Caro. Sooo much fun. I love the zoo. And I got to see a kinkajou! :D I was totally geeking out too, and Caro was like, that's nice Jasper, you nerd. I made her the most disgustingly sappy cd for our year-and-a-half. And took a lot of pictures of flamingos. Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? That makes me so happy. xD
Still not employed. My room-mate's mom thought of hiring me as some medical transcriber, but I tried it a bit and it's crazy. I dunno if I can do it, though I should try anyway because I really, really just need a job at this point. Can't concentrate today, though. ugh.
Swing dancing Saturday! Hurrah!


Apr. 29th, 2007 08:06 pm
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1. I am officially preforming in Fake Mustache on Thrusday. Suit pictures to come, evenually, after I stop panicking.

Why the hell am I panicking?

2. Robert and short-gay-tap-dancing-guy-otherwise-known-as-Chris are actually together. Squee! Someday I'll be able to keep my nose out of other people's business, but these two are just so fabulous and cute together I just can't help it. I figure I'll have issues when I know the dirty details of every couple at swing, instead of just vague details of one.

3. I need a job.


Jan. 7th, 2007 08:51 pm
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So swing has decided to try its hand at being one of the gayest events that I go to, short of Rocky Horror. (Haven't gone to Fake Moustache yet, so it doesn't count.) Robert must have danced with the short-gay-tapdancing-guy at least four times. It was insane. Robert never does that, which is something I know because I'm a creepy staring person where Robert is concerned. He danced with a couple other guys - why isn't two girls dancing quite as much fun? - but I didn't pay much attention to them simply because they don't make as cute a couple as Robert and the gay-tapdancing-guy.
I love swing.
First day of school tomorrow. excitedexcitedexcitedexcited
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1. I went to T&T Supermarket today to pick up some stuff. Remembered that I could get weird Asian candy for Mik instead of just bad dollar store candy. Felt stupid, but also happy. That store is awesome. I also discovered that they sell pig uteri there. WTF? I didn't know those were edible. x.o I mean, I can handle the fact that there's tongue and livers and hearts and whatnot. But uteri? Augh.
2. Wrapped the Christmas presents that I have. It made me feel all Christmassy. I really, really like Christmas. All the sparkly lights and presents and food and everything. Mom and Dad are coming back on Thursday and then maybe someone will actually decorate the tree. It looks weird there with the presents under it, but no decorations.
3. I've been drawing more recently, but it's all been crap. I don't know, I'm just in this place where I hate my artwork and it doesn't seem like I'll ever make anything worthwhile. Which is a bad thing to feel considering I'm painting something for Dad for Christmas. I hate that painting. Hate, hate, hate. It's so talentless and sophomoric. There's no life in it at all.
Ever feel like no matter what you do, no one's going to notice or care?
Damn, I'm emo.
lalala, moodswings.
4. I've forgotten how much I like swing dancing. I did surprisingly well on Saturday night considering I haven't really been practicing at all. Robert even asked me to dance, which never happens. Usually I have to stalk him, and spend half the night going: 'ok, next song I'll go ask him. Right, maybe not this song. The next song I'll ask him to dance.' >.< Plus Danny said I'd improved, which always is nice.
5. Robert may not actually be gay. Cue mind-blowiness and giggles.
6. My first day as an art-seller starts tomorrow.
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So yesterday was a busy day. Party in the afternoon, swing during the evening and Rocky at midnight. In case anyone didn't know, I went as the Corpse Bride, which involved making my own costume and painting (with Caro's help) myself blue.
I don't think I want to paint myself any colour any time soon. Goddess, what a pain. >.< Plus it started rubbing off when it wasn't supposed to, so by the end of the night I was a patchy blue instead of an almost-fairly-even blue. I also have blue all over my costumes.
The party was mostly spent watching movies and getting costumes on. Carolyn didn't show up till late, so it was mostly Caro, Jonathan, Jonathan's 'friend' Sam and me there. We watched movies and ate pizza and hit each other with Caro's crop.
Swing dancing in a train is something I don't really want to repeat either. There weren't very many people there, and not many people wore costumes. Wusses. If there'd been a costume contest I totally would have owned it.
Rocky Horror was sweet. It seems to get better with time (except the weather, which was bloody cold), probably a good thing considering we're probably going again for New Year's. I need a really, really long coat or something so I don't freeze my legs off. There was a costume contest there, but I didn't win because I was blue. Everyone was too busy going wtf? to even look at my costume. So sad. I could have won an art print and a severed hand.
Pictures! )
Today was a day of recovering from yesterday. I'm kind of glad there was daylight savings. Still, I basically collapsed at five and got up an hour ago. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. It will involve a lot of explanations of why I'm quitting. I wish 'because it sucks' was diplomatic enough, but I do kind of want good references. (sigh)


