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Holy crap, haven't updated this in ever.

I still think it's somewhat amusing that my first thought upon hearing that my niece was born with a bunch of red hair was 'Red will be pleased.' I've seen her once since she was born and she is so cute! I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that my brother has a kid, although I'm sure he'll be a brilliant dad.

My parents came back for a couple weeks to see the baby, even though she was late, and left again last Friday. I've never had them around in the middle of the semester, and it was weird. Difficult to get everything done for midterms when I'm suddenly rearranging my life around other people. Not that it was all bad. They gave me rides home from work, and once I got sick started bringing me tea trays and such. And they were pretty good about understanding that I don't like worship music and therefore not playing it around me. Course, maybe they just find that having me glowering in a corner is really non-conducive to worshiping, but you know. It works.

I've been pretty stressed out, recently. I used to have a list in my head off all the things that I was worried about, but I can't remember it anymore. Which is probably a good thing. Having the parents gone again helps a lot. And getting all of that extra sleep after falling sick also helped. Still sort of worried about Trevor, though, 'cause we were supposed to have a talk about all the shit that's going down in his life. But there hasn't been time.

Had my birthday party on Saturday. Actually, it was the weekend of birthday parties. Sherina's birthday was on Friday. Trev flew her mom in secretly on Thursday night, which was kind of the best thing ever. A group of us went to Denny's after the show, and kept Sherina facing away from the door and completely in the dark about what we were planning. I think we almost had her half-convinced that we were actually planning an orgy. She jumped so much when her mom snuck up behind her. It was great! Then I think she started crying, and Christine got it all on video, because we're sensitive friends like that.

Anyway, so Sherina had her party on Friday. We went bowling, which was awesome. Even though I had to wear women's shoes in a size five, which was sort of awful. Stupid small feet. But I didn't suck as badly as I thought I would, and actually beat Sherina's score on the second game. *gloats* Then we went back to Lyn's house to play pictionary and not get drunk.

Since Alice in Wonderland came out that weekend, obviously we had to go for my party, and obviously we had to go in costume. I didn't actually expect almost everyone to show up in costume, and awesome costumes at that. There were a lot of bemused people at the theatre, who snuck pictures when they thought we weren't looking. I was the Cheshire Cat, because I could just sort of throw it together out of stuff I had, grin really big and scare small children. Or Trevor. Same difference. Chawna and Justine dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, with corsets and spinny hats, and I think they were my favourites of the night. Especially when they found out they could make the propeller on the hats spin by running back and forth flailing their arms. XD

It was a good weekend. It's been hard trying to get back into the spin of things. Especially 'cause I had a fever off and on from Wednesday till yesterday. I missed two days of school, but think it's pretty much gone now. Just got a sore throat, which is annoying, but at least manageable.

Anyways, off to do productive things.
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Made the event on Facebook for my birthday party in March. There are forty-one people invited. Forty-one. I didn't know that I knew that many people in the city, let alone was friends with them enough to invite them to my party.

I got an A+ on my English paper. Glee.

It's my day off today. I don't think I'll leave the house. I think I'll play awesome music, clean, and maybe cut my hair.

And dance. Lots and lots of dancing.


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:29 am
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I'm now to stop eating all milk products entirely, doctor's orders. *sigh* I need to get bloodwork done sometime this week, which is rather unexciting.

The show on Thursday went spectacularly well. I left really early, because if I don't I have this tendency to miss all of my buses and get stuck in a traffic jam. So I ended up being there at quarter to six, or something disgusting like that. Seriously. I was there before Kait, which has to say something. Seeing Eric dressed up like a girl did weird things to my brain, and not necessarily in a good way, though it was very amusing. There were so many kings there. I remember in November, when I would go in the back to avoid having to watch Certain People doing their ever so touching love songs (puke), there would only be, like, one person backstage. It was always super crowded this time. Red showed up and watched for the first time in ever, but Tracy didn't make it. *sadface*

I'm already practicing for next show. *is obsessed*

Friday I had class, which was...normal in that it was abnormal. I'm getting my essay back Tuesday, hope I did ok. *crosses fingers* Then I ran off to Laura's house to learn how to be a secretary and had lots of tea. That evening I went swing dancing for the first time in months, this time with Sasha instead of Jen. Oh swing dancing, how I've missed you. Robert said I was still a good dancer, which was super nice of him. xD I still have this huge crush on him.

