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May. 4th, 2009 09:09 pm
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Life's been pretty quiet recently. Which is kind of nice. The end of school was uneventful, although I stressed myself out learning dates for my AHIS final when I apparently didn't need to. English was an open-book exam. Easy A+. This semester has done wonders for my GPA. I got an A+ in Art History, an A in English and a B+ in Fibre and Mixed Media. Clearly the best semester ever. Except that part where I ended up being late for my final Fibre crit, which was sort of embarassing.
Kait's birthday party was Friday. Omg Wolverine! GLEE! And then tea at Oolong, and Twisted dancing. I was about to fall over by the end of the night, but it was awesome.
I don't get living expenses now that school is done, which makes a lot of sense, but makes me really need a job right away. My plan is to work my ass off for a couple of months and then take August off. Travel and such. Kait and I might fly down to Vancouver for Vancouver Pride to visit Trevor (and Sasha and Connor), which would be awesome. And then there's Camp Fyrefly, which I need to remember to apply to, and my cousin James' wedding at the end of the month. And I just want time off to relax and do nothing, without starving to death. That would be nice.
MYN is going crazy (in a mostly good way). The Laramie Project performances are the fourteenth to sixteenth, and there's a lot of panic going on about that. People in Calgary at that time really need to go see this play. I saw the first act after the board meeting yesterday and nearly cried. It was so amazing. And that was without the lights or proper stage or anything. And we're also hosting a youth dance in June, which I volunteered to help run. My first time organizing something, really. It's pretty exciting. I'm running it with Jen and Laura, so I'm expecting everything to go as smoothly as they can. Because we are awesome and are going to attack the whole thing with lists and spreadsheets. (Exel! Yay!)
Anyway, I'm off to make posters and write lists. Oh lists.


Feb. 28th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I spent most of Thursday night and yesterday morning working on my English paper. It is the second paper where I've actually hit and gone over (albeit slightly) the word limit. But it also meant that I couldn't go to the third Art Thing, which was sort of sad. It would have meant that I've hung out with Kait four times in the past two weeks. Never happens, that. Apparently a lot of people showed up to it, and it would have been fun. Oh well. I got my paper done on time, which is Important.

Other than that, most of yesterday was generally useless. I was stupid, and thought Artawearness started hours and hours before it did, and so I stayed at school the whole day. There didn't seem much point in going home if I'd just have to turn around and go back to school again. Anyway, I managed to read the assigned story for next week's English class, pay my ridiculous library fine ($35), and get out my books for my Modernisms Paper of Doom (due 19 March). Also hung out with Red and then with Tracy. I miss hanging out in the weaving studios. And still kind of want to steal that cone of bright fucking orange yarn. *sigh*

Artawearness was freaking amazing. I secured a seat just after seven, because I wanted a good view. Watched people for a while, sketched hot butch girls in my sketchbook. Caitlin McCann showed up and sat next to me. We haven't hung out in ages; we usually just wave at each other when walking through the school. Apparently we both share a love of early 20th century fashion. And hats. People started showing up in hordes just before the show was scheduled to start. Of course, it didn't start on time. That's almost expected.

It was the first time I'd been to Artawearness, and it was amazing. Although you couldn't understand anything that the MC was saying, at all. The pieces were hilarious, disturbing, beautiful, or some combination thereof. Just - amazing. (Some drunken ladies behind me like to loudly complain that they didn't understand certain works, which was rather annoying. Especially because the work that they couldn't understand - the silver one - was breathtakingly beautiful. I don't think you should dismiss something just because it isn't easily understood. Especially if it's art). 

Next year, I'm so going to be in the show. I'm going to start now. Or really soon. It's going to be awesome.

I have so many projects I want to start immediately. It kind of makes my head spin, a little bit.

Today I am hanging out with Jen. Huzzah! Haven't seen that girl in far too long. Tomorrow I lock myself in my house and work on all of the things I need to work on.

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+ Finished my Modernisms paper and handed it in on time.
+ Got a new bus pass.
+ Did well on my presentation for FBRE212.
+ Had an awesome time at the second Art Thing. Drank lots of tea.
- Called Dr. J today to try and book an appointment, only to be told that I'd have to go in when he does his walk-ins, 'cause I'm not considered one of his patients.
- Cried after I hung up because I hate phones and looking/sounding like an idiot.
- Didn't go grocery shopping until after seven because I was recovering from the phone call.
- Missed my bus, and decided to walk instead of wait because it was so fucking cold.
+ Bought soy ice cream sandwiches. Which are yummy. :P
+ Have milk and bread again, and food to eat that isn't stew or porridge.
- Haven't started my English paper yet, and I really want to go to the Art Thing tomorrow night instead of working on it.
- Still haven't shoveled the sidewalk.
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Made the event on Facebook for my birthday party in March. There are forty-one people invited. Forty-one. I didn't know that I knew that many people in the city, let alone was friends with them enough to invite them to my party.

I got an A+ on my English paper. Glee.

It's my day off today. I don't think I'll leave the house. I think I'll play awesome music, clean, and maybe cut my hair.

And dance. Lots and lots of dancing.


