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  • So I broke up with Eric last Wednesday. It just - I'm too busy with school and everything for a relationship, let alone a relationship, and someone else. It took forever for me to get the courage to say anything, especially since he got me a V-day present, which just made me feel guilty. It went well, I think? I feel better now that it's over. As much as I'm afraid of hurting anyone, I think it's better than making promises I can't keep.
  • As a result, I was mostly single for V-day. Trev and Chawna came over in the evening. We played the Wii, made some ridiculously scary Miis, and laughed a lot. Sherina came over around midnight, and I had to kick them all out at two so I could get some sleep. It was pretty amusing.
  • Reading week! I must remember to get homework done. And try to get some stuff prepared for the Show and Sale. I will be in it this time, damnit!
  • Becoming obsessed with Dr. Who. *glee*
  • Sherina came over last night, to hang out and...stuff. ;) We were going to postpone till Wednesday, 'cause she was a little tired. Good thing we didn't! Apparently that's the day the parents come home. I thought it was Thursday. That would have been awkward. O.o
  • Sleeping in is wonderful. My eyes have stopped twitching due to fatigue.
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Omg, I think I have a date. Like an actual, not hanging out at school, date.

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Gah! Busy. Tuesday was my Warneke appointment. Managed to get a ride up there with Laura, and the baby didn't cry as much as he could have. Eric went too, so he could book an appointment. I don't know who we're going to drag up next, we're sort of running out of Calgary transguys. xD Anyway, the appointment went well. It was sort of unexciting, really. Pretty much just me talking about my past and how I knew I was trans and stuff. Which I've done before, with that one psychiatrist I went to, and counsellors and stuff. I'm contemplating coming up with a song and dance about my gender history, just for interest's sake. And because it would be funny.
Wednesday  I ran errands like a madperson all morning, and then talked to my parents for a bit. Finally told them about going to Edmonton, and the possibility of surgery. There was about five seconds of complete silence when I told them, and I don't think they're really all that happy about it. They aren't saying anything though. Only comments about how they're glad I actually told them now instead of sending them an email six months from now.
Then Kait picked me up and we went to go see 9. Which was a completely awesome movie, btw. Some of the characters were so cute! I dunno. I've read a couple of lukewarm reviews about it, and Trev says the plot was 'unorganized' (whatever that means). I thought it was kind of brilliant.
Drag practice that night. We're getting ready for the Halloween show, which apparently involves a lot of twitching on the floors. And Thriller. We haven't even started learning Thriller yet. oh wells.
oh! And I made a fan page for Soul Patch. Because it's amusing.
Yesterday I went to another of Sarabeth's Jewellery classes, because I'd missed mine on Tuesday. I really don't want to get behind in this class, because I really don't know anything. Oh gods, the learning curve. Managed to actually get some work done on my samples, and learn a fair bit. I feel a lot better now than if I'd just stayed home. Better than about my drawing class, which I still haven't gone to. I got about half and hour of sleep Sunday night, so I skipped class. It might not have been the best idea, but I couldn't imagine trying to pull a fifteen-hour day off of no sleep. Without dying horribly.
Fibre today! And then work. oh work. James filled out a recommendation for me for Community Natural Foods. If I get the job, it's $11/hour, with 25% off of groceries. Which would be kick-ass. And plus I actually know a bit about natural foods and vegetarianism (etc) anyway, which is more than I can say about the products at Home Depot.

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This is the meme where you post the first couple of sentences from your first entry every month for the entire year. I'm surprised more of these aren't about Fake Mustache. It's been a pretty good year, all things considered. And compared to last Christmas, this year is bliss.


In short... )We spent all night talking, pretty much. As usual. I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning. From the sounds of it, neither did James and Sara. haha. oh dear.

Yesterday was supposed to be roller skating with Tracy and co. It ended up being canceled due to the fact that the roller rink is closed on Tuesdays. Which was kind of sad, but we ended up having a pretty awesome time hanging out at North Hill Mall anyway. Scared a lot of the other people by talking loudly of orgies in closets and such. Yup. Good times. I love my friends.

Tracy and Red left at around eight to go pick up a tv or something. Emily and I then looked at each other and concluded that neither of us really wanted to go home, so we wandered around Coles for a while and then headed to the Hop 'n' Brew (or whatever it's called) for the ACAD post-semester party. There were some drunken assholes on the train that we laughed really hard at. Gods, they were idiots.

Drunken art students are...interesting. Em and I have decided that the Hop and Brew is a pretty neat pub and that we should go back and tip the blonde bartender more because she's just awesome. Got somewhat drunk and watched Em draw progessively more and more eyeliner all over her face. She ended up with drawn-on eyebrows and a Roy beard. At that point I think I confessed that I loved her a little bit and she blushed. It was really cute. xD And we've decided that we are just awesome, in general and toasted to ourselves.

I left at around eleven to get home and drink lots of water and fall asleep. I get to go Christmas shopping today, so I should figure out exactly what I'm getting everyone. I've got half of my presents for my friends already, and wrapped too. But everyone else I...dunno. I have no idea when I'm going to be seeing people, which complicates things.

And I kind of want to go play guitar hero.


