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So, went to see Kinky Boots yesterday. xD It was such a fun movie! I happened to tell Mom what the movie was about. Let's just say she wasn't too impressed. She actually said she thought I was smarter than that. :P It's not like it was porn or anything. Though there were a lot of drool-inducing shoes and boots. It made me want to go out and buy sexy, impractical shoes. Fortunately, by the time it was over, none of the stores were open.
I also spent most of yesterday on the quest for my Hallowe'en costume: the Corpse Bride. After hours in transit, I finally came to the conclusion that I'll probably have to make the majority of it myself. The chances of me finding a wedding dress that both fits me and is what I'm looking for are slim to none. It's not like the dress looks that hard to make. The corset will probably be a pain in the ass, but I have time to figure it out.
Thal randomly became blue the other day. :/ It was weird. Strangely enough, I can visualize her a whole lot easier this way. I've always had a hard time seeing her colour, but now it's no trouble at all. She's a whole lot scrawnier than she was, too. *shrug* I don't know if it's a something that's going to stay or if it's just a phase like the tamarin was. I'm just going to wait and see what happens.
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So, my internet's being stupid again. I'm currently at the public library, where it's slow and the mouse sucks, but I was going through internet withdrawal so there's nothing I could do. *sigh* Hopefully Kevin will come over on the weekend and kick my 'net back into life. Otherwise I don't know what I'll do.
Practice my piano more, I guess.
You can't have more than one window open on this either, which is annoying. It means I can't read my f'list and TDF at the same time.
Nothing much has really happened anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to see Caro this weekend and we'll go see 'Kinky Boots.' Yay! xD It looks like a fun sort of movie. Probably not very good, but fun.
Canada's Next Top Model has started. I really don't think Trisha seems as nice as Tyra Banks did. She just seems kind of, cold. So does the judging room, and that lady with the big lips is ugly! Not a nice sentiment, I confess, but it's true.

Ack, my wrists are starting to hurt. ;_;

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To the Lady in Purple;
Thanks for being such a bitch the other day. You were the most interesting thing that happened to me all week.
The Girl in White
P.S. That darker colour? That would be green. You know, the usual colour for leaves.

You know, as soon as I sit down here, I forget what I was going to write about. I had my entire entry planned, but now I forget most of it.
Oh! I saw X3 yesterday. It was a wicked movie. Not good, in terms of character or plot, but still a heck of a lot of fun. Some the characters just randomly disappeared for no reason and really didn't have much point. Still, it was a whole lot of fun, and I enjoyed it immensly. I also went to Fairy Tales and saw Whole New Thing, which was very squeee-able. That kid? He was cute, if a little...weird. I want a house like his, except maybe not way in the middle of nowhere.
Swing! I love swing. And it was Robert's birthday circle this time. There was a whole bunch of new people, and one Creepy Asian guy, whom I had to dance with three times. I need to figure out a way to sneak away or something. He was a really, really bad dancer. O.x  No groping, but it was almost torture to dance with him, especially during good songs.
I had this dream last night, when I was with a bunch of superheros or something. It was a sort of mix between a board game and a movie.  And we were getting ready to go save the world or something. Our dæmons were there. Thal turned into a golden lion tamarin and jumped into my arms. I smiled sweetly at everyone in the room and they all shuddered. It was cool. In a strange sort of way. Also, when we were picking the pieces for the board game, Caro picked Storm and I picked Rogue. That's kind of weird, because I don't really like Rogue. She has so much potential, and then she just sits there and whines.
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So, apparently last weekend my parents told Ben that they're staying in Saudi for another year. Huh. And Ben's off to Hillsong to become some youth minister or something like that. I don't know what he wants to do with his life. But he's leaving in January, so that means I'm here with the house for at least six months by myself. He'll probably sell me the place. A home-owner. At nineteen. Sheesh. Thing is, when Mom and Dad talked to me on Saturday, they didn't say a thing about whether they were coming back or no. Don't you think that should be important enough to mention? Not that I don't trust my brother or anything, I just wish they could have said. They just talked about finances and the weather and other things that we usually talk about.
I finally have my learner's license now. I only could have got it since I turned fourteen. >.< I didn't really think it was worth it, though, seeing as I was leaving the country and women can't drive in the good ol' Kingdom of S.A. And plus I was lazy. :P But I have it now, and Ben bought me a cinnamon bun in celebration. I actually ate a lot of cinnamon buns this weekend.
I also finally got some new work shoes, so I can now go to work without the ever-so-handy ventilation in my shoes. XD I actually got the same exact pair that I had before. Couldn't think of a good reason to change them. And some impractical strappy two-inch monstrosities that I'll never be able to walk in. Heh. I just had the incredible urge to buy impractical shoes. I blame America's Next Top Model. Ben just shook his head when I showed up in the bookstore with two boxes of shoes instead of one, especially once I did the half-guilty smile and said: 'They were on sale.' But I mean, $15 for a pair of nice shoes. How can you resist?
I want to make shoe-related icons now.
I went over to Caro's around suppertime on Saturday. We were supposedly going to go to swing dancing, but we felt lazy, and couldn't get a ride there. So we decided to finish watching 'Army of Darkness,' which is a really old B-rated horror-ish movie, with an undead army done in shaky claymation and a fountain of blood. After that was over, they played this movie called 'Top of the Food Chain.' Interesting, ne? We thought we'd see if it was any good, and if not, we'd watch the Labyrinth again.
It was bloody amazing! I don't know how to describe it in ways that won't make it sound completely horrible, but they mixed it all together to make a completely brilliant movie. With wonderful lines like: 'that lumpy bumpy hilly part of town outside of town.' And man-eating aliens, incest, polygamy, fish, bondage, homosexuality and Jesus saving the world through the wonders of cool fusion, which somehow involved shoving a metal crucifix into a sattelite box. It was made in Canada. Somehow, that didn't really surprise me. XD
Stayed in bed until noon today. :P Darn that daylight savings.
Then Ben and I went to go see Ice Age 2 today, with our future room-mate named Chris and his fiancee named Brenda. Good movie, but there are far to many CG movies with cute animals coming out. It's starting to get kind of tiring. I do kind of want to see Over the Hedge, though. Maybe when it comes out on video.
Oh, and I randomly discovered a while ago that Thalie has white feet. o.x I don't know if it's a temporary thing or what. It's better than her randomly being gold with angel wings or something. ^_~
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Back to the old grindstone. Meh. I'm kind of tired, but I feel like updating my blog. Even though I have next to nothing to really say.
My keyboard is clean, finally. It only took me about two hours. -_-;; Well, I had the 'net on, so I wasn't totally bored. XD It was worth it, though, because now my keyboards actually the colour it's supposed to be, and not this beige with grey-crud highlights. 
Oh! And I watched Blow last night. Not a warm-fuzzy movie at all. It actually made me cry, though I was kind of in that mood anyway. Mmm...Johnny Depp...who didn't even get nominated for an Oscar, pity. And the Libertine is out! Caro and I might go see it this weekend, before the karaoke birthday party thing (note to self: buy present for Sade). Caro also wants to see She's the Man in drag, which should be interesting. I think I'm more looking forward to the drag part than the movie. XD
Shush, you.
Anyway, and the weekend after that there's this crazy swing workshop that I really want to go to. The only glitch is that it's almost $100 for two days, seeing as the early bird cutoff was today. Haha. Go me. I'm really tempted to go, even if it's just for the Saturday and that'll mean that I'll miss the Solo Charleston lesson. Ah, well. Really really want to go, but...it's so much money!
Work sucks. What's new? Fuck you, Superstore, and you stupid big corperation that owns the big corperation that owns Superstore.
Other than that, life's pretty good.
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So, they cleaned the floors at work a couple of days ago. Apparently the grout between the tiles is actually light grey and not black. O.o Who would've thought? It also looks dirtier than it ever did before, just because there's now grey and black splotches between the tiles instead of it being almost all black.
A random high-ranking (I'm sure) guy showed up and was toured around the bakery today, right when I was dumping the bread. Which was too small, because I took it out of the proofer too early. Crap on a stick. I didn't get into trouble, though. My supervisor just kind of mentioned it and they moved on. Probably had more important things to worry about.

