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Holy crap, haven't updated this in ever.

I still think it's somewhat amusing that my first thought upon hearing that my niece was born with a bunch of red hair was 'Red will be pleased.' I've seen her once since she was born and she is so cute! I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that my brother has a kid, although I'm sure he'll be a brilliant dad.

My parents came back for a couple weeks to see the baby, even though she was late, and left again last Friday. I've never had them around in the middle of the semester, and it was weird. Difficult to get everything done for midterms when I'm suddenly rearranging my life around other people. Not that it was all bad. They gave me rides home from work, and once I got sick started bringing me tea trays and such. And they were pretty good about understanding that I don't like worship music and therefore not playing it around me. Course, maybe they just find that having me glowering in a corner is really non-conducive to worshiping, but you know. It works.

I've been pretty stressed out, recently. I used to have a list in my head off all the things that I was worried about, but I can't remember it anymore. Which is probably a good thing. Having the parents gone again helps a lot. And getting all of that extra sleep after falling sick also helped. Still sort of worried about Trevor, though, 'cause we were supposed to have a talk about all the shit that's going down in his life. But there hasn't been time.

Had my birthday party on Saturday. Actually, it was the weekend of birthday parties. Sherina's birthday was on Friday. Trev flew her mom in secretly on Thursday night, which was kind of the best thing ever. A group of us went to Denny's after the show, and kept Sherina facing away from the door and completely in the dark about what we were planning. I think we almost had her half-convinced that we were actually planning an orgy. She jumped so much when her mom snuck up behind her. It was great! Then I think she started crying, and Christine got it all on video, because we're sensitive friends like that.

Anyway, so Sherina had her party on Friday. We went bowling, which was awesome. Even though I had to wear women's shoes in a size five, which was sort of awful. Stupid small feet. But I didn't suck as badly as I thought I would, and actually beat Sherina's score on the second game. *gloats* Then we went back to Lyn's house to play pictionary and not get drunk.

Since Alice in Wonderland came out that weekend, obviously we had to go for my party, and obviously we had to go in costume. I didn't actually expect almost everyone to show up in costume, and awesome costumes at that. There were a lot of bemused people at the theatre, who snuck pictures when they thought we weren't looking. I was the Cheshire Cat, because I could just sort of throw it together out of stuff I had, grin really big and scare small children. Or Trevor. Same difference. Chawna and Justine dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, with corsets and spinny hats, and I think they were my favourites of the night. Especially when they found out they could make the propeller on the hats spin by running back and forth flailing their arms. XD

It was a good weekend. It's been hard trying to get back into the spin of things. Especially 'cause I had a fever off and on from Wednesday till yesterday. I missed two days of school, but think it's pretty much gone now. Just got a sore throat, which is annoying, but at least manageable.

Anyways, off to do productive things.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. :) I had a pretty good birthday, though it was bloody cold. Apparently it's already six degrees right now, and it's only 8:30. Oh Calgary weather, how I don't understand you.

Tuesday was lots of classes. I got up at 5:30 because of the snow, in the hopes that if I left two hours early for class, I might actually make it on time. I ended up being fifteen minutes early. We had our 'midterms' in FBRE, where we pretty much just talked to Laura and she let us know how we were doing. I'm doing pretty good in the class, which is nice to hear, since I really like it. Spent the rest of the day working on my miniature baskets. The one I've just finished is about the size of a sugar cube. Because I'm insane. :D English class was canceled because Chris was sick, so I spent lunch hanging out with Felix, Lacy and Red instead. I'm not used to having lunch hour free. There was much geekery and checking out of hot girls. It was grand.

My brother, Ben, and his wife Amanda took me out to dinner after school on Tuesday. I decided on Chinese, so we went to the little Chinese buffet out by my place. It was really good. I probably ate more than I should, but whatever. :p I almost never go out for dinner. I realized how much Ben is not a part of my life anymore. Which shouldn't be surprising, I guess. I'm not really a part of his life that much either.

According to my fortune, I'm going to have success in my endeavors. Good to know.

Wednesday was grocery shopping and researching for my Paper of Doooom. Seriously, I'm going to end up dreaming of Frida Kahlo soon. It will be - interesting. I think I'm at the point where I might be able to start writing my rough draft today. Bozenna says that if we hand in our papers Monday, than she'll have them marked by Thursday. Which is either craziness, or her understanding that we probably aren't going to have our papers done by Monday. But! I might try. Just to get it done. Maybe I'll actually get to hang out with friends that way. You never know.

