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Final Grades:

Drawing: The Human Figure - B
Textiles: Materials/Design/Concepts (FBRE229) - B+
Intermediate Mixed Media (FBRE322) - B+

Fuck yeah!
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School is finished for the summer! Whoo!

I'm not used to having free time, really. I mean, I have personal research projects that I want to do, like continuing my experiments with stop-motion or actually learning how to take halfway decent pictures. But there's no real pressure. It's not something I have to finish within two weeks or anything. I can actually relax. It's crazy.

Went to the Comic Expo on the weekend. Saturday was insane. So many people, and yet I only ran into a couple people that I knew. I ended up bailing pretty quickly once the crowds got too bad. I went back yesterday again, and it was much calmer. Even got Leonard Nimoy to sign something for me! It was wicked. There were a lot more people that I knew that day, so it was more fun than me just wandering about looking at stuff trying not to feel lonely. Also ran into another Serenity Rose fan! Pretty much the only other fan I've seen. We had a semi-awkward conversation. It was amusing.

I dunno. I've been feeling down lately. I know it's likely all the stress from the last month, and everything. Sometimes it's hard to hang about my big empty house with no room-mate to talk to, and no homework to distract me. Stuff about Dom is coming up again, and although it's not nearly as bad as before, it's still annoying and hard to deal with. I just want to move on with my life, kthnx?


Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:13 pm
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So I managed to survive the school year intact. It looks like I kept my New Year's resolution to not burn out. Thank the Goddess. I'm hoping I can work less next term; if I can have fewer sixteen-hour days I will be very, very happy.

I did pretty well in all of my classes, too. B, B-, B+. Jewellery was the most difficult, and the most fun once I got over the stupid fucking learning  curve of DOOM. I made cuttlefish cast trees for my final project, and they are lovely. Still might put them in something else, but we'll see. Drawing was...interesting. I don't think I'll take another class with Miruna, as cool as she is to hang out with outside of class. It pushed me as an artist, and it was nice to have a concept-based class among all of my process-based ones. But still. I'm not a drawing major, and everytime I brought something in for a crit I was terrified that they were all going to tear me to pieces like a bunch of rabid wolves.  Because it happened. Not to me, but to others. And ouch.

I loved, loved, Bill's class. omg!glee! So many shiny things. I got into a directed studio for next term, which is exciting. And kind of scary. But yay! I want to start making my Alice in Wonderland piece that I've wanted to do for years.

Work is meh. It's pretty dead in there in the evenings. I'm working Boxing Day, which I hope will be busy so that it goes by quickly. Apparently it gets quieter in January, which is sort of frightening. I am going to be so bored.

I got snake bites done last week. I am quite pleased with them. Especially because I no longer wake up with a mouthful of blood. O.o They seem to be healing pretty well, and they look so cool. *glee* I can't wait till they're completely healed. Neither can Sherina. XD I am so going to jump somebody as soon as I'm able to kiss again. lol.

Yeah, so life is good. I'm enjoying sleeping in now that I can. Managing to not be too annoyed at my parents most of the time. Escaping as much as I can also helps.
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  • I'm so busy I should probably cry. Just for the de-stressing impact that it would have.
  • I have a table full of glittery tentacles behind me, which I will soon add rhinestone 'suckers' to. For school. And it will probably take me all night.
  • Cuttlefish casting = WIN. I made a tiny silver tree, and now I want to make MORE tiny silver trees so I can have a tiny silver tree forest. Because it will be awesome.
  • I might possibly get my hollow construction ring done by the end of term.
  • Trevor is coming to Calgary! And staying at my house! Which will hopefully be clean and full of food when he gets here. *crosses fingers*
  • Yeah, that's it. Oh wait -
  • I need to get laid. srsly.


Sep. 21st, 2009 07:14 am
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This weekend = totally awesome. omg.

I'm going to my drawing class for the first time today. I had to skip last week because I'd only gotten about half an hour of sleep. I decided it wasn't worth trying to pull of a fifteen+ hour day whilst completely sleep deprived. I'm sort of nervous, actually. Hope my instructor doesn't take my head off or anything.

