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School is finished for the summer! Whoo!

I'm not used to having free time, really. I mean, I have personal research projects that I want to do, like continuing my experiments with stop-motion or actually learning how to take halfway decent pictures. But there's no real pressure. It's not something I have to finish within two weeks or anything. I can actually relax. It's crazy.

Went to the Comic Expo on the weekend. Saturday was insane. So many people, and yet I only ran into a couple people that I knew. I ended up bailing pretty quickly once the crowds got too bad. I went back yesterday again, and it was much calmer. Even got Leonard Nimoy to sign something for me! It was wicked. There were a lot more people that I knew that day, so it was more fun than me just wandering about looking at stuff trying not to feel lonely. Also ran into another Serenity Rose fan! Pretty much the only other fan I've seen. We had a semi-awkward conversation. It was amusing.

I dunno. I've been feeling down lately. I know it's likely all the stress from the last month, and everything. Sometimes it's hard to hang about my big empty house with no room-mate to talk to, and no homework to distract me. Stuff about Dom is coming up again, and although it's not nearly as bad as before, it's still annoying and hard to deal with. I just want to move on with my life, kthnx?
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Apparently my inner clock has decided that I sleep from three in the morning until one in the afternoon. And no matter how much I try to tell my body that no, that really doesn't work for me, I can't seem to get it to do otherwise. The only way I can sleep before one in the morning is if I take a sleeping pill or am drunk. And there's just something wrong with the fact that I have to drug myself to do what I used to do naturally. I'm really not looking forward to waking up tomorrow at eight.
I'll be out of my meds in three days. I'm going to have to ignore my terror of calling people and see if Dr. J can take me as a patient. Ugh. Don't want to think about that one too much.
Enough whining. I'm done my homework for the weekend. Whee! There's more I could do, but I'm lazy and it's not due until Tuesday so I'm not going to do it till Monday night. (yay procrastination). Now all I need to to is find my room under all that mess and then I'll be on my way to being ok. ish.
I broke up with Dom on Friday. I don't want to write about it. Or even think about it as much as possible. I know it's going to really suck once it sinks in that, yes, I have done this.
Till then, I distract myself.
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but I don't think it's sunk in yet. And I think I'm getting sick.
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I can't deal with more than point form right now.

1. I am alive and will continue to be so.
2. I have a final tomorrow that I've barely studied for.
3. My brother came home last Friday.
4. My parents are coming home on Thursday.
5. Dom is very ill, and doesn't like my brother.
6. I haven't started buying Christmas and/or birthday presents yet.
7. My brother is slowly turning out to be like my mother...aka completely anal and nags a lot.
8. Fake Mustache was awesome, and we got a ride home.
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Talked to my parents today. Like, Talk with a capital T. I needed to ask them if Dom could stay here longer until he gets back on his feet, and just tell them more about Dom's situation so they actually know what's going on. No clear answers as of yet, considering how big a decision this is. Dad actually used male pronouns while talking about him. w00t. I totally didn't expect that. I feel like they understand now, and that's a good thing. Like whoa.
Also managed to talk a bit about my trans-ness. Just reiterating how I came out to myself, and Mom was all like 'we don't really understand this, and it's really new,' but I get the feeling they're trying really hard anyway and that fucking rocks. I feel really lucky, and grateful, to have the parents that I do. Despite the complete and utter Christianity and the differences we have. I've sort of reconciled with that anyway. I know that's just who they are, and I can't ask them to change just because they annoy me sometimes.
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Last night was the best party ever. Ever. And I got there when it was over half done and there were people making out all over the place and it was kind of scarring.  Had a drink or three and suddenly everything was better. Didn't make out with as many people as Lacy but I don't know if I really wanted to. (Am so going to get a cold, or mono, or something by the end of the week.)
Oh gods was I drunk. Dom and I sat in a corner for a while talking gender shit until Jeff came over and was completely an ignorant asshole. Seriously, I might have to kick the man sometime.
Everything else is sort of fuzzy. But damn.
I didn't start getting sober again until like one or two in the morning. Dom and I talked and were ridiculously coy with each other until about six in the morning. And then I finally fell asleep. I am so awkward sometimes, it's kind of sad.
Today was very nonproductive. i didn't leave lacy's house until...9:30 or something at night, which I feel kind of bad for. Kind of like I was overstaying my welcome a bit. Cleaned some to soothe my conscience.
I'm really freaking exhausted now, so I'm going to bed.

Very happy, though.


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