Jun. 17th, 2006 04:43 pm
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Swing tonight is canceled. And there's no way of warning Caro before she gets to her mom's. Meh. I'm going over anyway, but still. Swing!
I'm going to go cry in a corner now. ;_;
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One hour until it's the seventeenth. Last year on the seventeenth I found Thalie. I just can't seem to get my mind around that - I've known her for a year! It's crazy, that is. It doesn't seem like I've been talking to her for that long. I've also been graduated for over a year. O.o And have done very little with my life. Besides make money, which doesn't really count for me, even if it is really useful.
Oh! I got my cheque in the mail today! Nice. It was from when I went to the dentist in January, but didn't have my dental plan number. Now they've given me what was covered. Eee! Speaking of teeth, four of mine are going to be removed in August. -_- Wisdom teeth. Joy. At least that's covered in my plan as well, except for the anesthetic. There's no way in Hades that I want to be awake when they're yanking out my wisdom teeth. No way.
On the way to and from the dentist's office for my consultation I saw a ton of gophers. They were sooo cute! And somewhat smaller than the ones here in the North side of town. One was eating a worm. Because everyone wanted to know that. I don't care, I'm telling y'all anyway. It was eating a worm, and the worm was all...dead, and stuff. *is hyper*
I now have an alethiometer on my computer. xD It's the awesomest thing ever. I've asked it a bunch of questions, not like I can really understand the answers. But then again I can never really understand the answers when I do regular types of divination. I get a feeling, but nothing as clear as: 'They're going to pretend to attack it, but not really. The army's too spread out.'
Yes, I am obsessive. Cookies to people on my f'list who know what I'm talking about. And Caro won't get it because she's never read The Golden Compass. At least, not as much as I have.
Swing tomorrow! Yes! Beware me and my fantabulous, blue, swing-dancing dæmon! Whooo!
I can't swing dance. And you should go to bed.
>.> Right. G'night all.
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To the Lady in Purple;
Thanks for being such a bitch the other day. You were the most interesting thing that happened to me all week.
The Girl in White
P.S. That darker colour? That would be green. You know, the usual colour for leaves.

You know, as soon as I sit down here, I forget what I was going to write about. I had my entire entry planned, but now I forget most of it.
Oh! I saw X3 yesterday. It was a wicked movie. Not good, in terms of character or plot, but still a heck of a lot of fun. Some the characters just randomly disappeared for no reason and really didn't have much point. Still, it was a whole lot of fun, and I enjoyed it immensly. I also went to Fairy Tales and saw Whole New Thing, which was very squeee-able. That kid? He was cute, if a little...weird. I want a house like his, except maybe not way in the middle of nowhere.
Swing! I love swing. And it was Robert's birthday circle this time. There was a whole bunch of new people, and one Creepy Asian guy, whom I had to dance with three times. I need to figure out a way to sneak away or something. He was a really, really bad dancer. O.x  No groping, but it was almost torture to dance with him, especially during good songs.
I had this dream last night, when I was with a bunch of superheros or something. It was a sort of mix between a board game and a movie.  And we were getting ready to go save the world or something. Our dæmons were there. Thal turned into a golden lion tamarin and jumped into my arms. I smiled sweetly at everyone in the room and they all shuddered. It was cool. In a strange sort of way. Also, when we were picking the pieces for the board game, Caro picked Storm and I picked Rogue. That's kind of weird, because I don't really like Rogue. She has so much potential, and then she just sits there and whines.
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Swing was fun. There were a surprising amount of people there who didn't seem to mind missing the hockey game. :P They were mostly noobs, though, and I'm starting to get tired of dancing with noobs. No more lessons, please. I really think I get basic East Coast now. Seriously. It got so hot in there, though. I can't imagine what it'll be like in the summer, when it's not much cooler outside than in. Everyone will have to bring extra shirts. Though in summer, there probably isn't going to be a whole lot of people. *sigh* I can't go a whole summer without swing dancing!
It was cold today. =( And then Sade called Caro, and we decided to do the quest for the crop anyway. I was in flip-flops the whole time. My feet were nearly numb at one point, but fortunately it got warmer. We didn't find a crop that Caro could use for her costume, but we weren't really expecting to. We did find out that three quarters of the stores we went to totally aren't worth going into. o.o The cool leather store where we might've actually found the crop was closed on Sundays, which kind of sucked. It probably would've been cool. >.> Or at least interesting.
Then we went for sushi. Which I've never had before. I'm not the biggest fan of fish, but the cucumber ones were alright. The chef dude kept staring at us. Maybe it was just because Sade and I were having technical difficulties with some of our sushi. Eheh.
And in the Beltaine spirit, we went back to Caro's place and jumped over candles. Also had an intersting discussion about having sex in the woods. Can't see how it would be very appealing, but..you know...it's Beltaine. xD So go snog in the woods, children. The gods would've wanted you to. :P
I've finished most of my library books. ;_; Most of the ones left are nonfiction ones that I'm not going to read completely anyway. I'm really starting to want an animal encyclopedia or something with pictures and a little blurb about the animal. Except that I'll probably stop wanting it in about three months, and not look at it anymore. :/ I think it'd help with my anamal anatomy, anyway. I need to do sketches from the books I've got from the library. Oh! And I've discovered that jackrabbit is short for jackass rabbit. xD So I'm, like, an ass. Except not.
It's funny, all right?
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So last weekend I did basically nothing. I mean, I went swing dancing and read a lot and actually took the recycling, but I didn't do half of the practical stuff that I was supposed to. Swing dancing was awesome. There weren't a whole lot of people there, but the people who were there were actually good. New guy named Alec who does aerials. Also a bunch of guys dancing with guys, which is always good for giggles. Steve and Danny were blues dancing! ^__^
On the way home from Caro's on Sunday (I stayed for Easter dinner), I was listening to Lifehouse when Thalie started singing along. It was strange, because she never does that. She nuzzled my knees and sang along in her soft, little voice with her eyes half-closed. Affection, too. Maybe I should have asked what was wrong. Heh. Made me almost want to cry, though. Almost. Probably why she doesn't do it more often. It means more.
Reading the Golden Compass again, because I don't really like any of my library books that I havent' already read. It makes me wish dæmons were corperal. I think it would make life a whole lot more interesting.
Anyway, I ought to go practice my piano, or at least do some of my theory homework. I haven't practiced in almost a week. *sigh*
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So...Robert Munch came to my work on Friday. xD If you don't know who he is (shame!), he's a children's writer, and I was basically raised having his stories read to me. He's apparently doing this thing with Cadbury's, so there were free Mini Creme Eggs for us in the staff room. xD I didn't get to see anything other than the back of his head, or just barely hear his voice raised when he was telling a story (and getting very into it, I might add), but it was still very cool. Until all the kids who went to go see him then came over to the bakery and demanded free cookies. >.< There were so many of them.
On Saturday I got up at 6:30 am to go to a swing workshop. It was awesome, but oh! I am so out of shape. I haven't exercised that much in months. And the teachers were Australian, which was cool. I really like the Australian accent. Apparently, I've improved a lot as well, which is good. XD Caro and I went back to her place after the workshop was over to try and sleep before the dance that night. The only reason I lasted most of the dance was because Caro made her SuperCoffee (tm), which involved a lot of sugar.
Then we crashed.
Oh, and I can do balboa now, albeit badly. :P Go me.
On Sunday we had to actually get up before noon to go to the solo charleston class. So much fun! And then Mark, the male teacher, got all excited because it was snowing. He yelled 'lesson's canceled!' and then when to go running in it. Five minutes later, of course, it was warm and sunny again. Now I know this charleston line dance, which I enjoy doing in public locations, because it's fun. Except that my legs hurt. Not that that's particularly surprising.
I don't know why I'm so tired all the time. maybe I need to exercise more, because the only time I remember feeling awake was during the workshops. And that's since Sade's party two weeks ago. I can go through an entire day of work without actually waking up fully. I don't think that's a really good thing. Maybe I need to change something about my life. Perhaps I shall paint my toenails. xD