We started practicing Thriller yesterday. This is going to be crazy. And i will probably never want to hear the song again by the time Halloween comes around. But I'll be able to do Thriller and impress everybody.
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Gah! Busy. Tuesday was my Warneke appointment. Managed to get a ride up there with Laura, and the baby didn't cry as much as he could have. Eric went too, so he could book an appointment. I don't know who we're going to drag up next, we're sort of running out of Calgary transguys. xD Anyway, the appointment went well. It was sort of unexciting, really. Pretty much just me talking about my past and how I knew I was trans and stuff. Which I've done before, with that one psychiatrist I went to, and counsellors and stuff. I'm contemplating coming up with a song and dance about my gender history, just for interest's sake. And because it would be funny.
Wednesday  I ran errands like a madperson all morning, and then talked to my parents for a bit. Finally told them about going to Edmonton, and the possibility of surgery. There was about five seconds of complete silence when I told them, and I don't think they're really all that happy about it. They aren't saying anything though. Only comments about how they're glad I actually told them now instead of sending them an email six months from now.
Then Kait picked me up and we went to go see 9. Which was a completely awesome movie, btw. Some of the characters were so cute! I dunno. I've read a couple of lukewarm reviews about it, and Trev says the plot was 'unorganized' (whatever that means). I thought it was kind of brilliant.
Drag practice that night. We're getting ready for the Halloween show, which apparently involves a lot of twitching on the floors. And Thriller. We haven't even started learning Thriller yet. oh wells.
oh! And I made a fan page for Soul Patch. Because it's amusing.
Yesterday I went to another of Sarabeth's Jewellery classes, because I'd missed mine on Tuesday. I really don't want to get behind in this class, because I really don't know anything. Oh gods, the learning curve. Managed to actually get some work done on my samples, and learn a fair bit. I feel a lot better now than if I'd just stayed home. Better than about my drawing class, which I still haven't gone to. I got about half and hour of sleep Sunday night, so I skipped class. It might not have been the best idea, but I couldn't imagine trying to pull a fifteen-hour day off of no sleep. Without dying horribly.
Fibre today! And then work. oh work. James filled out a recommendation for me for Community Natural Foods. If I get the job, it's $11/hour, with 25% off of groceries. Which would be kick-ass. And plus I actually know a bit about natural foods and vegetarianism (etc) anyway, which is more than I can say about the products at Home Depot.

