Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:13 pm
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So I managed to survive the school year intact. It looks like I kept my New Year's resolution to not burn out. Thank the Goddess. I'm hoping I can work less next term; if I can have fewer sixteen-hour days I will be very, very happy.

I did pretty well in all of my classes, too. B, B-, B+. Jewellery was the most difficult, and the most fun once I got over the stupid fucking learning  curve of DOOM. I made cuttlefish cast trees for my final project, and they are lovely. Still might put them in something else, but we'll see. Drawing was...interesting. I don't think I'll take another class with Miruna, as cool as she is to hang out with outside of class. It pushed me as an artist, and it was nice to have a concept-based class among all of my process-based ones. But still. I'm not a drawing major, and everytime I brought something in for a crit I was terrified that they were all going to tear me to pieces like a bunch of rabid wolves.  Because it happened. Not to me, but to others. And ouch.

I loved, loved, Bill's class. omg!glee! So many shiny things. I got into a directed studio for next term, which is exciting. And kind of scary. But yay! I want to start making my Alice in Wonderland piece that I've wanted to do for years.

Work is meh. It's pretty dead in there in the evenings. I'm working Boxing Day, which I hope will be busy so that it goes by quickly. Apparently it gets quieter in January, which is sort of frightening. I am going to be so bored.

I got snake bites done last week. I am quite pleased with them. Especially because I no longer wake up with a mouthful of blood. O.o They seem to be healing pretty well, and they look so cool. *glee* I can't wait till they're completely healed. Neither can Sherina. XD I am so going to jump somebody as soon as I'm able to kiss again. lol.

Yeah, so life is good. I'm enjoying sleeping in now that I can. Managing to not be too annoyed at my parents most of the time. Escaping as much as I can also helps.
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Holy crap, I think I managed to finish my hollow construction. *dies*
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  • I'm so busy I should probably cry. Just for the de-stressing impact that it would have.
  • I have a table full of glittery tentacles behind me, which I will soon add rhinestone 'suckers' to. For school. And it will probably take me all night.
  • Cuttlefish casting = WIN. I made a tiny silver tree, and now I want to make MORE tiny silver trees so I can have a tiny silver tree forest. Because it will be awesome.
  • I might possibly get my hollow construction ring done by the end of term.
  • Trevor is coming to Calgary! And staying at my house! Which will hopefully be clean and full of food when he gets here. *crosses fingers*
  • Yeah, that's it. Oh wait -
  • I need to get laid. srsly.
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Oh. Em. Gee. Life has been so crazy! It was midterms this week, which I managed to survive. Barely. I couldn't finish my hollow construction for jewellery. Apparently I am made of fail, so much that Sarabeth (the instructor) wants to coach me outside of class on soldering. When we can find the time. Of course, the one thing that I successfully soldered was not a class piece. It was a Christmas present. Still, it's shiny.

Everything else is going pretty well. Or at least going. Still at Home Depot. Community never called me back, so I guess I'm staying at HD for now. I might transfer stores as soon as I'm no longer a temp; the one-hour commute to work is so not worth it.

Good things that have happened:
  • Thanksgiving. Went to Lyn and Bree's for food. Lots and lots and lots of food. Everyone loved the cookies I made, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. It was awesome.
  • My cold is gone. Hurrah!
  • I went to go see Where the Wild Things Are with Kait. We dressed up as Wild Things, which was amusing and cute. I need to post pictures. The movie was really good, too. Strange, though. Not what I expected, if I'd even known what to expect from a movie based on a ten-sentence (or something) book.
  • I have a bus-pass again. Hurrah!
  • I have new glasses!
All of that, plus I got over ten hours of sleep last night. And all I had to do today was work on my drawing project, which didn't take as long as I thought it would. So I had time to take a nap and do baking. Now I have bread and muffins of Awesome. (Double chocolate with orange-flavoured dried cranberries. Oh yes).

Halloween is in less than a week! And the dance! Eee!


Sep. 24th, 2009 05:37 pm
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Just emailed Sarabeth to tell her there's probably no way that I'll be able to get my soldering samples done by next class. Which is true. I feel sort of relieved and yet guilty at the same time. It's just - I have to do 110 drawings by next Monday. 100 of those were due last Monday. If I go to school tonight to work on my jewellery stuff, I won't have time to finish the projects for a class I'm already behind in.

I don't know if there's really anything I can do. I'd go cry in a corner, but that doesn't seem productive.

In other, completely different news, apparently I'm seeing two people at once now. Who knew? It's kind of weird because a month ago I was single and then within two weeks suddenly I'm very, very not. Though, did it really have to happen in the middle of school/work-stress, and not in the middle of summer when i had nothing else to do? Not that I'm really complaining. I'm too happy. XD

Need to make supper. I'm super hungry.


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