It was really windy today when I walked out to catch the bus. A north wind, though, not a west one. Well, it was sort of north-west, but more north than west ^-^;;. Hopefully the perpetual chinook we've been having since the end of December is finally moving off and we can get some real snow! I still haven't had a snow-ball fight, or gone sledding or anything! It's kind of disappointing.

Snow, damnit! I want to go sledding!

I don't really have anything else to say. I just had a random urge to update my blog, even though nothing of importance has really happened. Except the fanfic Caro and I are writing, which is still completely devoid of a plot. Ah well. I think she wants to write some more of it tonight, but I have things that I really ought to be doing. Like my harmony homework and practicing my piano. Also might want to clean the house, b/c there's people coming over tomorrow.

omg! Movie night tomorrow! I can't believe it's almost Friday!

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Yes, I did actually go see Underworld Evolution on the opening night. And my friend actually bit me (the prat, better hope Ben doesn't notice). Ugg, well...I had fun, somehow. The movie itself was mostly gratuitous blood and gore, with random sex scenes thrown in. Wow, that actually sounds like most of the movies that Hollywood makes. XD If you want a deep, moving, well-thought-out movie, go see Brokeback Mountain or something, because the only good thing about this was Kate Beckinsdale running around in tight leather and being all sexy and blue-eyed and stuff.
Ok, enough with the movie review or whatever.
Swing tomorrow! Yay! *quivers with anticipation*
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And I have this, like, zit thing in my mouth. At least, that's what Ben and Dad say it is. It's small and bump-like, but isn't a canker sore. Ben thinks it's going to pop and then turn into a bigass a canker sore. Looks like I've got a bright future ahead of me.
Bwah, I have little to say, unlike certain people who update their livejournals at least once a day. At least they had fun swing dancing.
They played Christmas music at work today! Can you imagine? It's the 28th of December! And they didn't play any yesterday, so I don't know what's wrong with them. Yesterday it was back to the old crappy non-Christmas music. I totally didn't mind.
I went to go see Narnia again, this time with my family. Mr. Tumnus and Lucy are very cute, except not together. He's over a hundred, and she's, like, seven. I noticed the Aslan sexiness more this time than last time. I wonder if, when they were filming, he was just an orange smiley face on a stick?
The thought amuses me.


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