omg school

Sep. 5th, 2009 09:19 am
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So my parents are gone now. They left last Tuesday, which was a day filled with the normal amounts of chaos and panic that usually surround them whenever they leave the country again. I did manage to get used to them being here, but it took me less than a day to adjust to being on my own again. They're in Paris now, for their thirtieth wedding anniversary. I'm a little jealous, but not too much.
Tuesday night I went to go print out king cards and the new MYN pamphlets with James and Jen. It was nice to get away from all of the craziness at home. The king cards, which I made, look pretty freaking awesome. A little blurry, but not bad considering it's my first time doing something like this. MYN will also have stickers to sell at Pride that I made, so this summer's been really good for my CV. Hopefully James has received the stickers, otherwise I'll be kind of sad.
I didn't get home until almost midnight that night. Then I spent most of Wednesday cleaning and going grocery shopping. My parents left quite a mess when they left, but whatever. Freedom! I have to use bus tickets to get around, because my sponsor still hasn't gotten in touch with ACAD. I've sent them two emails now telling them that it'd be really nice to be able to get my locker and bus pass, no late fees, etc. No response. The last email I sent yesterday, so hopefully I get a response pretty soon. If I don't, I may just pay my tuition myself and make them pay me back. It would suck, but I'd rather do that then get a $70 late fee because my sponsor is being retarded.
Thursday was Fake Mustache. Kate Reid, a Canadian lesbian singer-songwriter, was our special guest. Trevor managed to get her to come and perform for us and all we had to do was pay her gas money. She is amazing. omg. So cute and funny, and totally had a wicked time at the show. We kept trying to drag her onstage, but she only relented for Trevor near the end of the night. We did a couple of Soul Patch numbers, so there was cheesy boy band numbers complete with fan and flying rose petals. In all, a wicked show. And apparently Kate Reid thinks I'm cute. xD
Yesterday was my first class of the term. Cloth Dyeing and Painting with Bill Morton. Lacy is in my class! glee. It looks like it's going to be pretty awesome, all around. I'm really excited. It's nice to be back at school finally. The summer was way too long and boring. The fall looks like it's going to be pretty busy (I've had to colour-code all of my calendars just to make things a little easier) but otherwise awesome.
Pride this weekend! Hurrah!
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I still find it rather amusing that less than a week before Dad came home, two of our appliances decided to stop working. Dad's managed to get the freezer to work again (although the bottom is now filled with bloody ice, which is rather disgusting). We got a new washer and dryer yesterday. I'm still not sure what I think about having a dryer that actually functions. I'm so used to it taking two to three hours for my clothes to dry.
I've had two interviews for Home Depot so far. They're going to call my references and call me back for a third interview if those go well. Huh. I'm kind of hopeful though. Even if it's a crazy process.
Oh, and I got into all of my classes! Hurrah! Didn't even have to go whining to the Registrar, which is nice. So I'm in drawing (media and techniques), the dyeing class, and jewelry. Shiny.
I've been keeping busy designing posters and stickers for MYN. We're having a Halloween dance on Oct 30, which is awesome. And apparently I inadvertently made Misc Youth a mascot for all of our youth events. His name is Gibble, and he's ridiculously cute. Speaking of MYN, a group of kings are doing group numbers for the show next Thursday. To the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. We've been practicing for a month and you should totally come check us out. Because it's going to be wicked. We performed at the Good Life Bike one year anniversary celebration on Friday and there was much screaming.
Anyway, it's not so bad having Dad here. More wrong pronouns, because Mom and Dad talk about me as well as to me, and that's a little weird. I'm not really used to people using female pronouns for me anymore. But it's kind of nice to have someone else around who can do all of the things that Mom needs to get done (but can somehow never do herself), and who doesn't take three hours to go grocery shopping. It's kind of strange, too, because Dad's also taking testosterone, only the gel. So we've been comparing notes on what it's like.
I've come to love Sunday mornings, though. Because they're so wonderfully quiet.
Also my brother has gotten into the habit of saying 'that's so gay' and I kind of want to smack him every time he does. Or say something along the lines of 'No, Ben. I am gay. That is a barbeque.'
Sasha's coming back to Calgary to perform at the show! xD I'm so excited.
Yeah, that's it I guess. Life is good.

oh wait...

Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:48 am
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I registered for classes in the Winter semester, but not the fall one. Of course, now they're all full.

I feel rather stupid right now.

Home Depot actually called me back about my job application, so there's a chance that I will (amazingly enough) get an interview this summer. *crosses fingers*

Catching Up

May. 4th, 2009 09:09 pm
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Life's been pretty quiet recently. Which is kind of nice. The end of school was uneventful, although I stressed myself out learning dates for my AHIS final when I apparently didn't need to. English was an open-book exam. Easy A+. This semester has done wonders for my GPA. I got an A+ in Art History, an A in English and a B+ in Fibre and Mixed Media. Clearly the best semester ever. Except that part where I ended up being late for my final Fibre crit, which was sort of embarassing.
Kait's birthday party was Friday. Omg Wolverine! GLEE! And then tea at Oolong, and Twisted dancing. I was about to fall over by the end of the night, but it was awesome.
I don't get living expenses now that school is done, which makes a lot of sense, but makes me really need a job right away. My plan is to work my ass off for a couple of months and then take August off. Travel and such. Kait and I might fly down to Vancouver for Vancouver Pride to visit Trevor (and Sasha and Connor), which would be awesome. And then there's Camp Fyrefly, which I need to remember to apply to, and my cousin James' wedding at the end of the month. And I just want time off to relax and do nothing, without starving to death. That would be nice.
MYN is going crazy (in a mostly good way). The Laramie Project performances are the fourteenth to sixteenth, and there's a lot of panic going on about that. People in Calgary at that time really need to go see this play. I saw the first act after the board meeting yesterday and nearly cried. It was so amazing. And that was without the lights or proper stage or anything. And we're also hosting a youth dance in June, which I volunteered to help run. My first time organizing something, really. It's pretty exciting. I'm running it with Jen and Laura, so I'm expecting everything to go as smoothly as they can. Because we are awesome and are going to attack the whole thing with lists and spreadsheets. (Exel! Yay!)
Anyway, I'm off to make posters and write lists. Oh lists.

