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Christmas was great. We didn't have company over on Christmas Eve like we normally do, which meant less stress for everyone. Instead, we went over to Ben and Amanda's place for food and hanging out. Which was pretty neat. They've lived there for over a year now, and this is the first time we've seen it. There was so much food there, it was sort of ridiculous.

Mom made three batches of non-vegan cookies. I still don't understand that; between the three of us, she's the only one that can eat them. Apparently we're hoping the company Mom and Dad have over on New Year's Eve will eat all of them. And it's kind of funny: she liked the cookies I made the best. And they were the vegan ones. XD

I got lots of stuff on Christmas. The biggest thing was the Wii. I was totally not expecting it at ALL, so it was rad. Ben and Amanda got me Mario Kart as well, which is a lot of fun. And then I got some clothes, three movies (Up, Star Trek, and the Fifth Element), Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce, and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. Kait gave me some stuff that she wasn't going to use or bring to London, and a letter that probably would have made me cry had I not been in the living room with my parents watching.

We spent most of Christmas making food and watching movies. I made stuffed squash, and it was fabulous. Mom seems to really like all of my vegan food, which is good. And maybe they'll even stop asking me how I'm eating, 'cause it always seems to imply that I'm starving to death, or going to catch scurvy, or become totally protein deficient or something. I swear, if someone else asks me how I get enough protein on a vegan diet, I'm going to break their nose.

I worked Boxing Day. It wasn't as bad as I expected retail on Boxing Day to be. Perhaps because everyone was at Futureshop and Best Buy, so they really didn't care enough about Home Depot and our really lame Boxing Week sales. I was going to see Avatar with the parents that night, but I was too exhausted from the nine-hour workday, so I had a nap instead. We're going sometime this week. I have most of it off (yay!), so there's lots of free time. 

Although I'll need to escape badly at some point this week so my parents don't drive me completely insane.

Yesterday I went over to Kait's and hung out with her and Clare, Alison and British Jon. It was pretty rad. Then we went to go see the Zoo Lights. I've never actually been before, so it was pretty interesting. And cold. And crowded. But, you know, it was pretty fun. And then part of the group went back to Kait's and we hung out and ate lots of food and made stupid fart jokes. Because we're classy. XD

Today's my last day of work until the second. I'm pretty stoked to have time off. I want to go shopping and buy some books, now that I can. Ben's also giving me his old mattress, 'cause he want's to make room for the baby, and I need to get a frame for it at some point. And those aren't cheap. Thank goodness for savings and overtime. Although I've no idea when he's going to get it here, or when I'll have time to coerce someone into driving me to Ikea, so I can buy more furniture than my budget can really allow. You know, what normally happens at Ikea. XD

I should do something productive today. Maybe I'll go play more video games.
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Christmas this year was pretty good, actually. Although it was a little too quiet without my brother around. Still, there were the stockings and the turkey and we finally bought a copy of the Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD.

Interesting gifts I received included Rockband (yes!), computer speakers, a lemon zester, Jack Skellington slippers and a glittery rainbow lava lamp. I'm pretty happy. We're going to go see Bolt today, because as a rule we go see a movie on Boxing Day instead of braving the malls. We went to Chinook one year. It was bad.

I might be buying myself a laptop for Christmas. Because I really, really want one and I think it'll make my life a lot easier in terms of taking notes for school (two liberal arts courses next year, instead of just one), and...being faster and less of a piece of crap than my current desktop. ugh. I've been looking at some with my parents and they have, like, three times the memory of the current Piece of Crap. So. We'll see. It'll be exciting if I do.

I had the most awkward dream the other night. It was just wrong. o.o


Dec. 24th, 2008 11:26 am
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I can't believe it's Christmas Eve.
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This is the meme where you post the first couple of sentences from your first entry every month for the entire year. I'm surprised more of these aren't about Fake Mustache. It's been a pretty good year, all things considered. And compared to last Christmas, this year is bliss.


In short... )We spent all night talking, pretty much. As usual. I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning. From the sounds of it, neither did James and Sara. haha. oh dear.

Yesterday was supposed to be roller skating with Tracy and co. It ended up being canceled due to the fact that the roller rink is closed on Tuesdays. Which was kind of sad, but we ended up having a pretty awesome time hanging out at North Hill Mall anyway. Scared a lot of the other people by talking loudly of orgies in closets and such. Yup. Good times. I love my friends.

Tracy and Red left at around eight to go pick up a tv or something. Emily and I then looked at each other and concluded that neither of us really wanted to go home, so we wandered around Coles for a while and then headed to the Hop 'n' Brew (or whatever it's called) for the ACAD post-semester party. There were some drunken assholes on the train that we laughed really hard at. Gods, they were idiots.

