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Busy week, what with school and all. My painting teacher (professor?) didn't show up on Wednesday, and an hour after class supposedly started we got the message that he was, in fact, sick. So I got up at six for no real reason at all. Ended up doing some painting anyway because I knew the assignment and that way I didn't have to cart all of my crap back home. Just most of it.
Apparently I draw faster than almost anyone in my class (the girl beside me takes forever), which may or may not be a bad thing. Mark says that if you draw fast you have no 'connection' with the piece, which makes sense to me. I just can't slow down easily. If I slow down, no matter how varied the lines are, the picture dies anyway.
I can't win. I should go cover a lamp in plastic wrap and string.
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This weekend was sort of productive. I mean, I worked pretty hard on Saturday, doing just chores and a little artwork. I also had a piano lesson/ preparation for the APTA Festival that morning, so I didn't even get to sleep in. Bah. I wanted to go shopping that day, but I was lazy so I didn't. =P
On Sunday I slept in and then went shopping. I now know how to get to Sunridge Mall by bus, go me. Went to Chapters first thing, and spent the money that was left over from my grannie's gift card. Three books. ^__^ None of them are fantasy, or even fiction. Heh. I was in a weird mood. I got a book of Emily Dickinson's poetry <3, a beauty advice book that apparently has a DVD, and a wildlife guide for North America (it doesn't have white-tailed jackrabbits in it, though, which is very disappointing. Ah well). Then I wandered around Sunridge for a bit, though I didn't really want to buy anything. I got some pirate-ish rings anyway, for my costume. xD They had these cool necklaces with pseudo-teeth on them that I wanted to buy, but I didn't feel like spending the money on something I'd only ever wear a few times at most. And they weren't that cool.
Going to a mall alone is always rather strange. It always makes me feel cut off from society, even though I'm surrounded by it.
The Festival went well. I was pretty prepared, all around, and it's not like it was a competitive festival. It was like going to a new piano teacher, or something. The adjudicator was really nice, though she dressed funnily. I wore my high-heeled shoes, and felt rather wobbly. Hope I didn't look wobbly. Anyway, she seemed to think I did good, and even if I messed up a few times I didn't get too nervous. Now I have new things to practice, too.
I got yesterday and today off of work, for the festival and so I could work on my portfolio some more. I actually did some artwork yesterday. It's always kind of nice doing it, even though I'm never perfectly sure what it is I'm doing. I think that if I'm know exactly what it is I'm planning to do, I'll get bored or it'll suck or something. It's a whole lot more exciting this way, anyway. But Superstore doesn't sell white school glue. wtf? Now I have to go try and find some somewhere else.
I barely did anything today, but that's alright. ^_~  It was very nice, and I'm surprisingly sleepy. Which is probably a good thing because I have piano tomorrow.


Mar. 12th, 2006 04:59 pm
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This weekend was pretty great all around. Friday night: amazing. Just amazing. The music was great, the outfits were great. The birthday circle was alright, except the song was waay too fast. Caro came over afterwards, and we did nothing almost all day Saturday. Watched Pocahontas, and heckled it mercilessly. We went to swing again that night, which was totally dead. I had fun anyway. Might post some pics later, if I feel like it. To tide you all over (because I know you're all very interested), here's some fanart.

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Bwaha. I so should be doing something productive right now, but I'm not.


Feb. 7th, 2006 09:50 pm
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I got the day off today, and did basically nothing productive. Well, I finished some of my Harmony homework, which is good, considering it's due tomorrow. ^_~ I should be working on that now, but I had a random urge to draw fanart while making supper and here is the result: (PG-13ish)


Of course, it was then that Remus realized he was dreaming... )

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Bwah, last weekend was fun. I'm kind of sore now, which was probably from playing tag in the park and falling off several times.

Here's the same pic I gave Caro for her birthday, except coloured! XD


Mmmm...sweater-vest... )


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