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Been busy. Not really with as much school stuff as I ought, though. Finals are next week and I've barely started studying. Still, I'm not too worried about them, which is almost downright bizarre. Last term was the first term where I managed to not have some sort of nervous breakdown at the end of term (or the middle of midterms, depending). I'm glad I could keep it up for this term as well.

My Dr. Horrible costume is pretty much done. In about a week and a half, because I'm crazy. I'm sure I'll have pictures of it eventually so I can show off. It's pretty good, considering how long it took and how I didn't want to spend much more than $100 on the whole thing. Personally, I'd rather it was completely accurate, but I realize that wasn't about to happen. It still looks pretty darn neat, and the bubble gun works! Yay bubbles! I was going to go to the midnight showing of Dr. Horrible and 'Once More with Feeling' but I don't know if I will anymore. There's no-one I really know that's going, and I really ought to start studying for my finals.

Plus I want to bake cupcakes. I mean, really.

The weather's been absolutely fantastic. I hung out with Jess and Taz and a bunch of their friends yesterday at Prince's Island. We threw around a frisbee until Jess fell into a puddle (which was hilarious!) and then decided she was too cold to play anymore. It's warm, but not that warm. I cleaned up the garden today, which was nice. Quite a few of the plants are coming in already, probably because they were sheltered by the massive piles of leaves on top of them. I'm just glad to see green again.
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  • write AHIS midterm paper
  • begin research for AHIS term paper
  • reread 'The Yellow Wallpaper'
  • email Chris about second English assignment
  • create FBRE presentation
  • finish survival garment
  • begin brainstorming Wunderkammern (or however you spell it) project ideas
  • read MYN bylaws
  • practice for FM
  • return library books
  • go grocery shopping
  • look into Show and Sale?
  • get a new student ID card
I'm also hanging with Kait on Thursday (glee), and I want to drag Trevor to a movie or something. Perhaps Coraline. We'll see. It looks interesting, and I'm always a fan of stop-motion animation.

The next couple of months are going to be insane.
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I spent this weekend doing pretty much nothing but watching lots and lots of Torchwood. Feel kind of useless, but not too much. (Actually, all I really want to do is watch more Torchwood, instead of doing homework or practical things. Maybe this is why I avoid TV).

They haven't paid my fucking tuition yet. I talked to the registrar, like, a week ago or more and she said it was all settled, but I got a stupid letter in the mail saying I've now got a $70 late fine on top of everything else. And no clue what's going on. At all. This whole sponsorship thing is supposed to be fucking working, damnit. I don't have enough money in my accounts to pay for tuition and still buy supplies (let alone eat).

Not impressed. And I don't have time tomorrow to go to the Registrar's office and try and figure out what's going on.

Might try to go on hormones. And not tell my parents about it until after I've started. Lots of thoughts about this, but I'm too distracted by my outstanding tuition fees to really want to go into them right now. Anyway, if I'm making myself broke over school, I won't have enough money for hormones. Comforting thought, that.

They're playing RHPS at school on Friday. Trev and I are going to go. Man, I haven't been in years. Plus, it's free.

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Yesterday was interesting...

I woke up at nine, despite the fact that I forgot to set my alarm, which was rather impressive. I seem to be sleeping a little bit better now. Perhaps because I've stopped worrying about sleeping as much as I normally do. I don't know. Anyway. Glen took me grocery shopping at ten, and then waited patiently for me to put everything away and get ready for class so he could drive me to school.