Drunken art students are...interesting. Em and I have decided that the Hop and Brew is a pretty neat pub and that we should go back and tip the blonde bartender more because she's just awesome. Got somewhat drunk and watched Em draw progessively more and more eyeliner all over her face. She ended up with drawn-on eyebrows and a Roy beard. At that point I think I confessed that I loved her a little bit and she blushed. It was really cute. xD And we've decided that we are just awesome, in general and toasted to ourselves.

I left at around eleven to get home and drink lots of water and fall asleep. I get to go Christmas shopping today, so I should figure out exactly what I'm getting everyone. I've got half of my presents for my friends already, and wrapped too. But everyone else I...dunno. I have no idea when I'm going to be seeing people, which complicates things.

And I kind of want to go play guitar hero.


Dec. 6th, 2008 10:08 pm
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I miss my parents.

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So I'm done with school. Hurrah. Last crit was yesterday, tried my best to stay awake for it, and now I have no classes till January. I am so un-stressed right now, it's wonderful. Nothing to worry about except Christmas stuff, and I can deal with that.
Actually got some Christmas shopping done today. Am now finished buying presents for all of my friends. I was also good and didn't spend much more than $10 per person, which was my limit, sort of. Unless I saw something really awesome, like Carolyn's present. bwahaha.
Nothing much else to say. Just felt like updating a bit. Get to check out my grades on Friday to see how I've done. I'm betting B's in everything, which is normal for me. Unless I aced the AHIS final or something, but that's not happening. Some of those slides I'd never seen before in my life.
Life is good. I am content.
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I can't deal with more than point form right now.

1. I am alive and will continue to be so.
2. I have a final tomorrow that I've barely studied for.
3. My brother came home last Friday.
4. My parents are coming home on Thursday.
5. Dom is very ill, and doesn't like my brother.
6. I haven't started buying Christmas and/or birthday presents yet.
7. My brother is slowly turning out to be like my mother...aka completely anal and nags a lot.
8. Fake Mustache was awesome, and we got a ride home.
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So. It's been a while. A busy while, unsurprisingly, what with Christmas and all. I don't know, it's just so weird that Christmas is gone now. I couldn't hardly believe it was coming and now it's over. I guess it's just because it means less and less to me now. I went to a Christmas Eve service with my family, and it was just...loud. I mean, I would have liked it if I was still Christian, but Christianity doesn't really make sense to me anymore. But the singing kids were cute. Especially when they got the words wrong.
I don't feel like listing everything I got for Christmas. However, I do think one thing deserves a mention. I am getting a piano. It's used, about a year old and is the nicest damn piano I've ever played. At least, that I can remember. Unfortunately, it hasn't been delivered yet, but considering we bought it on Saturday that's not much of a surprise. Was it Saturday? I don't remember.
I can't believe I'm getting a piano.
Actually, there's been a lot of things that I can't believe are happening. One of my cousins is getting married. I was blatantly evesdropping on a phone-conversation last night when I heard it mentioned. And it's just mindblowing. This is Jen, one of my favourite cousins who used to live in Calgary. We used to play together; now she's getting married. I'm really happy for her. I guess that means she's over the anorexia bit she went through the last time we saw her. Which was sadly too long ago.
I saw Happy Feet tonight. Fun movie, but the penguin really should have died about five times during the movie. Plus he never completely molted, which doesn't make sense to me. But whatever, it was fun. I kind of want to learn how to tap-dance now.
Caro's tomorrow. Though I don't know what time.
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1. I went to T&T Supermarket today to pick up some stuff. Remembered that I could get weird Asian candy for Mik instead of just bad dollar store candy. Felt stupid, but also happy. That store is awesome. I also discovered that they sell pig uteri there. WTF? I didn't know those were edible. x.o I mean, I can handle the fact that there's tongue and livers and hearts and whatnot. But uteri? Augh.
2. Wrapped the Christmas presents that I have. It made me feel all Christmassy. I really, really like Christmas. All the sparkly lights and presents and food and everything. Mom and Dad are coming back on Thursday and then maybe someone will actually decorate the tree. It looks weird there with the presents under it, but no decorations.
3. I've been drawing more recently, but it's all been crap. I don't know, I'm just in this place where I hate my artwork and it doesn't seem like I'll ever make anything worthwhile. Which is a bad thing to feel considering I'm painting something for Dad for Christmas. I hate that painting. Hate, hate, hate. It's so talentless and sophomoric. There's no life in it at all.
Ever feel like no matter what you do, no one's going to notice or care?
Damn, I'm emo.
lalala, moodswings.
4. I've forgotten how much I like swing dancing. I did surprisingly well on Saturday night considering I haven't really been practicing at all. Robert even asked me to dance, which never happens. Usually I have to stalk him, and spend half the night going: 'ok, next song I'll go ask him. Right, maybe not this song. The next song I'll ask him to dance.' >.< Plus Danny said I'd improved, which always is nice.
5. Robert may not actually be gay. Cue mind-blowiness and giggles.
6. My first day as an art-seller starts tomorrow.


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