Mar. 23rd, 2006 11:12 pm
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I don't think I'm going to the swing workshop this weekend, because I'm a complete idiot and procrastinated too much. Looks like I'll just stay home all day and listen to how great it was during the dance.
Go me.
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Back to the old grindstone. Meh. I'm kind of tired, but I feel like updating my blog. Even though I have next to nothing to really say.
My keyboard is clean, finally. It only took me about two hours. -_-;; Well, I had the 'net on, so I wasn't totally bored. XD It was worth it, though, because now my keyboards actually the colour it's supposed to be, and not this beige with grey-crud highlights. 
Oh! And I watched Blow last night. Not a warm-fuzzy movie at all. It actually made me cry, though I was kind of in that mood anyway. Mmm...Johnny Depp...who didn't even get nominated for an Oscar, pity. And the Libertine is out! Caro and I might go see it this weekend, before the karaoke birthday party thing (note to self: buy present for Sade). Caro also wants to see She's the Man in drag, which should be interesting. I think I'm more looking forward to the drag part than the movie. XD
Shush, you.
Anyway, and the weekend after that there's this crazy swing workshop that I really want to go to. The only glitch is that it's almost $100 for two days, seeing as the early bird cutoff was today. Haha. Go me. I'm really tempted to go, even if it's just for the Saturday and that'll mean that I'll miss the Solo Charleston lesson. Ah, well. Really really want to go, but...it's so much money!
Work sucks. What's new? Fuck you, Superstore, and you stupid big corperation that owns the big corperation that owns Superstore.
Other than that, life's pretty good.


Mar. 12th, 2006 04:59 pm
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This weekend was pretty great all around. Friday night: amazing. Just amazing. The music was great, the outfits were great. The birthday circle was alright, except the song was waay too fast. Caro came over afterwards, and we did nothing almost all day Saturday. Watched Pocahontas, and heckled it mercilessly. We went to swing again that night, which was totally dead. I had fun anyway. Might post some pics later, if I feel like it. To tide you all over (because I know you're all very interested), here's some fanart.

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MarkAntony has a shrine to FrankNFurter

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

And tomorrow the Fabulous Weekend of Swing and General Partying whatever, etc. officially begins. OMG! Horray!


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