I got to school half an hour before my class started. So I decided to go into the IKG exhibit and see the Richard Boulet pieces. I admit, I've never had such an interesting gut reaction to art before. The work was incredible, but I thought I was going to throw up. It was just so overwhelming. It was too much. I don't know. I almost want to go see the show again in order to get a second impression, one that will make more sense.

Perhaps it was just a badly-timed anxiety attack. Who knows. What's the weirdest reaction you ever had to art? Who was it by?

I got through English class somehow. I don't remember what I wrote on the quiz, but hopefully it somewhat resembled a correct answer. Then I went home and hid for the rest of the day. Today I have to go out and do all of the errands I was supposed to do yesterday, but didn't because I couldn't remember how to deal with people and anyway it seemed like too much effort. I am sorry I missed Lacy's party, because it sounded like it was fun times. I think I would have just hid in a corner and knit or something, though.

Today, halfway through my conversation with my dad, the cat started screaming. Dad was rather disturbed. Apparently he's never heard her do that before. There was another cat  - of course - outside, actually pressing its face into the window where Jasmine was sitting. Stupid creature. I put on my boots and chased it out of the yard (probably much to my dad's amusement, I'm sure), and then comforted Jasmine. She's set herself up by the window where it happened. I wonder if she's keeping watch to see if the other cat will dare to come back.

I really, really want to see the Watchmen movie when it comes out. Anyone want to come with?

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Fibre and Mixed Media (FBRE212) - Seems like it will be challenging, but fun. It will be nice to work in three dimensions once more, and to have a class where making garments is something required instead of something I sneak in. I already have an idea for my survival garment, which makes me feel somewhat dorky, because it's the second or third project. I don't really know anyone in the class, something I find kind of strange.
English is still bizarre but entertaining. I finally bought all of my required texts. 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is another story in the book, and another one that I read in high school. Kind of makes me wonder if my high school was crazy challenging or something. *scratches head*

Am hanging out with Trevor tomorrow! Yay. :)

I dunno. Life is good.

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Art History (Modernism) - I don't know what to say about this class. The teacher, a small Polish woman with a name I will have to someday learn how to correctly pronounce, is absolutely adorable. But, it is about modernism, which is something I don't really have any interest in at all, unless it's talking about surrealism. The term paper seems kind of frightening as well. I really ought to remember to start it early, or it will kick my ass. Em/Eric, Melis, Lauren, Caitlin and Heather are in my class. So I don't think it really matters how boring it is, I shall still have plenty of sources of amusement.
English (Myth in Literature) - My teacher is crazy. In a good way. In a 'he randomly bursts out into song and started the class by reading a poem about how apples are shiny' kind of way. I don't know if I'll learn anything in this class, but it shall certainly be interesting. Also, I think one of the stories we have to read is 'The Cask of Amontillado' by Poe. Which I think I spelled wrong. But still. I am not intimidated by Poe. Although I think I might go over my list of literary terms from IB English, just so I can remember them. And use them in essays and potentially look smart.

I haven't bought the textbooks for either class yet. Really don't feel like braving the ridiculously long lines at the bookstore just for a couple of books. I might wait until after my studio class on Tuesday. Or not. We'll see. I've got until Friday to read the short story, anyway.

I spent the entire day painting. My eyes hurt. And I still kind of want to make muffins. Oh muffins.

Milk was kind of the best movie ever. I need to own it and make my parents watch it.

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Had my final final crit today for my Into to Weaving class. All that's left is to hand in my digital pics of my prints on Thursday and to do whatever clean-up tasks that Bret assigns us. I hope to God someone cleans out the scoop-coaters with steel wool, because they've had little bits of dried up emulsion in them for half the semester, and it's disgusting. I also hope to God that person isn't me. Not that I won't do it, it'll just suck. Especially because I did my best to make sure the dratted things were clean.
I'm making a doctor's appointment with the doctors from SAIT hopefully tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that I'm lactose intolerant, but I don't know if it's just  that or if there's something else. And I'm sick of feeling like crap. So. We'll see how that goes. Milk's in a lot of things. I never realized it before.
It was actually kind of sad to clean out the weaving studio today. It seemed so lonely and un-lived-in when we were done. Weaving was definitely my favourite class of the term. Silkscreening was fun, but evil, and ACAD200 was just evil. Mackenzie winked at me again before I left for the day. *shakes head*

What am I supposed to do with all this free time? Seriously! I've already cleaned and played the piano, and I don't have to make many more Christmas presents. Maybe I'll play Guitar Hero. Hrm.