I spent most of yesterday finishing Red's present, a Slytherin scarf, because he is evil and obsessed with Harry Potter. ha. It was amusing. I managed to not get drunk (mostly by not drinking), since today's my first day as step-in secretary and I figure I shouldn't have a hangover for it. Lots of people there, most of whom I didn't know. And boobies and bad jokes about eating meat thanks to me asking for a cheeseless pizza. Parties with my friends are always so...interesting. xD

I really, really need to go grocery shopping at some point. I'm completely out of bread and milk (lactose-free!), and almost out of eggs. And I want to visit Trevor today, or soon. Also, I need to go get supplies for my next fibre project before class, and find some time to clean my house, because it's getting kind of gross.

I need another day off.

I had a dream last night about living in a post-apocalyptic city that was destroyed by these giant, super-intelligent worms that either had guns or were, somehow, part robot or something. I'd been staying in some sort of safe area, but we had to leave it for some reason, so we got on this train that had artificial intelligence to go to another safe area outside of the city. We were just leaving the safe area when there was this huge explosion, and we realized that the worms had blown up part of the train, which fixed itself, but we had to leave the blown-up car behind, with all the dead people still in it. Then we saw this sign that said something along the lines of  ' We will stop you from going to Tui - Rainbow.' Tui, being the country-side, I suppose, and Rainbow being the name of the worms. There was a lot of 'ohgod we're all going to die!' in the train, but we managed to get out of the city, and were going to look for these giant birds that were going to eat the worms and thus save the world. Then I woke up. It was bizarre.

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So. Busy weekend. I posted a note on facebook earlier last week, saying something along the lines of 'hey, I'm going to be unemployed soon, who wants to hang out?' Next thing I knew my weekend was booked. I like having friends. <3
Friday was Kait's 'fresh start' party, on the day that would have been her wedding back before she broke up with her fiancee. There's a lot of drama involved in that, but I'm mostly not part of any of it, so it's ok. Anyway, lots of people there. Mostly people I don't know. The Hatches, they are a cheerful bunch. Hung out with the kings once they all got there, and met new people by showing them my sketchbook. It's an interesting way to meet people, especially because there's the picture of the nekkid lady in there as well. xD It was rad. And there was so much food, omg.
I'm still trying to figure out if Keiko remembers me or is just being super nice. And I think I spelt her name wrong.
Saturday was my last day of work. So now I'm officially unemployed. Work wasn't all that exciting, except that quite a few of my coworkes seemed genuininely sad to see me go. Especially my supervisor. It was rather warm and fuzzy making. Still not going back anytime soon though.
Saturday night was rollerskating and dancing with Tracy and Lacy! Gods, I haven't seen those two in far too long. Rollerskating was fun, although there were these really annoying kids that kept getting in the way and then falling over and stuff. They didn't play any of my requests, but we didn't stay there that long anyway. We went off to the Back Alley at like nine. It was ok at first. Not too crowded or anything. I think I had more alcohol that night than I have in the past six months. xD But I didn't get a hangover, and I still remember everything, so  you know. Not that everything that happened that night was worth remembering - so many drunken assholes. Augh. Wanted to hit someone. Still, I had my first boobie shot from the wonderful Megan, who is completely adorable. Got a ride home, too, from Jack. Always nice to not have to pay more for cab fare than I do for drinks.
Yesterday I did nothing. It was nice. xD I was supposed to go hang out with Em and Megs last night at Twisted, but they cancelled due to fatigue from their trip to Drumheller or something. I was a little disappointed, haven't seen either of them in a while, but I was also super tired from Saturday so it was nice to not have to do anything but laze around all day. Play guitar hero, you know. xD
Trevor's coming over today! hurrah! He's out of the hospital again, so we're going to play guitar hero (slighty obsessed, perhaps) in my basement because it's too fucking hot to go outside today. Eat lots of ice cream. Should be good times. Whenever he shows up...since he didn't say.
So yeah, that's it. Life is good. xD
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Last night was the best party ever. Ever. And I got there when it was over half done and there were people making out all over the place and it was kind of scarring.  Had a drink or three and suddenly everything was better. Didn't make out with as many people as Lacy but I don't know if I really wanted to. (Am so going to get a cold, or mono, or something by the end of the week.)
Oh gods was I drunk. Dom and I sat in a corner for a while talking gender shit until Jeff came over and was completely an ignorant asshole. Seriously, I might have to kick the man sometime.
Everything else is sort of fuzzy. But damn.
I didn't start getting sober again until like one or two in the morning. Dom and I talked and were ridiculously coy with each other until about six in the morning. And then I finally fell asleep. I am so awkward sometimes, it's kind of sad.
Today was very nonproductive. i didn't leave lacy's house until...9:30 or something at night, which I feel kind of bad for. Kind of like I was overstaying my welcome a bit. Cleaned some to soothe my conscience.
I'm really freaking exhausted now, so I'm going to bed.

