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So yesterday I got called 'sir' over the phone. w00t.
Oh, and it's National Coming Out Day today. am wearing rainbows. and getting burrito all over the keyboard. yum.
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So last night I went to Diagon Alley to hang with friends and girlfriend in costume to celebrate the release of the final HP. Well, this was after the barbeque thing I had with family friends. Sitting around outside talking religion and Middle East and/or African politics. And it's weird, but it's almost like being in a different culture when I'm hanging out with a bunch of Christians. Sitting there hearing them call me my old name and feeling their expectations on me, and by the end of it sort of going, well maybe I could be who they want me to be. Maybe maybe. Until I remember that I really, really just can't. And not being comfortable until I can go home and change.
Anyway, Harry Potter. Haven't read it yet. Don't spoil unless I ask, plzkthnx. But there was a street festival last night and after I'd gotten home from the barbeque and changed, I caught a bus dispite the overwhelming unhelpfullness that is teleride/the CT website, and went downtown. I found Lacy and co. almost immediately. It was amazing, considering the amount of people that were there. The chances must have been a million to one or something. Found Caro eventually and we shoved our way through crowds, looking at people's costumes and going on a grand quest to find Tracy a washroom. woot. And there were acrobats and it was cool. We stayed till about midnight, when people started cheering and buying books and all that craziness. Then we left. I don't have a book, nor have I ordered one. I'm planning on getting one next week or so, after the insanity has died down slightly, or maybe just borrow it from someone. Not actually that much of a fan, so I don't really care. And everyone there used the right name and it was fabulous.

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So I woke up this morning and felt like crap. Spent the next few hours alternating between sleeping, getting hot baths and drinking my bodyweight in tea. Mmm....tea...
And then when I was feeling a bit better and sitting in Mom's room chatting about nothing she out of nowhere asks me who my girlfriend is. So I tell her. And we have this talk about...I don't know, how I feel and how she feels. None of it particularly surprising to me. She thinks it's some sort of phase or that it's 'natural for girls to feel close (I think that was the word? Or maybe it was something about bonding) to their best friend.' And I was like, uh huh. Not like this. But I didn't try to explain. I was crying enough as it was. And there was shit about the Bible and how God didn't create men to sleep with men and women to sleep with women. Like I said, nothing particularly surprising. Oh, other than the fact that my brother apparently now knows because my parents told him. I'm not actually mad, but...damn. It wasn't theirs to tell. Oh well. Now I'm out to just about everyone.
I registered for classes, too. Hurrah. Stupid drawing class is on Saturday, again, but it was the only one so I have to take it. Oh? And one of my required classes apparently likes to be on Thursday nights. Till ten. I have until the winter semester to find out if it's something I can get away with skipping once a month or no. I would be very, very sad if I had to miss FM for a whole semester.
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I should have been at work at six. Instead I went to Caro's dad's house and drank rum. If they aren't going to let me quit and not going to pay me, they should get used to me not working. I mean, seriously, send me my damn money. I bloody earned it.
Went to Heritage Park yesterday with Caro and Sade. Had to get up early in order to do so, but it was pretty worth it, anyway. We did the entire park, which means we went into all of the houses, went on all the rides, poked through all the stores. We were done, and very tired, by about three. It was such a beautiful day, though it got really hot after a while. Still, even in my binder I wasn't dying. I was never once introduced as Bert too, ha! xD
Then we went to Tessa's place for brownies and lime-aid. Did the time-warp, watched my last Fake Mustache performance and then played the question-answer game. Oh, the question-answer game. I'm wondering if I'll be able to look at Roy without giggling madly. More so than usual. >.>
Today Caro and I did basically nothing. We eventually got off our asses and went down to Marda Loop in order to discover that almost everything is closed on Sunday. I did manage to find a jasper worry-stone, which makes me happy. I was sort of looking for one. Then went to Caro's dad's place, drank rum, played the game of life and ate stuff. Caro says next time she'll paint one of the little people markers purple for me so I'm not stuck with the pink or blue conundrum when I play Life again. :)
Also, this Thursday is Fake Mustache, and part of it is the drag king contest for those who've been performing for less than six months. Basically me, and a bunch of people I don't know. Everyone in Calgary (more specifically Red, Tracy and Lacey) come to the Soda Thursday at seven-thirty or I'll hate you forever. You will not regret it.  buaha.

