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Holy crap, haven't updated this in ever.

I still think it's somewhat amusing that my first thought upon hearing that my niece was born with a bunch of red hair was 'Red will be pleased.' I've seen her once since she was born and she is so cute! I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that my brother has a kid, although I'm sure he'll be a brilliant dad.

My parents came back for a couple weeks to see the baby, even though she was late, and left again last Friday. I've never had them around in the middle of the semester, and it was weird. Difficult to get everything done for midterms when I'm suddenly rearranging my life around other people. Not that it was all bad. They gave me rides home from work, and once I got sick started bringing me tea trays and such. And they were pretty good about understanding that I don't like worship music and therefore not playing it around me. Course, maybe they just find that having me glowering in a corner is really non-conducive to worshiping, but you know. It works.

I've been pretty stressed out, recently. I used to have a list in my head off all the things that I was worried about, but I can't remember it anymore. Which is probably a good thing. Having the parents gone again helps a lot. And getting all of that extra sleep after falling sick also helped. Still sort of worried about Trevor, though, 'cause we were supposed to have a talk about all the shit that's going down in his life. But there hasn't been time.

Had my birthday party on Saturday. Actually, it was the weekend of birthday parties. Sherina's birthday was on Friday. Trev flew her mom in secretly on Thursday night, which was kind of the best thing ever. A group of us went to Denny's after the show, and kept Sherina facing away from the door and completely in the dark about what we were planning. I think we almost had her half-convinced that we were actually planning an orgy. She jumped so much when her mom snuck up behind her. It was great! Then I think she started crying, and Christine got it all on video, because we're sensitive friends like that.

Anyway, so Sherina had her party on Friday. We went bowling, which was awesome. Even though I had to wear women's shoes in a size five, which was sort of awful. Stupid small feet. But I didn't suck as badly as I thought I would, and actually beat Sherina's score on the second game. *gloats* Then we went back to Lyn's house to play pictionary and not get drunk.

Since Alice in Wonderland came out that weekend, obviously we had to go for my party, and obviously we had to go in costume. I didn't actually expect almost everyone to show up in costume, and awesome costumes at that. There were a lot of bemused people at the theatre, who snuck pictures when they thought we weren't looking. I was the Cheshire Cat, because I could just sort of throw it together out of stuff I had, grin really big and scare small children. Or Trevor. Same difference. Chawna and Justine dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, with corsets and spinny hats, and I think they were my favourites of the night. Especially when they found out they could make the propeller on the hats spin by running back and forth flailing their arms. XD

It was a good weekend. It's been hard trying to get back into the spin of things. Especially 'cause I had a fever off and on from Wednesday till yesterday. I missed two days of school, but think it's pretty much gone now. Just got a sore throat, which is annoying, but at least manageable.

Anyways, off to do productive things.
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Oh. Em. Gee. Life has been so crazy! It was midterms this week, which I managed to survive. Barely. I couldn't finish my hollow construction for jewellery. Apparently I am made of fail, so much that Sarabeth (the instructor) wants to coach me outside of class on soldering. When we can find the time. Of course, the one thing that I successfully soldered was not a class piece. It was a Christmas present. Still, it's shiny.

Everything else is going pretty well. Or at least going. Still at Home Depot. Community never called me back, so I guess I'm staying at HD for now. I might transfer stores as soon as I'm no longer a temp; the one-hour commute to work is so not worth it.

Good things that have happened:
  • Thanksgiving. Went to Lyn and Bree's for food. Lots and lots and lots of food. Everyone loved the cookies I made, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. It was awesome.
  • My cold is gone. Hurrah!
  • I went to go see Where the Wild Things Are with Kait. We dressed up as Wild Things, which was amusing and cute. I need to post pictures. The movie was really good, too. Strange, though. Not what I expected, if I'd even known what to expect from a movie based on a ten-sentence (or something) book.
  • I have a bus-pass again. Hurrah!
  • I have new glasses!
All of that, plus I got over ten hours of sleep last night. And all I had to do today was work on my drawing project, which didn't take as long as I thought it would. So I had time to take a nap and do baking. Now I have bread and muffins of Awesome. (Double chocolate with orange-flavoured dried cranberries. Oh yes).

Halloween is in less than a week! And the dance! Eee!

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Gah! Busy. Tuesday was my Warneke appointment. Managed to get a ride up there with Laura, and the baby didn't cry as much as he could have. Eric went too, so he could book an appointment. I don't know who we're going to drag up next, we're sort of running out of Calgary transguys. xD Anyway, the appointment went well. It was sort of unexciting, really. Pretty much just me talking about my past and how I knew I was trans and stuff. Which I've done before, with that one psychiatrist I went to, and counsellors and stuff. I'm contemplating coming up with a song and dance about my gender history, just for interest's sake. And because it would be funny.
Wednesday  I ran errands like a madperson all morning, and then talked to my parents for a bit. Finally told them about going to Edmonton, and the possibility of surgery. There was about five seconds of complete silence when I told them, and I don't think they're really all that happy about it. They aren't saying anything though. Only comments about how they're glad I actually told them now instead of sending them an email six months from now.
Then Kait picked me up and we went to go see 9. Which was a completely awesome movie, btw. Some of the characters were so cute! I dunno. I've read a couple of lukewarm reviews about it, and Trev says the plot was 'unorganized' (whatever that means). I thought it was kind of brilliant.
Drag practice that night. We're getting ready for the Halloween show, which apparently involves a lot of twitching on the floors. And Thriller. We haven't even started learning Thriller yet. oh wells.
oh! And I made a fan page for Soul Patch. Because it's amusing.
Yesterday I went to another of Sarabeth's Jewellery classes, because I'd missed mine on Tuesday. I really don't want to get behind in this class, because I really don't know anything. Oh gods, the learning curve. Managed to actually get some work done on my samples, and learn a fair bit. I feel a lot better now than if I'd just stayed home. Better than about my drawing class, which I still haven't gone to. I got about half and hour of sleep Sunday night, so I skipped class. It might not have been the best idea, but I couldn't imagine trying to pull a fifteen-hour day off of no sleep. Without dying horribly.
Fibre today! And then work. oh work. James filled out a recommendation for me for Community Natural Foods. If I get the job, it's $11/hour, with 25% off of groceries. Which would be kick-ass. And plus I actually know a bit about natural foods and vegetarianism (etc) anyway, which is more than I can say about the products at Home Depot.