Did a birthday reading using the Faerie's Oracle yesterday. (Here's a link to the online version. It's shiny). Lots of references to jouneys, either new or old journeys branching off in new directions, and friendship. Lots and lots of friendship.

Life is good. :)


Mar. 9th, 2009 08:50 am
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It's my birthday!
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I think I'm finally starting to get stressed out about everything. March is the month of craziness (especially in terms of weather. Excuse me whilst I look out the windows and sigh.) I've got a bunch of major projects due, including the AHIS Paper of Dooom, and then a handful of extra drag shows that I'm not all entirely certain I want to perform in. I know I've promised Trev I'd perform at the Mount Royal Gender Bender, and I'd like to help out with all the fundraisers for Laramie. But I might end up helping out by showing up and giving my money instead of going crazy trying to figure out which numbers to do and then somehow find time to practice them.

I've still barely started the research for the Paper of Dooom.

My birthday party is this Saturday as well. Trying to get everything ready for that is interesting. The house is mostly clean, and I'm pretty sure I'm staying home to clean and research Friday night instead of doing other things. Cleaning might de-stress me. One can always hope.

I don't know. There's lots of stuff going on, just nothing I really feel like writing about.

I really need to get better at talking to people.

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Made the event on Facebook for my birthday party in March. There are forty-one people invited. Forty-one. I didn't know that I knew that many people in the city, let alone was friends with them enough to invite them to my party.

I got an A+ on my English paper. Glee.

It's my day off today. I don't think I'll leave the house. I think I'll play awesome music, clean, and maybe cut my hair.

And dance. Lots and lots of dancing.

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So I just got back. It was an awesome party, just in terms of hanging out and being silly for hours on end. Kait got me this crazy dragon balloon thing that we blew up (well she did, because I can't blow things) and then threw at each other's heads for an hour or so until it broke. And it was sad.
They got me sort of drunk, but not too bad. And there was ice cream cake and it was good. Though Trev changed the candles on it so it said I was turning 12. x.x
Yeah, I know I look like a twelve year old.
All the lesbians left at midnight, except for the ones living there, which is apparently a thing that they always do. (Em says they turn into pumpkins but I don't believe her). I stayed up with Amber, Trevor, and Eric for a while, but in the end it was Eric and I sitting in bed talking about art and movies and books and just random shit until morning. Then I made myself breakfast, and we let ourselves out.
It was pretty sweet, though I haven't slept at all, just napped on the bus. Apparently Eric and I will never run out of things to talk about, and neither of us seem to sleep a lot. I think I'm going to go to bed now and see if I can get a couple hours of sleep in before I need to start working on my AHIS paper.
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Birthday party tonight. omgyay! So excited. From the looks of it, a lot of people will come, and I haven't had a large birthday party since I turned 16. I'm going to see if I can get people to play the animal game. *insert evil laughter here*
It would probably be a good idea to bring people's Christmas presents as well, seeing as I still haven't given Lacy and Tracy theirs yet. If April comes around and I still have them I might just keep them. Maybe. They're pretty cool.
I made brownies and vegan banana bread last night instead of going to ArtaWEARness. Figured I needed some time to myself for a change.
so freaking excited!
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So the next week is going to be completely insane. I don't know about what happens after that. I haven't thought that far ahead.

In other news, I've found out that I'm getting a C in Sculpture. I don't remember the last time I got anything under a B; it must have been in Jr. High sometime. It's not a good feeling, but I'm not really surprised. I just - don't like the fact that I'm getting bad marks now, because I'm trying so hard...and I hate feeling like I could have done better.
I don't know what else to write. I just don't want to go back to writing my FDTN paper. ugh.
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It's my birthday today. w00t. I don't feel twenty, but I guess that's not surprising. Steph said she'd bring me half a cake. :P


Mar. 9th, 2006 10:19 am
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It's my birthday! XD Yay, I'm 19! *dances*
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But I'm not telling how old I'm turning.  *nyah nyah*  I'm at school now, and should be working, except that I got destracted.  Physics is over-rated anyway.  I don't know why I'm updating this.  Nothing much happened.  It's been raining more, and I'm slacking of and not doing my homework when I'm supposed to.  Mom says that me not getting as much homework is good (I used to spend hours and hours doing it every night.  Now I actually can slack off and not totally die gradewise).  But I still feel like I should be doing more work, and not procrastinate, cuz whenever I do I feel so useless and lazy. 

So I should go back to work.  Stupid physics homework.


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