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Finished the essay! Hurrah!

And a link dump:

Samurai Sword Umbrella: Coolest thing ever.

Hello Kitty Zombie Cake: No seriously.

Cthulhu Musical?

Art of Darkness: A blog on Gothic crafts/decorating where I steal all these links from. Cool stuff.

Steampunk Cake

Dragon Cake: This is so awesome it's scary.

Knitting for Psychos: Because someone out there had to start knitting disemboweled creatures. It was just going to happen.

Creepy Playgrounds: I would have had nightmares if I'd had to play on one of these playgrounds as a child. Strangely enough, most of these are in Russia.

Skelewags: These are apparently drawn (or painted) onto sidewalks and such. And they're so darned cute!

Seven Deadly Glasses: The seven deadly sins as glasses.


Dec. 13th, 2008 08:54 pm
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If I ever get married, it'll be something weird like these.


Nov. 27th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Lacy, you need to see this.


Jul. 16th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Lacy, have you seen this?
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I'm not going to work tonight. It's kind of sad, because I've only had one of my classes so far and already I'm dangerously close to burnout. 'Course these past few days have been insane in terms of me not sleeping enough or having a consistent schedule, but still.
First day of class was alright. We didn't end up doing any drawing or anything, but we talked and saw the exhibit by Daniel or David Altmyd or something like that. I don't remember the name, but go see it. It's so freaking beautiful. And creepy. And just - I don't even know.
And for people who are interested: Death kitty and the fat man.
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Not that I mind the rain all that much. It's been pretty nice recently, and I know it'll make the grass all nice and green. Which is actually something I can't really visualize anymore. I can't really imagine going for a walk in the big, empty field behind my house, and seeing all the grass green and the trees with leaves. Maybe winter has been going on too long...
Unfortunately, with the general warming up of the weather, that means the insects are starting to come out again. I got a mosquito bite yesterday. =( Stupid mosquitoes.
Not much has really happened recently. I've actually started to try my hand at dæmon analyses. Not quite sure if I've been successful, and I'll post them once I've made them make sense. :P
And, for your viewing pleasure (unless you don't like slashy innuendoes) I present: Brokeback Hogworts. Done rather well, methinks.


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