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You know what's weird? I watched the Dark Crystal when I was really young, but not too young to remember it. I remember that I loved it, a lot, and that something in the movie resonated with me. So much so that over ten years later I saw a copy at Superstore and absolutely had to buy it. I watched it tonight and all I could think of was 'wow. I can totally see how this movie shaped my beliefs.' And I didn't even remember most of it. Just the one scene.


I might need to sit down and write about how I've gone from being Pagan with Taoist/Daoist interests to a Daoist with Pagan influences, but it's late. And I want to get up early tomorrow so I can cut my hair.
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Best part of my day:

Trev: Wait, aren't eggs dairy products?

Trevor and I went to go see Coraline today. Which was super fantastic awesome. Well, cute girls with blue hair, where can you go wrong? lol. I need to read more Neil Gaiman, I think. Generally an unproductive day. Craig, the security guy in charge of photo IDs was not there again. Otherwise I'd have a new ID by now. *sigh*

I have raisin bread. It's yummy.

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Just finished watching Ginger Snaps for the first time.


Going to go watch Bert and Ernie clips on Youtube now.
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Friday night was fun. Em picked me up, and managed to not get lost, which was impressive. Then I hung out all evening with her and Kait and we painted and ate really, really spicy home-made salsa. And talked about how it's weird that all these sixth graders are all into music and fashion, seeing how, when we were twelve, overalls were the coolest things ever. Especially if they were green cord overalls. It was sort of like a stitch and bitch, only with paintings.
Yesterday I attempted to do some research for my final FDTN paper. By five I was completely sick of it and ready to leave and do anything else. At all. Trevor finally called me, and we decided to go to twisted to the drag show. Which was pretty awesome, though dom showed up at the last second and was in the show. So we moved to the back, but by the time he was on, I was pretty drunk, and able to watch. It wasn't that impressive. He only got a dollar as a tip, and, I mean, some of the queens got a crapload more. Especially the really hot one in the white dress, whose name I can't remember. Because she was awesome.
We ran into Em in the washroom and then hung out with her and Kait and Megan and Patrick. I got really drunk off two drinks. Because I am that cool. It was pretty wicked, though really hot. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved one, which wasn't good planning. And then, because I didn't really care at that point, I exchanged them right off the corner of the dance floor. While not binding or wearing an undershirt or anything. Em and Megan didn't even pretend that they weren't watching and enjoying it. Heh.
Headed back to Trev's place, where it took forever for the room-mates to stop bursting into the room and going 'bow-chica bow WOW!' all the time. And then, 'cause I'm well into the process of getting a cold, I didn't really fall asleep until six in the morning.
People keep thinking I'm with people, and I'm not. Do I have to put up a message saying that, no, I really am just flirting because now I'm allowed? I've gotten asked twice if I'm going out with Eric, and then once if I'm going out with Trevor.
I'm still single, people. Really. Promise.
Rachel and Erin came to Trev's place at, like, eleven this morning. They're all like, we're here to hang out with Trevor, who was very hung over at that point. He's too cool to drink water before going to bed. So I had two cups of coffee, and went out with them to see Horton Hears a Who! because I really, really don't want to write my paper, and wasn't going to do it today anyway. Really cute movie. They did a much better job than they did for the Grinch.
Didn't eat anything until three? Probably not the greatest idea. I should go eat something. And work on my paper.
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So. It's been a while. A busy while, unsurprisingly, what with Christmas and all. I don't know, it's just so weird that Christmas is gone now. I couldn't hardly believe it was coming and now it's over. I guess it's just because it means less and less to me now. I went to a Christmas Eve service with my family, and it was just...loud. I mean, I would have liked it if I was still Christian, but Christianity doesn't really make sense to me anymore. But the singing kids were cute. Especially when they got the words wrong.
I don't feel like listing everything I got for Christmas. However, I do think one thing deserves a mention. I am getting a piano. It's used, about a year old and is the nicest damn piano I've ever played. At least, that I can remember. Unfortunately, it hasn't been delivered yet, but considering we bought it on Saturday that's not much of a surprise. Was it Saturday? I don't remember.
I can't believe I'm getting a piano.
Actually, there's been a lot of things that I can't believe are happening. One of my cousins is getting married. I was blatantly evesdropping on a phone-conversation last night when I heard it mentioned. And it's just mindblowing. This is Jen, one of my favourite cousins who used to live in Calgary. We used to play together; now she's getting married. I'm really happy for her. I guess that means she's over the anorexia bit she went through the last time we saw her. Which was sadly too long ago.
I saw Happy Feet tonight. Fun movie, but the penguin really should have died about five times during the movie. Plus he never completely molted, which doesn't make sense to me. But whatever, it was fun. I kind of want to learn how to tap-dance now.
Caro's tomorrow. Though I don't know what time.


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