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I am completely sick of most of the music that I have. I've been listening to the same stuff for years and it's getting really annoying. Can anyone recommend artists and such so that I can update my library for the first time in years? I don't listed to a lot of country or hip hop, but other than that, I'm not particularly fussy.


Oh RCS...

Dec. 10th, 2008 12:59 pm
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So I'm listening to Handel's Messiah and giving myself carpal tunnel through excessive amounts of knitting. Ow my wrists. o.x I miss being in a choir. A lot. As much as I enjoy singing by myself, it's not the same as being surrounded by people singing beautiful, intense music. And it's not like I can do harmony by myself. If school didn't take up my entire life, I think I'd try to join a choir here.

Also, I made a doctor's appointment for Friday. Should be interesting. I should have a physical at some point to, really. T.T Since I haven't had one in years.
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I love Norah Jones, I really do. It's sad because it's practically country, and yet somehow still isn't. The guitar at the beginning of the song "Humble Me" reminds me of Brokeback Mountain somehow. At the very beginning, with the green hill and Ennis getting a ride to his new job in the semi-trailer. I want to see that movie again. Very, very much. It makes me kind of sad just thinking about it.

Nontheless, I'm still pretty happy. I just wrote over 600 words for [livejournal.com profile] lazyass_writers, without trying very hard at all! And it didn't suck like crap. XD There were even dæmons in it, because dæmons are just that cool.


I should go to bed, but I'm actually not tired anymore. And I want to finish listening to this CD for the second time today. There's only ten more songs. XD

Goodness, I really should go practice my piano. And clean the kitchen, or something. It feels like I should have to work tomorrow, and yet I don't. Maybe just because I didn't sleep, like, at all last night. ^__^

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So, they cleaned the floors at work a couple of days ago. Apparently the grout between the tiles is actually light grey and not black. O.o Who would've thought? It also looks dirtier than it ever did before, just because there's now grey and black splotches between the tiles instead of it being almost all black.
A random high-ranking (I'm sure) guy showed up and was toured around the bakery today, right when I was dumping the bread. Which was too small, because I took it out of the proofer too early. Crap on a stick. I didn't get into trouble, though. My supervisor just kind of mentioned it and they moved on. Probably had more important things to worry about.

It was really windy today when I walked out to catch the bus. A north wind, though, not a west one. Well, it was sort of north-west, but more north than west ^-^;;. Hopefully the perpetual chinook we've been having since the end of December is finally moving off and we can get some real snow! I still haven't had a snow-ball fight, or gone sledding or anything! It's kind of disappointing.

Snow, damnit! I want to go sledding!

I don't really have anything else to say. I just had a random urge to update my blog, even though nothing of importance has really happened. Except the fanfic Caro and I are writing, which is still completely devoid of a plot. Ah well. I think she wants to write some more of it tonight, but I have things that I really ought to be doing. Like my harmony homework and practicing my piano. Also might want to clean the house, b/c there's people coming over tomorrow.

omg! Movie night tomorrow! I can't believe it's almost Friday!

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So Brian's wedding was a couple days ago. It was nice, very nice, even the part where I played the piano and my brother sang. I wasn't as scared as I thought I'd be. Which goes to show that the more you play in public, the more used to it you shall be. Which I should have known already, but...oh well. And at least my brother didn't mess up the lyrics and start laughing. That would have been bad.
Weddings depress me. I don't know why. Of course, if I get married, it won't be a Christian wedding, and won't be in a church.
I have a mosquito bite on my butt. Sitting is not so comfortable anymore. At least it doesn't itch.
I need a job. We're going camping for four days. Yay. More mosquito bites. No internet access. I'll enjoy myself, though. I always do.


Apr. 27th, 2005 08:17 pm
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Wowee! It's certainly been a loong time. Not that a whole lot has happened, unless you're majorly interested in what happens to me at school. I did an art show not so long ago. Actually, it opened last Sunday, with me and every one else in it working for HOURS last week. I was at school for ten hours one day, and that's just way too long. Anyway, the opening gala was last sunday, and it was pretty exciting. There was lots of food, and my art teacher's weird music. There were a lot more teachers there than students, and I was asked to explain my artwork three times, once by my English teacher, then by my band teacher, and then for Karam and one of the twins (I still can't tell them apart). It was about an hour and a half long, and there wasn't that much excitement in it, as not many of my friends came. My parents came, of course, but you can only hang out with them for so much.
The food was excellent, though.
Next week my exams start. Math on Tuesday and Wednesday, English on Thursday and Monday, and then Psychology a week later. Classes have gotten more and more pointless the closer we get to exams, with the exception of physics and IT, but that's because they're non-IB classes, and so they continue long past the exams. This, of course, means that I have to come to school everyday after exams are over to continue with these other courses, which totally sucks ass, but that's what I get for choosing to do them. Well, I didn't choose to take IT, but that's irrelevant.
Not much else has happened, though I've got DWTA tomorrow. Excitement. And my piano recital. I hope I don't mess up, cuz I'm probably going to be last.
Can't think of much else to say, except that my English teacher really likes me, and I'm not sure whether to be scared or not. She asked of one of my art pieces to hang in her office (she's also the IB coordinator) and she likes my essays, and says that she actually *looks forward* to reading them. How scary is that?


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