Coming out

May. 6th, 2007 12:38 pm
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I just sent the letter to my parents where I tell them almost everything. Trans-stuff and sexuality. I actually feel sort of calm right now. I wonder when they'll get it.


May. 6th, 2007 10:56 am
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So I started my job yesterday. Had two appointments, the latter of which went so much better even though she didn't buy anything. It was so much fun, too. :D
One more tonight!
Also went to the Queernight part of the Herland film festival. Fun fun. I think I liked the farting one or the sucubus one best. xD
Cutest game ever.
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I just finished watching the Golden Globes, and Brokeback Mountain won best drama film! Oh, I am sooo happy! I knew they would win. I just knew it. They also got nominated for seven awards, and won four of them. Now I want to see the movie again, except I'm afraid I might cry this time.
Johnny Depp didn't get the award for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which makes me a little sad, but...omg! Brokeback won!
Anyway, Brokeback Mountain was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (the lady who plays Ennis' wife), Best Screenplay*, Best Original Score, Best Original Song*(or something), Best Director*, Best Actor (Heath) and Best Film*. The ones with the stars, obviously, are the ones that they won.
Now I really should go to bed.
So happy! XD
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It snowed the night before last. I love snow. It makes me feel so happy. Except it was kind of sleet at first, when I was walking home from work. So it was wet, and I was tired. Nonetheless, I twirled in the snow ala Edward Scissorhands.

Mmmm....Edward Scissorhands.

I love Johnny Depp. He is just so awesome. I can't believe it took me eighteen years to realize the wonderfulness that is Johnny Depp. Even though he's practically old enough to be my dad. Which...is kind of squicky...if you think about it. So I don't, and I'm not romantically interested anyway. More like fanatically obsessed. Slight difference. *cough*

But he's still so amazing. He's nice. He's modest. He's incredibly talented. And still sexy.Did I mention sexy? I mean, what other guy can wear eyeliner and still look completely awesome?

*coughs again*

I saw Rocky Horror the other night. I went with my friends to a midnight show dressed like a pirate. I wasn't the only random non-rocky character there, though. I did see some Trekkies. Anyway, the movie was great. Or just the general atmosphere and the fact that you could throw toast and toilet paper and no one would think you've cracked. I still have rice in my pockets. Lots of guys in drag, too. I like guys in drag. It's kind of amusing, actually.

I mentioned America's Next Top Model in my title, so I guess I'm going to have to talk about it. I like Kim. I hope she wins. Yay for queer people! And she's sexy, too. The episode I just watched was a filler episode, though. It was kind of disappointing, I ran to catch the bus in order to watch a stupid filler episode. My liking of this show has just gotten sadder.

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Wow. Not much has happened, really. Just working and stuff. Went to odango's place the day before yesterday and tried to talk to her about dæmons. Got the feeling that she doesn't really care. *sigh* We also got all excited because today's international talk like a pirate day, and we don't have any pirate costumes. >.< Not that it matters, for me. I'm going to work and have to wear a stupid, ugly, too-big uniform. Ah, I've got a crush on this chick there. Except she's turned out to be two chicks who look very much alike, and now I don't know which one I have the crush on. Augh. Ahem. ARR. That's better.
I had this weird dream last night. I don't know if I can even explain it, but I'll try. There was a ski hill, and we were going up the chair lift/t-bar thing. I'm not really sure which. I'm also not sure who exactly I was with, but she was a friend. Then, I was a slave or something, and something happened. An emergency, like. This lady gave me this...thing...out of metal and told me to go to building four. So I ran around in the snow trying to find it. I did, and they made me lay down with others like me, and chained me to the floor. The person I was with before came in later. I had something to pass to her, but she was on the other side of the room, and I obviously couldn't get to her. So I gave it to the person beside me, and they passed it on. There were free people watching us, making sure we didn't do anything. There was this feeling in the dream, though, that sort of stayed with me. It has something to do with what I'm doing today, but I'm not sure I can analyze it.
I wanna see the corpse bride!!! Soooo badly, you have no idea. >


Jun. 30th, 2005 02:28 pm
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My parents piss the crap out of me. Only sometimes, like right now when Mom's 'confessing,' which means she's saying biblical things like she's got lots of money and that she will always be victorious over 'satan'. And when they speak in tongues. Annoying annoying annoying. You'd think i'd be used to it by now. It's so crazy.