Also, anyone want to go sledding?


Dec. 5th, 2008 12:56 am
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In 2008, happy_fish_87 resolves to...
Pay for my birls on time.
Keep my x-men clean.
Volunteer to spend time with trees.
Give some colours to charity.
Give up painting.
Eat more comics.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Also, we handed in our ACAD200 project yesterday, and I had the final crit for PRNT today. Two out of three final projects are done. Completely. And I never have to think of them again. Well, I have to take pictures of my prints, which I may just do at home unless i can get someone who knows how to actually use a camera to take pictures of them (Lacy I will make you cookies if you feel up to it. Seriously, I totally will.) Fake Mustache was tonight, which I managed to survive thanks to excessive amounts of caffeine. I dragged (pun intended) Em to the show, her first since the spring, and it was totally awesome. I keep forgetting how well Em and I seem to click.
I get to sleep in tomorrow. It makes me rather happy. Then Chrysalis, where I get to cover myself in rainbow paint.

um. fuck?

Nov. 26th, 2008 04:14 pm
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  1. One week in order to assemble the written portion of my final ACAD200 project.
  2. Eight days until my final print is due. Ten colours, and I have to re-do the emulsion because I did my positives wrong.
  3. Twelve days to finish my weaving. All three of them. And my compu-dobby piece.
  4. Chrysalis every Friday from now until the 12th of December.
  5. Misc Youth is having their AGM this Saturday. I was going to work on school stuff, hoping that the silk-screening studio would be open. Instead I get to sit around for hours and watch drama unfold.

And I wonder why I have troubles sleeping?

oh gods. Two weeks left. But I have to survive them in order to rest afterwards.

Anyway, off to go re-emulsify my screen.
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I FINALLY have an idea for my final silk-screening project. Joys. One that I might actually like when I'm done, but we'll see. It's my final chance to prove (to myself, mostly) that I can actually register when I make the effort. So I need to make the effort.

Had a pretty relaxing day, today. I managed to get quite a few things done, although mostly not for school. Still, I'm mostly prepared for the pitch tomorrow for ACAD200. All I have to do is write the conclusion of the pitch (which is the part I'm doing) and then remember what I wrote. It shouldn't be hard. We've talked so much about this project and what our goals are and what the vision of our corporation is that I'm not really afraid of forgetting what I'm talking about. I'm just glad I'm not answering questions.

Then comes the paperwork. I don't even know when we'll have time to meet again this week, as a group. I have things I'm doing every night from Wednesday to Friday, and then it's the Show and Sale. I don't know if any of the group is going to want to meet then. We'll see. Thursday night I'm hanging out with Kait, which is super awesome exciting. xD Friday is Chrysalis, and bowling.

Three weeks till the end of term. I know what all my final projects are and what I need to do for them (in theory, at least). Four weeks until my parents come home. Mom keeps asking me if I want to invite friends over for Christmas dinner. I don't know how to explain to her that the last time I brought friends over for dinner, it was so awkward we had to go and get drunk afterwards. She didn't think it was awkward. She just thought I was being rude because I didn't want Trevor and Connor to see my high school pictures. Oh parents.

Had a yogurt today, and then my stomach started hurting. I've mostly written off feeling sick as anxiety. But...I dunno. Maybe it's something I'm eating. Worth thinking about anyway. At least, if it's something I'm eating, I can just STOP eating whatever it is. Anxiety I just have to wait out, and it's sucky.

I should get back to work. Just waiting for the water to boil so I can make tea.


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