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Christmas this year was pretty good, actually. Although it was a little too quiet without my brother around. Still, there were the stockings and the turkey and we finally bought a copy of the Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD.

Interesting gifts I received included Rockband (yes!), computer speakers, a lemon zester, Jack Skellington slippers and a glittery rainbow lava lamp. I'm pretty happy. We're going to go see Bolt today, because as a rule we go see a movie on Boxing Day instead of braving the malls. We went to Chinook one year. It was bad.

I might be buying myself a laptop for Christmas. Because I really, really want one and I think it'll make my life a lot easier in terms of taking notes for school (two liberal arts courses next year, instead of just one), and...being faster and less of a piece of crap than my current desktop. ugh. I've been looking at some with my parents and they have, like, three times the memory of the current Piece of Crap. So. We'll see. It'll be exciting if I do.

I had the most awkward dream the other night. It was just wrong. o.o
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So my brother's friend managed to put together this new-ish computer for us to use, he's a total computer nerd in the best possible way. The kind of guy I always want to bribe with cookies whenever my computer starts doing stupid things if I could work up the courage to call him. So I got the new computer last night, with most of the files transferred. A chunk of them are gone, and I swear half of my music just randomly disappeared. And the rest of it seems to be having issues, which is retarded, because I just want to listen to music damnit! Plus I need to burn a CD for fake mustache and it'd really be easier if I had a working gorram file on my computer.
I haven't started practicing yet. *dies*
Still, I've managed to get most of my favourites and stuff. Just - a pain, mostly. A time-consuming pain in the arse. I hate computers.
There are three different things I want to do this Friday night, not including the fact that I need to have a sculpture done by Monday and it seems like it's going to be one of those time-consuming ones. Funny how I went from not having a social life at all to having too much to do in less than a week.
AHIS and FDTN today. ugh. Can't believe I got out of bed for those classes and not sculpture. Well, I had the paper due today and all. Which I typed up during lunch. Heh. I really need to get better at the whole not procrastinating thing. Also discovered that our next assignment is due on the Thursday evening class in March. The one I was planning on skipping to go to Fake Mustache. *sigh* I have such wonderful plans for that Fake Mustache, too! Well, it's not like I can give the teacher a good enough excuse to give me an extension or anything. Maybe I could hand it in early. *coughyeahrightcough*

Today on the train Emily and I talked about the logistics of tentacle sex while surrounded by the rush hour crowd. It was fabulous. And my hoodie had ears.

Guess that's it.

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 Today I had one of the best mangoes ever. Seriously, the thing was amazing. And yesterday I found a book in the LRT station on the way home, and no one was around it and it was one of my favourite books. 


Life seems a little better now. Except my internet is broken, so I'm at the library, but that means I can get *more* books. I was going to go to art galleries and be productive today, but I figure looking them up on Google maps is somehow enough for now. Two-thirds of them are all on the same block anyway. Plus I'm sleepy, and want a nap.

In short

Jul. 4th, 2007 10:49 pm
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My computer is stupid and freezes all the time. Mom doesn't understand me, which sounds all emo teenager-ish, but is actually true. I don't know where I fit in this puzzle-piece world anymore. Labels are stupid. I'm sort of envious of Mom to have the world figured out in neat boxes, but how lame, how boring, how unrealistic. Today I went to the registry to sign my name change form. Soon I'll be Jasper Dion instead of what I was before. Not that I know what that was. Personalities are just a bunch of words floating around an indescribable abstract of 'this is who I am' except I've lost that, somewhere along this process of finding myself. All I know is I miss singing and that I like drag. Maybe they'll be clues that will solve the mystery. I don't want to be who I was, but I hate the awkward and the in-between. I hate the descrepancy between my name and my presentation and why the hell do employers need to know M or F anyway? I need a job. Soon I'll be paying for my own schooling and that scares me. I want to move out but know I can't.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:10 am
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All my bookmarks are gone. Just...gone. Poof. I'd be a whole lot more upset if I hadn't saved some of them back when I thought my computer was going to die. Which it still might. *sigh*
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So, my internet's being stupid again. I'm currently at the public library, where it's slow and the mouse sucks, but I was going through internet withdrawal so there's nothing I could do. *sigh* Hopefully Kevin will come over on the weekend and kick my 'net back into life. Otherwise I don't know what I'll do.
Practice my piano more, I guess.
You can't have more than one window open on this either, which is annoying. It means I can't read my f'list and TDF at the same time.
Nothing much has really happened anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to see Caro this weekend and we'll go see 'Kinky Boots.' Yay! xD It looks like a fun sort of movie. Probably not very good, but fun.
Canada's Next Top Model has started. I really don't think Trisha seems as nice as Tyra Banks did. She just seems kind of, cold. So does the judging room, and that lady with the big lips is ugly! Not a nice sentiment, I confess, but it's true.

Ack, my wrists are starting to hurt. ;_;

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I haven't been on the computer for a while (read: a few days), because Dad's been reformating it. Now it's all sparkly and not full of crap and spyware. Still, it took a couple days to get everything organized. Especially because we've been doing other things that take all day.
I went shopping at Ikea yesterday and bought myself a set of drawers to replace my large and ugly drawers I had before. Now I have *gasp* floor-space in my closet. Amazing. I also have a place to put my hats. Joy! They were kind of getting everywhere, especially because I keep getting more of them. :P
I like Ikea. They have such spiffy, organized dodads that make life a lot easier. I could go back and spend more money there if it wasn't halfway across the damn city. And if I wasn't feeling so guilty about spending so much money in less than a week. (I bought myself a digital camera on boxing day. It is awesome and you can take pictures of yourself in it, and then delete them when you see how bad you actually look).
So, I was cleaning out and organizing my room in order to put my new stuff in there. It also now looks less like a disaster area, I could actually use my desk had I the inclination to do so. Then today I got to work and my supervisor kindly informed me that none of the stock had arrived and that I was going to clean instead of baking.
I cleaned,
For six hours.
I hate cleaning.
Looks like I have to get off. Dad's fiddling around with the computer, because we have to load everything back on it again. It pisses the hell out of me when he starts clicking at something over my shoulder when I'm trying to do something else.


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