I feel kind of left out of my family sometimes, though. They're all like together and all understanding and shit, but me? I'm the black sheep of the family. The pagan in a perfectly christian home. There are things that they don't tell me, like all the conversations they had with Ben last year that I couldn't listen to cuz it was all preaching sometimes. But ben never emailed me, so I never got news from home. And times when they close the door on me, or told me to sit in my room until they finish praying. In Riyadh, it felt like I was trapped in that corner of the flat, like it was my own special prison because I couldn't belong. I try not to think about it, but it hurts. I understand their point of view, but they will never understand mine, because it's a totally different way of thinking. If they read some of my religious works, they'd just get all 'holier-than-thou' and think it was evil. I'm not even supposed to bring pagan books in the house. They think it will bring a curse upon the house or something.


Caro's supposed to be gone all summer too. Well, she was, but she's back now cuz she got kicked in the face by a horse. Ouch. >.< But at least I get to see her tomorrow! Canada Day! We're going to a party, while my 'rents go and praise yahweh for six hours. mmm...maybe we'll talk about sex...

I'm busy looking for a job right now. It is unbelievably boring. Especially the 'online research' part. I'd rather walk around and hand my resume out. Except, of course, that that's not a very good way of getting a job, and then I wouldn't be able to get a job as a data entry person or anything, which would pay more than burger-flipping.

Mmmm...silence. It's so nice to be back in 'civilized country', where there isnt' the constant sound of traffic where we are. So nice, so relaxing. Meh, I can't type well today.

Oh! And they passed the same-sex marriage legislation! I'm so happy!!! xD My parents aren't, of course, but they can just suck. it. up. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Finally, the government did something good! Well, they could have done something good before, I just haven't been paying attention. Politics is usually boring. I can only read about people fighting over stupid stuff for so long.

must go, before dad comes over and reads this.

Stupid closet! It's so dark in here!


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Wow, another sporadic journal entry. GO me!! (note sarcasm) Ok, so I've been busy. I don't even know when I updated this last, and I'm too lazy to check, so this will just be what's happening with me now, and not what's happened since I last came here.
Well, I did come out to my best friend. And she was like "wow, don't tell your parents." which was kinda disappointing because it wasn't really a reaction. You know, this is really important to me right now, and all I get is, "when you go soul-searching, be sure to send me back a pretty postcard"? WTF!!! and besides, I've already BEEN soul-searching. did she think i'd tell her without THINKING about it first???
It rained here. Now it smells like dust. Oh, and i think i'm bi, but i'm still not sure.
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Have you ever wondered why people say "cafeful!" AFTER you trip? I mean, once you've fallen flat on your face, it's a little late for people to be telling you to be careful. I'm sure it's really nice they care about you enough to give you a little advice after you've broken something (most notably, your pride), but can't we all see how completely useless it is? It's like saying "the kettle is boiling" when you really mean that the water INSIDE the kettle is boiling.
I haven't been writing much because nothing I really want to remember has happened. Mostly it's just school and stuff, and this really embarrassing episode where I blanked out on an essay quiz and ended up writing nothing at all. On a plus side, it's a super-long weekend for us. Three and a half days off! I highly doubt I'll do much productively, although I have written another couple of pages in my novel.
I think I don't love my best friend as much as I did before. It just seems sort of weird. I mean, when I was with her it was nothing special. I was really really happy, sure, but I didn't feel like I was oozing with love. I'd only feel like that when I was away from her. God, it's the prayer call and it sounds like the guy's a dying cat! Or is it a dying cat? I have no idea, but it just stopped. Anyway, about my friend...I don't feel that I love her as much anymore. It's sort of sad, really. But I have no idea what's going on with me. I met this marine at the American Embassy and I got all awkward around him. Do I have a crush on him? Or do I just think that I should because he's a marine and all marines are hot? Just when I think I've got my sexuality sorted out, something like this happens. It's so annoying.
Ok, I think that makes up for all the times I didn't write anything. And besides, I'm having typing issues today and I really think I should stop.
Stop already!


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