Jan. 29th, 2009 06:38 pm
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I am finished my English essay. And - not only that - it is a hundred and fifty words longer than the minimum word count! I'm really hoping it's a minimum word count; I don't really think he'd really penalize me for talking more than I need to. Usually I'm typing it up fifteen minutes before I have to hand it in, and it's about two hundred words short. So really, this is nothing short of a miracle.

I've also started exercising on an almost normal basis. On an at-home, on my own kind of way, since gyms are evil. I'm going to try really hard to keep this up, because I think it'd be a good thing to stay in shape, and becoming out of breath running half a block for the bus is rather lame. I used to be able to run a mile, I should at least be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not get winded. Bonus points if my laptop's in my backpack.

I'm really hungry, so I'm off to go prepare what will be my fourth meal of today.

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The tuition scare was a false alarm. They sent me the letter before they switched my status over to 'sponsored student.' So everything is good, and I can buy groceries and stop panicking about my bank account.

What is it with Fridays? There are four things going on, that I know of. I'm going to try to go to two of them (RHPS at school, and then the farewell-to-Niq's-tits party), but we'll see how it goes. Is it still bad that I miss Trevor after not seeing him for half a week? I'm looking forward to this weekend so much, especially because my English paper will be done by that point. I should be working on it right now. Ahaha. Yay procrastination!

(Well, actually, I'm waiting for supper to be ready, and then I'll start working on it. Only five hundred words. I'm probably not as nervous as I ought to be.)

(I'd rather be watching Torchwood. >.>)
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Yesterday was interesting...

I woke up at nine, despite the fact that I forgot to set my alarm, which was rather impressive. I seem to be sleeping a little bit better now. Perhaps because I've stopped worrying about sleeping as much as I normally do. I don't know. Anyway. Glen took me grocery shopping at ten, and then waited patiently for me to put everything away and get ready for class so he could drive me to school.

I got to school half an hour before my class started. So I decided to go into the IKG exhibit and see the Richard Boulet pieces. I admit, I've never had such an interesting gut reaction to art before. The work was incredible, but I thought I was going to throw up. It was just so overwhelming. It was too much. I don't know. I almost want to go see the show again in order to get a second impression, one that will make more sense.

Perhaps it was just a badly-timed anxiety attack. Who knows. What's the weirdest reaction you ever had to art? Who was it by?

I got through English class somehow. I don't remember what I wrote on the quiz, but hopefully it somewhat resembled a correct answer. Then I went home and hid for the rest of the day. Today I have to go out and do all of the errands I was supposed to do yesterday, but didn't because I couldn't remember how to deal with people and anyway it seemed like too much effort. I am sorry I missed Lacy's party, because it sounded like it was fun times. I think I would have just hid in a corner and knit or something, though.

Today, halfway through my conversation with my dad, the cat started screaming. Dad was rather disturbed. Apparently he's never heard her do that before. There was another cat  - of course - outside, actually pressing its face into the window where Jasmine was sitting. Stupid creature. I put on my boots and chased it out of the yard (probably much to my dad's amusement, I'm sure), and then comforted Jasmine. She's set herself up by the window where it happened. I wonder if she's keeping watch to see if the other cat will dare to come back.

I really, really want to see the Watchmen movie when it comes out. Anyone want to come with?

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Fibre and Mixed Media (FBRE212) - Seems like it will be challenging, but fun. It will be nice to work in three dimensions once more, and to have a class where making garments is something required instead of something I sneak in. I already have an idea for my survival garment, which makes me feel somewhat dorky, because it's the second or third project. I don't really know anyone in the class, something I find kind of strange.
English is still bizarre but entertaining. I finally bought all of my required texts. 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is another story in the book, and another one that I read in high school. Kind of makes me wonder if my high school was crazy challenging or something. *scratches head*

Am hanging out with Trevor tomorrow! Yay. :)

I dunno. Life is good.

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Art History (Modernism) - I don't know what to say about this class. The teacher, a small Polish woman with a name I will have to someday learn how to correctly pronounce, is absolutely adorable. But, it is about modernism, which is something I don't really have any interest in at all, unless it's talking about surrealism. The term paper seems kind of frightening as well. I really ought to remember to start it early, or it will kick my ass. Em/Eric, Melis, Lauren, Caitlin and Heather are in my class. So I don't think it really matters how boring it is, I shall still have plenty of sources of amusement.
English (Myth in Literature) - My teacher is crazy. In a good way. In a 'he randomly bursts out into song and started the class by reading a poem about how apples are shiny' kind of way. I don't know if I'll learn anything in this class, but it shall certainly be interesting. Also, I think one of the stories we have to read is 'The Cask of Amontillado' by Poe. Which I think I spelled wrong. But still. I am not intimidated by Poe. Although I think I might go over my list of literary terms from IB English, just so I can remember them. And use them in essays and potentially look smart.

I haven't bought the textbooks for either class yet. Really don't feel like braving the ridiculously long lines at the bookstore just for a couple of books. I might wait until after my studio class on Tuesday. Or not. We'll see. I've got until Friday to read the short story, anyway.

I spent the entire day painting. My eyes hurt. And I still kind of want to make muffins. Oh muffins.

Milk was kind of the best movie ever. I need to own it and make my parents watch it.


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