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Being drunk whilst home alone is about as much fun as I thought it would be.

That is to say, not really all that much fun at all.

wheeee why is there no one here to laugh at me?
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Right, so I should do an actual update and not just posting quiz results. Life's been hectic. School and work and Fake Mustache goodness. The show was last Thursday, and it was amazing! There wasn't a show in January, because it's always a bad idea. Everyone's either away or too busy recovering from New Year's to want to do anything. We had a pretty good crowd out, and some pretty fantastic numbers.

And I pulled a cucumber out of my pants and harassed people with it. Video to come! I'll probably also post a link to Tommy Velveeta's late show number, because it made me laugh so hard I cried. I love that man. There are over 300 videos on our youtube page now. Most of which are on my computer. It's just insane. But awesome, because I can put them on Bowie III to watch whilst stuck in transit. There's nothing like watching Roy take a flogger out of his pants on your mp3 player surrounded by commuters to start your day off on the right foot. Just sayin'.

Last night was Trevor's party to celebrate the fact that his surgery is done. I missed most of the dinner part of the evening due to work, but I got there in time to grab some yam fries and say hello to the people who weren't coming dancing with us afterwards. Then we went off to the gay bar, watched some drag queens, and danced and drank until about one in the morning. We hung out  at Bree's place until about four, talking and being stupid and generally acting like a bunch of half-drunk over-tired fools. It was grand.

I got a ride home from Sherina, and slept until 12:30. I've done quite a bit today despite that. I've cleaned the kitchen, so now I can cook in it without feeling disgusting. Also uploaded most of the videos from Thursday, pictures into my Flickr account, and I'm currently cooking a red lentil soup with coconut milk and spices that smells wondrous.

I'm going to go eat some now, I think. I'm so hungry I feel shaky and weak.
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This is the meme where you post the first couple of sentences from your first entry every month for the entire year. I'm surprised more of these aren't about Fake Mustache. It's been a pretty good year, all things considered. And compared to last Christmas, this year is bliss.


In short... )We spent all night talking, pretty much. As usual. I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning. From the sounds of it, neither did James and Sara. haha. oh dear.

Yesterday was supposed to be roller skating with Tracy and co. It ended up being canceled due to the fact that the roller rink is closed on Tuesdays. Which was kind of sad, but we ended up having a pretty awesome time hanging out at North Hill Mall anyway. Scared a lot of the other people by talking loudly of orgies in closets and such. Yup. Good times. I love my friends.

Tracy and Red left at around eight to go pick up a tv or something. Emily and I then looked at each other and concluded that neither of us really wanted to go home, so we wandered around Coles for a while and then headed to the Hop 'n' Brew (or whatever it's called) for the ACAD post-semester party. There were some drunken assholes on the train that we laughed really hard at. Gods, they were idiots.

Drunken art students are...interesting. Em and I have decided that the Hop and Brew is a pretty neat pub and that we should go back and tip the blonde bartender more because she's just awesome. Got somewhat drunk and watched Em draw progessively more and more eyeliner all over her face. She ended up with drawn-on eyebrows and a Roy beard. At that point I think I confessed that I loved her a little bit and she blushed. It was really cute. xD And we've decided that we are just awesome, in general and toasted to ourselves.

I left at around eleven to get home and drink lots of water and fall asleep. I get to go Christmas shopping today, so I should figure out exactly what I'm getting everyone. I've got half of my presents for my friends already, and wrapped too. But everyone else I...dunno. I have no idea when I'm going to be seeing people, which complicates things.

And I kind of want to go play guitar hero.

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Friday night was fun. Em picked me up, and managed to not get lost, which was impressive. Then I hung out all evening with her and Kait and we painted and ate really, really spicy home-made salsa. And talked about how it's weird that all these sixth graders are all into music and fashion, seeing how, when we were twelve, overalls were the coolest things ever. Especially if they were green cord overalls. It was sort of like a stitch and bitch, only with paintings.
Yesterday I attempted to do some research for my final FDTN paper. By five I was completely sick of it and ready to leave and do anything else. At all. Trevor finally called me, and we decided to go to twisted to the drag show. Which was pretty awesome, though dom showed up at the last second and was in the show. So we moved to the back, but by the time he was on, I was pretty drunk, and able to watch. It wasn't that impressive. He only got a dollar as a tip, and, I mean, some of the queens got a crapload more. Especially the really hot one in the white dress, whose name I can't remember. Because she was awesome.
We ran into Em in the washroom and then hung out with her and Kait and Megan and Patrick. I got really drunk off two drinks. Because I am that cool. It was pretty wicked, though really hot. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved one, which wasn't good planning. And then, because I didn't really care at that point, I exchanged them right off the corner of the dance floor. While not binding or wearing an undershirt or anything. Em and Megan didn't even pretend that they weren't watching and enjoying it. Heh.
Headed back to Trev's place, where it took forever for the room-mates to stop bursting into the room and going 'bow-chica bow WOW!' all the time. And then, 'cause I'm well into the process of getting a cold, I didn't really fall asleep until six in the morning.
People keep thinking I'm with people, and I'm not. Do I have to put up a message saying that, no, I really am just flirting because now I'm allowed? I've gotten asked twice if I'm going out with Eric, and then once if I'm going out with Trevor.
I'm still single, people. Really. Promise.
Rachel and Erin came to Trev's place at, like, eleven this morning. They're all like, we're here to hang out with Trevor, who was very hung over at that point. He's too cool to drink water before going to bed. So I had two cups of coffee, and went out with them to see Horton Hears a Who! because I really, really don't want to write my paper, and wasn't going to do it today anyway. Really cute movie. They did a much better job than they did for the Grinch.
Didn't eat anything until three? Probably not the greatest idea. I should go eat something. And work on my paper.
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Last night was the best party ever. Ever. And I got there when it was over half done and there were people making out all over the place and it was kind of scarring.  Had a drink or three and suddenly everything was better. Didn't make out with as many people as Lacy but I don't know if I really wanted to. (Am so going to get a cold, or mono, or something by the end of the week.)
Oh gods was I drunk. Dom and I sat in a corner for a while talking gender shit until Jeff came over and was completely an ignorant asshole. Seriously, I might have to kick the man sometime.
Everything else is sort of fuzzy. But damn.
I didn't start getting sober again until like one or two in the morning. Dom and I talked and were ridiculously coy with each other until about six in the morning. And then I finally fell asleep. I am so awkward sometimes, it's kind of sad.
Today was very nonproductive. i didn't leave lacy's house until...9:30 or something at night, which I feel kind of bad for. Kind of like I was overstaying my welcome a bit. Cleaned some to soothe my conscience.
I'm really freaking exhausted now, so I'm going to bed.

Very happy, though.


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