Dec. 5th, 2008 12:56 am
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In 2008, happy_fish_87 resolves to...
Pay for my birls on time.
Keep my x-men clean.
Volunteer to spend time with trees.
Give some colours to charity.
Give up painting.
Eat more comics.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Also, we handed in our ACAD200 project yesterday, and I had the final crit for PRNT today. Two out of three final projects are done. Completely. And I never have to think of them again. Well, I have to take pictures of my prints, which I may just do at home unless i can get someone who knows how to actually use a camera to take pictures of them (Lacy I will make you cookies if you feel up to it. Seriously, I totally will.) Fake Mustache was tonight, which I managed to survive thanks to excessive amounts of caffeine. I dragged (pun intended) Em to the show, her first since the spring, and it was totally awesome. I keep forgetting how well Em and I seem to click.
I get to sleep in tomorrow. It makes me rather happy. Then Chrysalis, where I get to cover myself in rainbow paint.
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First day of classes today. ACAD200. Seems interesting, although I can' t say much more from just the first class. We'll see. It also seems like a lot of work, but I'm going to be learning stuff I know I need to know in order to be a working artist. I want to go to gallery openings now.

I saw so many people tonight that I haven't seen in months. Eric. Heather. Red. Well, Caitlin, Melis and Lauren I saw (albeit briefly) yesterday when I went to go pay my tuition. But still. It doesn't even feel like I've been out of school for as long as I have. It just feels like we've had a long weekend. I love school. It feels like home. I need to do some serious hanging with people, though. Like, crazy hanging out.

Silkscreening tomorrow. I'm excited! And then there's Fake Mustache, of course. Which should be interesting, considering I have to bring all my drag stuff to school. It'll just be my luck to carry all of my crap to school only to have my instructor dismiss us early. But we'll see. And I'd rather be safe than sorry.

And if there's any sort of drama tomorrow night I'm going to be rather unimpressed. I don't see why people think they can treat my best friend like shit and I'll still be friends with them and act like they didn't do anything wrong. I don't know. There's been a lot of immaturity going on. I don't want to bring any of it up; who needs more drama? But I'm kind of getting sick of it. Grow up people. We're not in fucking high school anymore.

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So I just got back. It was an awesome party, just in terms of hanging out and being silly for hours on end. Kait got me this crazy dragon balloon thing that we blew up (well she did, because I can't blow things) and then threw at each other's heads for an hour or so until it broke. And it was sad.
They got me sort of drunk, but not too bad. And there was ice cream cake and it was good. Though Trev changed the candles on it so it said I was turning 12. x.x
Yeah, I know I look like a twelve year old.
All the lesbians left at midnight, except for the ones living there, which is apparently a thing that they always do. (Em says they turn into pumpkins but I don't believe her). I stayed up with Amber, Trevor, and Eric for a while, but in the end it was Eric and I sitting in bed talking about art and movies and books and just random shit until morning. Then I made myself breakfast, and we let ourselves out.
It was pretty sweet, though I haven't slept at all, just napped on the bus. Apparently Eric and I will never run out of things to talk about, and neither of us seem to sleep a lot. I think I'm going to go to bed now and see if I can get a couple hours of sleep in before I need to start working on my AHIS paper.
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I've finally managed to get out of this hermit-funk I've been in for the past couple of weeks and start hanging out with friends more. Of course, it helps that I got two half-days in a row right before reading week. I've gotten a couple of good lunches with classmates and such, and then dragged Emily wig shopping on Monday just because I could.
Yesterday three of the group from AHIS wore wigs just because. It was fabulous. Plus I then ran into both Lacy and Tracy and they were very...surprised. Hee.
I keep brainstorming ideas for costumes. I need to figure out a way to make costumes and still keep to my (very small) budget. And also remember that I'm already doing a couple projects of my own on the side and should not try to do too many.
Mrm. Busy week ahead, sort of. Going to btg with Trevor today, and then probably hanging afterwards. Haven't seen that dude in ever so it should be pretty cool. Plus he might buy me food. *is a poor art student* Might drag him to the Alphabet Soup thing where they have MORE free food. We'll see how it goes. If I miss this one, there's always the one on the twenty-first. I've class on Thursday evening, group on Friday, might be hanging with Em on Saturday. Then I'm trying to figure out how to get together with people like Tracy over reading week so I can actually have some good times with them that's not two months ago.
Last night I had a dream about Dream from Sandman. He woke me up. It was spiffy.
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So my brother's friend managed to put together this new-ish computer for us to use, he's a total computer nerd in the best possible way. The kind of guy I always want to bribe with cookies whenever my computer starts doing stupid things if I could work up the courage to call him. So I got the new computer last night, with most of the files transferred. A chunk of them are gone, and I swear half of my music just randomly disappeared. And the rest of it seems to be having issues, which is retarded, because I just want to listen to music damnit! Plus I need to burn a CD for fake mustache and it'd really be easier if I had a working gorram file on my computer.
I haven't started practicing yet. *dies*
Still, I've managed to get most of my favourites and stuff. Just - a pain, mostly. A time-consuming pain in the arse. I hate computers.
There are three different things I want to do this Friday night, not including the fact that I need to have a sculpture done by Monday and it seems like it's going to be one of those time-consuming ones. Funny how I went from not having a social life at all to having too much to do in less than a week.
AHIS and FDTN today. ugh. Can't believe I got out of bed for those classes and not sculpture. Well, I had the paper due today and all. Which I typed up during lunch. Heh. I really need to get better at the whole not procrastinating thing. Also discovered that our next assignment is due on the Thursday evening class in March. The one I was planning on skipping to go to Fake Mustache. *sigh* I have such wonderful plans for that Fake Mustache, too! Well, it's not like I can give the teacher a good enough excuse to give me an extension or anything. Maybe I could hand it in early. *coughyeahrightcough*

Today on the train Emily and I talked about the logistics of tentacle sex while surrounded by the rush hour crowd. It was fabulous. And my hoodie had ears.

Guess that's it.



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