Very happy, though.
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I keep having dreams about going back to old places. Collingwood, Saudi. Except I'm going back as who I am now and not simply remembering what it was like to be there. Maybe it's just because it seems like summer ended immediately upon September first, and autumn always makes me nostalgic. I think autumn is my favourite season. Everything seems so much more, and I feel like it's a good time for new beginnings. I always loved back to school, even though I denied it.
Fake Mustache last night. It was good, the late show more so than the all-ages, especially in terms of technical difficulties. I hope that doesn't happen every time. I really want to use that CD. When I first got there I couldn't see anything and was promply hugged attacked by two people who ended up being Em and Ally. Which has to be one of the best ways to come out of a two-week I'm-going-to-be-a-hermit-now,-kay? spree. Surprising lack of banana jokes.
Ran into Erik/Emily (damn these people and them all having the same names) today after work. We might be going to the same drawing class tomorrow, which would be sweet. Caitlyn's in the class too, so two of my three classes have friends in them. (omgyay! fibre! :D) I'm still not over this having more than one friend thing. Though if I didn't I don't know what I'd do.
Tiki party tomorrow. I really want to go, but I'm also afraid of awkward.
I don't have to work tomorrow! Hurrah!
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I think I'd like to take this moment and say that popsicles are awesome.There is no way I'd survive this summer if I didn't have popsicles. Oh, and the party last night is awesome, though I think I need to remember that I'm not as flexible as I think I am when I'm drunk. Legs....sore....
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So yesterday was Ally's 18th birthday drunken stripperfest dancing hooha whatever. We met at Ally's at six-thirty and promptly started drinking. And trying to throw grapes down Emily's shirt. Fun. Though I think Ally drew a Venus symbol ( D:) on my head in glow-in-the-blacklights hairspray, but it didn't end up showing anyway so it was fine. Probably wouldn't have looked like anything even if it had showed up. Blobbish, you know. The only thing that actually glowed was the bit that ended up getting on my pants. So I had this glowy white stuff on my inner thigh whilst at the strippers. >.o
I got pretty drunk last night. And it took three drinks and less than ten dollars because I am a cheap drunk. I spent three times the amount of money getting home in a cab, because by the end of the night I was hanging out with this chick named Kendra and another whose name I can't remember for the life of me, and everyone else had ditched. Taking their roadbikes or minivans with them. 'Course, Ally got kicked out of the club at eleven for being too drunk. And I was going to buy her a drink, but I guess I can wait until we do something like this again.
The dancing was awesome. :D
Still haven't gotten a hangover, which makes me really, really happy. Though Dad called at nine or something and left a message saying Mom was on the plane and could I be sensitive when she came and not bring up 'my situation' because she was going to be tired? He called again later and explained which made me somewhat less hurt by it all. No mention of the drunken stripperfest. At all. Though he must've known I didn't get hammered or anything because I was eating breakfast when I was talking to him.
Mom's coming home in less than five hours. I am...anxious. I haven't seen her since Christmas, and I was very much in the closet then. The house is very very clean, because if she can't be proud of me for anything else, at least I'm a good caretaker.
You know, I'd be somewhat better about all of this if it didn't end up hurting the people I care about. And as much as I can tell myself that everything would be worse if I tried not to admit anything and tore myself up from the inside, it doesn't help. At all. And saying "Gee Dad, I may be trans and planning to totally rearrange my hormones/how I look, but at least I'm not suicidal. :D" can't be that comforting to my parents either.


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