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Went to the Celebration dance yesterday. It was - interesting. A lot of the people I normally hang with (Kait, Megs, Em etc) were away camping, so I was left with the kings and people that I don't normally hang with. Not that I'm on bad terms with anyone. It's just - not so much fun. Got head-molested again. The problem with having really short, fuzzy hair. No one can keep their hands off it. lol.
One performance number made it all worth it though. A dance troupe, in little ruffly booty shorts and corsets (bright red) dancing to Candy Man. Then they removed the corsets, turned around and suddenly there were pasties with sparklers on them! Ah! It was wondrous. I mean, fire and half-naked women, where can you go wrong? (in so many ways, but you know. shush)
Stole my brother's Love Inc cd today. Man, haven't listened to Love Inc since I was about twelve. Takes me back a bit. To the time where Ben would play only one CD over and over again till I knew all the words whether I wanted to or not. Still know most of them, and I'm absurdly proud of that fact, for some reason. I remember being the youth pastor's kid, the one too young for most of the activities ('cause they went on past my bedtime) but who got to participate anyway. Being dragged around in a minivan as we drove everyone home. Back when I used to get tired at eleven. I used to like the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls and Digimon, though you could never get me to admit liking the latter. Living in Beddington, with the trees that grew taller than ten feet, and the nankin cherry bushes and always accidently throwing the basketball over the fence into our neighbour's yard. God, that was so long ago...
Going to visit Trev tomorrow, maybe. Went to see him on Friday, but he was sleeping. He might be sleeping tomorrow, but we'll see. I'll be able to get to Rockyview in my sleep soon, which I find rather scary. I wish I didn't have to go there at all.
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Pride rocked. Despite the rain, despite the drama, despite everyone's complete and utter lack of sleep. (I think we were all thankful for the Red Bull girls).

Also, I think I saw Mr. Marks there. He was my grade 8/9 math teacher. I always had my suspicions. Once I'd actually started thinking about those sorts of things, anyway.
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Maybe it wasn't the best idea to drink the night before pride. My head is kind of throbbing right now, almost a headache but not quite. And I'm really freaking tired.

And instead of sleeping, I get to march for two hours in the freezing rain! Doesn't that sound wonderful!


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:59 pm
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So last night was Fake Mustache. It was insane, but in a good way. (Well, I think there actually was some drama, but since I was totally not within hearing range, I didn't have to kill anybody).
I got there at six since I was at Trevor's house and Kait picked us up with the stereo. I actually got to help with setting up, because usually there isn't much to do and I just sit there and watch Kait twitch and sometimes offer masking tape. The early show was the amature competition. Some of the new kings (most of which had never preformed before that night) were pretty good. Some were just painful to watch. And I wasn't just watching; I was taking videos for the Fake Mustache youtube account. I never really thought that sitting and not being able to move for two hours would be painful, but I just thought it'd be cool to have videos, not the details of what getting them would entail. I was using my crappy digital camera, 'cause Nat took her camera to Montreal and Meg's brother wasn't there. The batteries died three times during the first show, and then the memory card was full three songs before the end. It was exciting.
LJ was giving out pride gifts in the intermission. And she got me keyboard suspenders! They're sweet.
The late show was fucking amazing. Like, wow. I did the Big Pants Dance, again. But now there's video evidence, or there will be when I upload the videos. (It'll take me about a month with my current schedule, so don't hold your breath). It's so much more fun to do the Big Pants Dance onstage then in my kitchen. I freaking hate practicing it. If it weren't for the fact that everybody loves that song, I'd never do it again. Ever.
The rest of the kings did amazing, though I didn't watch all of them. Costume changes and all. Trev and I did 'If You Were Gay.' Which is another song I never want to hear again. But it was fun. And there was a new king who wore the gayest pants ever. Seriously. He out-gayed Max and I didn't even think that was possible.
The last song was the most amazing. Taz dragged her girlfriend on-stage, played a song on her guitar that she wrote herself, and then fucking proposed! If I hadn't been squeeing like a little girl I would have been crying. It was the sweetest thing ever. Just - gah. It was awesome.
This morning I got up at five-thirty after two-ish hours of sleep and went to work. Came home, collapsed for a bit, and then went to Meg's birthday party. It was pretty fun. Just hanging out and making dirty comments at each other. Em was there, so we couldn't help it.

That's it for now. but omfg pride is on Sunday! I'm excited and crazy stressed and I hope I can eat and/or sleep sometime before then. It would kind of suck if I passed out in the middle of the parade.

Going to bed now...ciao
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I don't even want to think about what the next week is going to involve, plzkthnx. Tomorrow's my last day off until Sunday and I know I'm going to be dragged downtown at eight in the morning to set up the booth in the rain on Sunday. Just know it. Trev wants me to try to get my hair dyed Wednesday night, but I'd far rather be curled up in the fetal position on my bed with the cat purring somewhere close by at that time. And I have to get up at five-thirty every morning from Thursday till Saturday...

Oh coffee, how I love you...
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So Pride was...amazing. My first one ever and wow, there were a lot of people there! Pictures here.
Also need to get better at talking to people. And yes, I have been saying that for years. It doesn't make it less true.


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